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The Smiths
Strangeways Here We Come
Manchester Music in the 1980's
Margaret Thatcher's Conservative goverment put much of Northern Britain in to serious decline during the 1980's, over 4 million people being declared unemployed, with factories in Manchester closing down left, right and centre. As a result the generation of angry young men that she created picked up guitars and translated their angst into song. The influence some of these bands would have on future generations was incredible. From the ashes of Joy Division, a pioneering dance rock band would change the future of music almost as much as the political pop of Manchester's greatest miserabilists. Oh and then there was The Hacienda, opening a few weeks after Wigan Casino was demolished. Madchester here we come!
Les Prior, frontman of Mancunian spoof punk band Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, dies of leukemia in January 1980. The band continue for 2 more years without him.
The Bee Gees write the 'After Dark' album for younger brother, Andy Gibb. It reaches US no.21 and spawns the hits 'Desire' (US no.4) and 'I Can't Help It' (US no.12)
Hughie Flint reaches 40 in March with The Blues Band debut 'The Official Bootleg Album'. The follow up 'Ready' reaches UK no.36 in October listen to soundbites
In April, Phil Lynott reaches no.28 with his debut solo album 'Solo in Soho'. It includes the hit singles 'Dear Miss Lonely Hearts' (no.32), 'King's Call' (no.35) and 'Yellow Pearl' (no.14) listen to soundbites
10cc return with the album 'Look Hear?', the first since Eric Stewart's car accident which had significantly affected his hearing. It only reaches no.35 and is the last chart success the band are to enjoy
In April, John Cooper Clarke reaches no.29 with 'Snap, Crackle & Bop', which is widely regarded as his best ever album. It's certainly his only commercial success and includes the track 'Beasley Street'
In May Magazine reach no.28 with their third album 'Correct Use Of Soap'
.At 5am on 18th May 1980, Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis hangs himself at his Macclesfield home, he is just 23 years old
.Joy Division's posthumous single 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' reaches no.13 in June, whilst the album 'Closer', also recorded before Curtis's suicide, reaches no.6 listen to soundbites
In Sep, Godley & Creme score their first chart success since splitting from 10cc with singles 'Under Your Thumb' (no.3) and 'Wedding Bells' (no.7). Both are included on the album 'Ismism' (no.29) listen to soundbites
In November, Barclay James Harvest reach number 2 in the German singles charts with 'Life Is For Living', their biggest ever hit. It's later included on the album 'Turn Of The Tide', which also reaches no.2 in Germany
In December, Sad Cafe, fail to chart with their self-titled fourth album. The singles 'I'm In Love Again' (UK no.40) and 'La-Di-Da' (US no.78) also flop and the following 'Sad Cafe Live' LP (UK no.37) is their last ever chart success listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees move away from their now trademark disco sound with their ground-breaking thirteenth studio album, 'Living Eyes', the first ever to be recorded onto CD by any band. Following their almost world domination of the previous two LP's it comes as a shock that it fails to reach the Top 40 in either the UK or USA.
New Order New Order
Ceremony listen to soundbites
Following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis, Joy Division rename themselves New Order, with guitarist Bernard Sumner taking vocal duties. Gillian Gilbert, girlfriend of drummer, Stephen Morris, is added as a keyboard player although they remain fairly loyal to the dark Joy Division style. Their debut single, 'Ceremony', penned by Ian Curtis, only reaches UK no.30 in March, with the follow-up double A-side 'Procession / Everything's Gone Green' fairing even worse (no.38)
In June Magazine reach no.39 with their fourth studio LP, 'Magic, Murder And The Weather'. Howard De Voto leaves the group shortly after and the band split up listen to soundbites
Ex-Nosebleeds and Slaughter & The Dogs vocalist, Stephen Patrick Morrissey publishes his first book, 'The New York Dolls', a biography of his favourite band [click here to buy]
'Still', a collection of rare and live Joy Division tracks reaches no.5 in October 1981 listen to soundbites
Despite the continued interest in Joy Division, New Order continue to struggle with their debut album Movement' only reaching UK no.30. With the band still seeking direction without Ian Curtis, one track, 'Dreams Never End' is even sang by bass player Peter Hook listen to soundbites
Elkie Brooks Elkie Brooks
Pearls listen to soundbites 
In November, Elkie Brooks enjoys her biggest ever chart success, reaching no.2 with the album 'Pearls'. Selling over 1.2 million copies and staying in the charts for 79 weeks, it enters her into the Guinness Book of Records as 'the most charted British female album artist of the last 30 years'. The LP includes the no.17 single, a cover of Chris Rea's 'Fool If You Think It's Over' [video]
The Buzzcocks split up
Wigan Casino nightclub finally closes its doors on December 6th, unable to renew it's license because of increasing drug abuse, Wigan council make plans to build a civic centre in its place.
Wigan Casino is finally demolished in February, after a fire had delayed the process. Interestingly, Wigan council decide not to build a civic centre after all
In May, The Hacienda nightclub opens on Whitworth Street in Manchester, owned by Factory Records, it's even given it's own catalogue number, FAC51
In the same month, New Order, who it later transpires are funding The Hacienda, reach no.29 with the dance influenced single 'Temptation'. The importance of this single isn't realised until later, when it sets the blueprint for the band's new sound, mixing New York disco sound with British synth pop, which arguably makes them the most influential Manchester band ever listen to soundbites [video]
Lexicon Of Love listen to soundbites
After interviewing Sheffield band Vice Versa, Mancunian journalist Martin Fry is invited to join the band as vocalist, changing their name to ABC. Their Northern Soul inspired debut album, 'Lexicon Of Love' spends 4 weeks at no.1 in the UK (USA no.24), selling over 300,000 copies. It includes the quarter of a million-selling single 'The Look of Love' (UK #4 / USA #15), together with other smash hits 'All My Heart' (#5), 'Poison Arrow' (UK #6 / USA #24) & Tears Are Not Enough' (#19) [video]
In July, Barclay James Harvest enjoy their best ever chart success with the live album 'A Concert For The People (Berlin)'. Recorded at a massive free open-air concert on the steps of the Reichstag, next to the Berlin Wall in 1980, it reaches no.15 in the UK and tops the chart in Germany listen to soundbites
In August, the Frantic Elevators fail to chart with their single 'Holding Back The Years'. Lead singer Mick Hucknall could never predict the success the song will bring him in the future
With her 'Pearls' album still in the charts, Elkie Brooks reaches no.5 in November with follow-up, 'Pearls II'. It includes the single, 'Nights In White Satin', a cover of the Moody Blues classic (UK no.33) listen to soundbites
Limahl Limahl
Too Shy listen to soundbites
spikey-mullet haired Pendleton punk Christopher Hamill, better knows as Limahl (an anagram of his surname), joins instrumental new wave group Art Nouveau as lead singer. They change their name to Kajagoogoo and spend 2 weeks at no.1 with the synth pop hit 'Too Shy' in January (US #5). Together with hits, 'Ooh To Be Ahh' (UK #7) and 'Hang On Now' (UK #13 / U.S. #78), it's included on their debut album 'White Feathers' (UK no.5 / US no.38) [video]
Stephen Morrissey's second book, 'James Dean Is Not Dead' is released [click here to buy]
In March, New Order's Falklands War inspired dance track, 'Blue Monday', reaches no.9 in the UK and becomes the biggest selling 12" of all time. The cover art work is so elaborate it reportedly loses Factory Records 2p for every copy of the initial run sold. It's later amended, which comes as a relieve with an estimated million copies being sold listen to soundbites [video] 
In May, New Order's second album, the electronic-based 'Power, Corruption & Lies' reaches no.4 in the UK. It includes the track 'Ecstasy', an indication of the new drug of choice in The Hacienda listen to soundbites 
In May, Barclay James Harvest reach no.36 in UK (no.4 in Germany) with album 'Ring Of Changes', which includes singles 'Just A Day Away (Forever Tomorrow)' & 'Waiting For The Right Time'
The Smiths The Smiths
Hand In Glove listen to soundbites
In May, The Smiths, fronted by ex-Nosebleeds vocalist, Stephen Patrick Morrissey release their debut single, 'Hand In Glove'. It fails to chart but the follow up, 'This Charming Man', reaches no.25 in November [video]
In October, The Bee Gees reach UK no.14 with the soundtrack to 'Saturday Night Fever' sequel 'Staying Alive'
James James
Jimone listen to soundbites
Whalley Range band, James, make their debut with the Factory records released 'Jimone' EP in November . It includes tracks 'What's the World', 'Folklore' and 'Fire So Close', recorded at Strawberry Studios [video]
Having been sacked from Kajagoogoo because of his prominence, Limahl returns in November with his debut solo hit 'Only For Love' (UK no.16 / USA no.51), taken from his album 'Don't Suppose' (UK #63 / USA #41). He follows this shortly later with the soundtrack to the film 'The Never Ending Story', giving him a UK no.4 hit (USA no.17). They are to be his only Top 40 hits and he is one of many Mancunians who are forced onto the dole, being photographed coming out of a Job Centre listen to soundbites [video]
In the same month, Martin Fry's, ABC can't follow up the success of their debut album, as 'Beauty Stab' only reaches no.12 (US no.69), with it's singles 'That Was Then but This Is Now' (UK no.18 / US no.89) and 'S.O.S.' (no.39) also disappointing listen to soundbites [video] 
James drummer Gavan Whelan is asked to leave the band after an on stage fight with Tim Booth 
Colourfield The Colourfield
Virgins And Philistines listen to soundbites
In January, ex-Specials star Terry Hall forms the Manchester pop trio The Colourfield. Their self-titled debut single reaches UK no.43 and is included on their debut album 'Virgins & Philistines' (UK no.12) alongside their biggest hit 'Thinking of You' (no.12) [video]
The Smiths The Smiths
The Smiths listen to soundbites
In March, The Smiths are just pipped by The Thompson Twins into the top spot the UK charts with their self-titled debut album. Together with the track 'Reel Around the Fountain', which features lines taken from the Mancunian film A Taste Of Honey, it includes 'Hand In Glove' and the hit single 'What Difference Does It Make?' (UK no.12)   [video]
April 1984, Barclay James Harvest reach no.33 in the UK (no.4 in Germany) with their album 'Victims Of Circumstance' which includes the single of the same name and 'I've Got A Feeling'. It's to be their last chart success.
In the same month, Peter Skellern joins Julian Lloyd Webber, Mary Hopkin and Bill Lovelady in the classical meets pop group Oasis. Their self-titled LP reaches no.23
Having been invited by The Smiths to ressurect her career by covering their song 'I Don't Owe You Anything' (which had been written with her in mind to sing). 60's singer Sandie Shaw agrees and also covers the tracks 'Jeane' and 'Hand In Glove', which reaches no.27 in the UK singles charts. The band appear with her on Top Of The Pops listen to soundbites [video]
Elkie Brooks only reaches no.35 in July with her 'Minutes' LP
In October, ABC, by now a duo of Martin Fry and synth player Mark White, only reach UK no.28 (USA no.30), with their third album 'How To Be A Zillionaire', but they do enjoy USA Top 20 hit singles 'Be Near Me' (USA no.9 / UK no.26) and 'How to Be a Millionaire' (USA no.20 / UK no.49) listen to soundbites [video] 
In November, The Smiths reach no.7 with the compilation album 'Hatful Of Hollow' which includes BBC Radio 1 Sessions, b-sides and the two hit singles, 'William It Was Really Nothing' (no.17) and 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' (no.10), a nod to Sandie Shaw's 1969 single 'Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now' listen to soundbites [video]
In December Elkie Brooks scrapes into the Top 40 with her 'Screen Gems' album (UK no.35)
Mike & The Mechanics Paul Young
Mike & The Mechanics listen to soundbites
Taking a break from Sad Cafe, Wythenshaw vocalist Paul Young, joins Mike & The Mechanics for their debut LP. He sings lead vocals on the hits 'All I Need Is a Miracle' (US no.5) and 'Taken In' (US no.32), as well as on the album tracks 'Hanging By a Thread' and 'Take the Reins' . It reaches no.26 in the USA (no.78 in UK) [video]
The Smiths The Smiths
Meat Is Murder listen to soundbites
In February, The Smiths, enjoy their only no.1 album with 'Meat Is Murder'. More political than their first two LP's, attacking the Thatcher government, It includes the single 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore' (no.49), the Victoria Wood inspired track 'Rusholme Ruffians' and a song about Manchester School, 'The Headmaster Ritual'. Later reissues include the hit single 'How Soon Is Now?' (UK no.24) [video]
In May, New Order's largely synthesized third album, 'Low-Life' reaches UK no.7 (US no.94) listen to soundbites
Fivepenny Piece split up in May (they later reform in 1995 with Bernard Wrigley as vocalist)
The Stone Roses The Stone Roses
So Young
The Stone Roses, made up of former Altrincham Grammar pupils Ian Brown and John Squire, plus Alan 'Reni' Wren, Pete Garner and Andy Couzens, appear on the scene in September with the non-charting doom-laden debut punk single, 'So Young', also known as 'Misery Dictionary'
Happy Mondays Happy Mondays
Forty Five EP
Mike Pickering persuades Factory Records to sign unemployed Salford scallies, Happy Mondays despite them coming last in a talent contest at The Hacienda. Their debut 'Forty Five E.P,' featuring 'Delightful,' highlights their lack of musical talent and fails to chart in September
Swing Out Sister Swing Out Sister
Blue Mood listen to soundbites
Former A Certain Ratio keyboard player, Andy Connell joins forces with ex-Magazine drummer, Martin Jackson and vocalist, Nottingham model Corinne Drewery, to create electro pop act Swing Out Sister. Their debut single 'Blue Mood' doesn't chart in November [video]
On January 4th 1986, Phil Lynott dies, aged 36, of heart & kidney failure due to his heroin addiction
The Monkees single "That Was Then, This Is Now," reaches no.20 in the USA (no.68 UK). Due to personal friction between Davy Jones and the rest of the band on their 1986 tour, the Mancunian refuses to sing on the track as well as two other new songs included on the "Then & Now... The Best of The Monkees" compilation album. Both album and single are credited to 'Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork (of The Monkees)'. 
Because of his heroin addiction, bassist Andy Rourke is temporaily sacked from The Smiths, being informed by a Post-It note stuck on his car windscreen by Morrissey. He's reinstated 2 weeks later with his replacement Craig Gannon remaining in the band, moving onto rhythm guitar.
The Smiths The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead listen to soundbites
In June The Smiths reach no.2 in the UK charts (US no.70) with their fourth album, 'The Queen Is Dead'. Kept from the top spot by Genesis 'Invisible Touch', it's widely regarded as their best release, it features the singles, 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side' (no.23), and 'Big Mouth Strikes Again' (no.26) [video]
After supporting The Smiths, James only reach UK no.68 in June with their debut album 'Stutter' listen to soundbites
In September, New Order's fourth album, 'Brotherhood' reaches UK no.9 listen to soundbites
In October, punk band The Fall score their first chart success, with their 16th, and arguably best, album 'Bend Sinister' (UK no.36). It also includes their first Top 75 single 'Mr Pharmacist' (no.75)
In November, Elkie Brooks rediscovers chart success with 'No More The Fool' which reaches number 5 in the singles chart. It's later included on the album of the same name which also reaches no.5. At the same time, 'The Very Best Of Elkie Brooks' reaches number 10. [video]
Andy Couzens leaves The Stone Roses and the band adapt a more baggy sound
The Smiths The Smiths
The World Won't Listen
In February The Smiths reach no.2 in the UK charts with the compilation album 'The World Won't Listen', which includes non-album singles 'Shakespeare's Sister' (UK no.26), 'Panic' (UK no.11), 'Shoplifters Of The World Unite' (no.12) and 'Ask' (UK no.14), which features Ewan MacColl's daughter, Kirsty MacColl, on backing vocals. It's kept off the top spot by the Phantom of The Opera Cast Recording. [video]
Railway Children The Railway Children
Reunion Wilderness listen to soundbites
Factory Records release Wigan band The Railway Children's debut album, 'Reunion Wilderness', to much critical acclaim. It doesn't chart but their jangly sound, similar to The Smiths, a band Tony Wilson hadn't signed, gains singles 'A Gentle Sound' & 'Brighter' maximum exposure [video]
Happy Mondays debut album, the interestingly titled 'Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)' not only fails to chart in April, but also earns Factory Records a writ from Michael Jackson, who own the Beatles back catalogue. In trouble for stealing lyrics from ''Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da', the track 'Desmond' is quickly replaced on reissues with '24 Hour Party People' listen to soundbites
Swing Out Sister Swing Out Sister
It's Better To Travel listen to soundbites
Swing Out Sister spend 2 weeks at the top of the charts in May with their electro pop jazz-tinged debut album, 'It's Better To Travel', shifting over 100,000 copies. It includes the 250,000 selling smash hit single 'Breakout' ( UK no.4 / USA no.6) as well as 'Surrender' (UK no.7), 'Twilight World' (UK no.32 / USA no.31), and 'Fooled By a Smile' (no.43) [video]
In May, The Smiths reach no.38 in the UK charts (US no.63) with the 4 disc import compilation album 'Louder Than Bombs', which includes the new single 'Sheila Take A Bow' (no.10). The album cover features a photograph of Salford playwright Shelagh Delaney. listen to soundbites [video]
Wax Wax
Building A Bridge To Your Heart listen to soundbites
Former 10cc bassist Graham Gouldman forms Wax with American singer Andrew Gold. Although they reach no.43 in the USA with 'Right Between The Eyes' in 1986, the duo's only UK hit comes in Aug 1987 with 'Building A Bridge To Your Heart' (no.12) [video]
After recording the album, 'Strangeways Here We Come', Johnny Marr leaves The Smiths, citing his anger at Morrissey's regular covers of 60's pop tunes. The band split up in August with Marr temporarily joining The Pretenders.
In August, New Order's 12" single compliation album, 'Substance', reaches UK no.3 (US no.36) and includes the new hit single 'True Faith' (UK no.4 / USA no.32) listen to soundbites
Pete Garner quits The Stone Roses in August after second single, 'Sally Cinnamon', fails to chart
The 10cc and Godley & Creme compilation album 'Changing Faces - The Very Best Of 10cc and Godley & Crème' reaches no.4 in the same month
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
You Win Again listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees score their fifth UK no.1 hit single, their first chart hit in 8 years. It spends 4 weeks in the top spot, selling over 500,000 copies in Sep and is included on the album 'E.S.P.' (UK no.5) [video]
The Smiths The Smiths
Strangeways Here We Come listen to soundbites
In October, The Smiths final album, 'Strangeways, Here We Come', is finally released, reaching no.2 in the UK charts (US no.55). Kept off the top spot by Michael Jackson's 'Bad', it features hit singles 'I Started Something I Couldn't Finish' (no.23), 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me' (no.30) and 'Girlfriend in a Coma' (no.10), which again features a photo of Shelagh Delaney on the sleeve.   [video]
After being treated for Hodgkin's disease, Martin Fry returns in October with ABC's UK no.7 (US no.48) album, 'Alphabet City'. It includes the worldwide smash 'When Smokey Sings' (UK no.11 / USA no.5), a tribute to Smokey Robinson, together with other singles 'The Night You Murdered Love' (no.31) and 'King Without a Crown' (no.44) [video]
The Mock Turtles The Mock Turtles
Pomona EP listen to soundbites
5 piece Middleton band The Mock Turtles, fronted by Martin Coogan, the elder brother of comedian Steve Coogan, emerge on the scene in 1987 with the 4 track 'Pomona EP', featuring the track 'John O'War'. (Does not chart)
Karl Shale leaves Colourfield and after their 3rd album fails to chart, the group call it a day
808 State 808 State
Newbuild listen to soundbites
Biting Tongues member Graham Massey, Techno DJ Gerald Simpson and Martin Price, the owner of the Eastern Bloc record store, rename their Hit Squad Mcr hip hop act 808 State, and, like so many other bands who are regulars at The Hacienda, shift to an acid house sound. Their debut album 'Newbuild', with drug influenced track, 'E Talk', fails to chart in Jan.
On March 10th 1988, Andy Gibb dies at the age 30 as a result of an inflammation of the heart, possibly caused by his cocaine addiction. Tragically, his death comes only a few days after his brothers decide he should become the fourth member of The Bee Gees
Morrissey Morrissey
Viva Hate listen to soundbites
Morrissey recruits Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column to release his debut solo album. It goes straight to no.1 in the UK (US no.48) in March, barely 6 months after The Smiths final album was released. The lyrics and the album title are both bitter and political with tracks like 'Margaret on the Guillotine' and hit singles 'Suedehead' (no.5) & 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' (no.9) [video]
Also in March, the latest line-up of The Fall reaches no,19 with the album 'The Frenz Experiment'. With more of a pop influence than before, it includes their biggest ever hit single, a cover of the Northen Soul track 'There's A Ghost In My House' (no.30) and another cover, The Kinks 'Victoria' (no.35)
The Joy Division collection '1977-1980 Substance' reaches no.7 in July listen to soundbites
Inspiral Carpets Inspiral Carpets
Plane Crash EP listen to soundbites
psychadelic Oldham band Inspiral Carpets , with vocalist Stephen Holt, release their debut recording, 'Plane Crash EP in July, containing the grage pop track 'Keep The Circle Around'. It doesn't chart but wins widespread airplay from Radio 1
The Hollies The Hollies
He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother listen to soundbites
The re-release of The Hollies 1969 track spends two weeks at UK number 1 in September following it's use in the popular Miller Lite beer advert [video]
The Smiths The Smiths
Rank listen to soundbites
In the same month, due to contractual requirements, the now defunkt Smiths release the live album 'Rank' (recorded in 1986). Riding high on Smiths nostalgia and the success of Morrissey's debut solo album, it reaches UK no.2 (US no.77), kept off the top spot by 'Kylie - The Album'
Godley & Creme split after their seventh album, 'Goodbye Blue Sky', fails to chart
Mike & The Mechanics Paul Young
The Living Years listen to soundbites
Sad Cafe vocalist Paul Young, re-appears on Mike & The Mechanics second album, 'The Living Years', reaching no.2 in November (US no.13). The title track, sang by Paul Carrack, tops the charts in the USA and across the globe (UK no.2)
The Buzzcocks re-unite although fail to score any future chart success
New Order New Order
Technique listen to soundbites
In February, New Order enjoy their first no.1 album 'Technique' (US no.32). Recorded in Ibiza, it incorporates acid house influences into the group's techno-rock sound, opening the door for a whole scene of Mancunian dance rock bands. It spawns the singles 'Fine Time' (UK no.11), 'Round And Round' (UK no.21 / USA no.64) and 'Run' (no.49) [video]
former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joins The The, where he remains a member for 5 years
Georgie Fame joins Van Morrison's band, playing organ
In March, Inspiral Carpets, replace vocalist Stephen Holt with Hacienda glass collector, Tom Hingley. Their 'Train Surfing EP', with the track 'Butterfly' fails to chart listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees only reach UK no.29 in April with their sixteenth album 'One', which is largely written about their brother, Andy.
In May, Swing Out Sister, now a duo with Martin Jackson having left the group, enjoy a UK no.9 album with the more easy-listening inspired 'Kaleidoscope World'. It includes the singles 'You On My Mind' (no.28), 'Where In the World' (no.47) and 'Forever Blue' (no.80) listen to soundbites [video] 
ABC also experiment with the sound of acid house, that by now is pumping out of The Hacienda and onto the airwaves. The album 'Up' flops (no.58), spawning the no.32 single 'One Better World' [video]
The Stone Roses The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses listen to soundbites
The Stone Roses self-titled debut album only reaches no.32 in March despite later being described by many music magazines as the 'greatest album of all time'. It includes the minor hits 'She Bangs the Drums' (no.36) and 'Made of Stone' (no.90). Whilst not being commercially successful on its release, it goes on to influence different generations and reappears in the UK Top 10 some 15 years later! [video]  
A Guy Called Gerald A Guy Called Gerald
Voodoo Ray listen to soundbites
Gerald Simpson leaves 808 State and The Hacienda provides the perfect theatre for the Moss Side techno DJ's June UK no.12 hit, 'Voodoo Ray, recorded under his new moniker, A Guy Called Gerald. It's an acid house anthem that goes on to define the era. [video]
Still going strong, punk band The Fall reach no.40 with their 'Seminal Live' album
On October 22nd 1989, Ewan MacColl dies of complications following a heart operation. He had just finished writing his autobiography, 'Journeyman', which was released after his death. [click here to buy]
In November, 808 State enjoy their first chart success with The Hacienda classic 'Pacific State' (UK no.10), recorded whilst Gerald Simpson was still a member of the group. It's later included on their non-charting 'Quadrastate' EP listen to soundbites [video]
The same month, Happy Mondays also enjoy their first chart success with their 'Madchester - Rave On EP' which, with its acid house meets funk rock tones becomes a massive hit in The Hacienda. Tracks include 'Hallelujah' and 'Rave On'. It reaches no.19 in the UK charts and labels the whole era listen to soundbites [video]
Despite neither song appearing on the album, the success of The Stone Roses double-A side single 'What The World Is Waiting For' and 'Fools Gold' (no.8) pushes their self-titled debut album back into the charts at no.19 in December listen to soundbites [video] 
Sad Cafe disband after their 'Whatever it Takes' album fails to chart. Paul Young continues to work with Mike & The Mechanics
Electronic Electronic
Getting Away With It listen to soundbites
New Order frontman Bernard Sumner, former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant join forces to create supergroup Electronic. Their debut single, 'Getting Away With It' sells over 250,00 copies, reaching UK no.12 (US #38) in December [video]
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