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The Bee Gees
The Boys Are Back In Town
Manchester Music in the 1970's
The impact four brothers from Chorlton would have on the U.S. charts in 1977 would even put the 1965 Manchester Invasion to shame. Spending 25 of 32 consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard charts, a record never to be repeated, they became one of the best-selling bands ever and defined the disco era. Mancunian acts dominated the charts back home too with a supergroup from Stockport's Strawberry Studios, a pianist from Bury and a soul group from Moss Side all joining Lowry's matchstick men at the top of the charts. Lancashire folk acts and Northern Soul enjoyed mainstream success, whilst a visit from the Sex Pistols was to explode a whole new scene of Manchester punk acts onto the world!
In March 1970, Mike Nesmith quits The Monkees leaving only Davy Jones & Micky Dolenz to record the album 'Changes'. It doesn't chart 
During the same month John Mayall reaches UK no.9 (USA no.33) with the LP 'Empty Rooms' listen to soundbites
In May 1970, The Bee Gees (without Robin Gibb), release their seventh album, 'Cucumber Castle' which includes the earlier hit 'Don't Forget to Remember' & songs from their TV special. It fails to chart resulting in Barry and Maurice Gibb also quitting the band. listen to soundbites
Graham Nash Graham Nash
Deja Vu listen to soundbites
Neil Young joins Crosby, Stills & Nash and the new line-up enjoy a USA no.1 album (UK no.5) in May. It produces the hit singles 'Teach Your Children' (USA no.6) and 'Our House' (USA no.30)', both written by Graham Nash, as well as the singles 'Woodstock' (USA no.11) and 'Ohio' (USA no.14) [video]
Barclay James Harvest Barclay James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest listen to soundbites
In June, Barclay James Harvest release their debut LP. It includes the single 'Taking Some Time On', which like the earlier singles 'Early Morning' and 'Brother Thrush', fails to chart. The Saddleworth band mix folk, rock, progressive, and classical influences
Hotlegs Hotlegs
Neanderthal Man listen to soundbites
In July, two Jewish school friends from Prestwich, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, join up with Eric Stewart and writter Graham Gouldman to record the no.2 (US no.22) hit 'Neanderthal Man' at Strawberry Studios. It sells over 2 million copies worldwide. The LP 'Thinks: School Stinks' and further singles all fail to chart and the band split [video]
In November The Hollies reach UK no.30 with their 'Confessions Of The Mind' LP listen to soundbites
John Mayall also reaches no.22 in the USA (only UK no.50) with the 'USA Union' LP listen to soundbites
McGuinness Flint Hughie Flint
McGuinness Flint listen to soundbites
former John Mayall drummer Hughie Flint joins Manfred Manc guitarist Tom McGuinness to form McGuinness Flint. They reach UK no.2 (US no.47) with their debut single 'When I'm Dead And Gone' in November, followed shortly after by the no.5 hit 'Malt & Barley Blues'. Both are included on their self-titled album, which reaches UK.9.
The Bee Gees The Bee Gees
Lonely Days
After both their solo singles fail to chart, Maurice and Barry Gibb reunite. Robin Gibb also agrees to rejoin and the The Bee Gees enjoy a top 3 US hit (UK no.33) with 'Lonely Days'. The album '2 Years On' flops in the UK (no.32 in the USA). [video]
The Hollies reach number 1 in Australia and New Zealand with 'Too Young To Be Married' [video]
The Twisted Wheel nightclub is closed down on 15th February 1971 by Manchester city council after its famous Northern Soul all-nighters failed to obey to the then 2am licensing law
Phil Lynott Phil Lynott
Thin Lizzy
In April, Thin Lizzy release their self-titled debut LP which includes the track 'Clifton Grange Hotel', written about the Manchester hotel owned by Phil Lynott's mother. Interestingly, the band were named after a character from The Dandy as guitarist Eric Bell, seeing Eric Clapton reading it's sister publication, The Beano, on the front cover of the John Mayall 'Bluesbreakers' album, buys a copy.
In April, Davy Jones & Micky Dolenz lose the rights to record as The Monkees although continue to tour and record without chart success throughout the 70's
Peter Noone Peter Noone
Oh, You Pretty Things
In May 1971, Peter Noone, leaves Herman's Hermits and reaches UK no.12 with this David Bowie penned song. Bowie plays piano on the track and later records it himself. It's Peter Noone's only solo chart success
In May, Graham Nash releases the solo LP 'Songs for Beginners' which reaches no.13 in the UK (USA no.15) and spawns the singles 'Chicago' (USA no.35) and 'Military Madness' (USA no.73) listen to soundbites
Graham Nash Graham Nash
Four-Way Street listen to soundbites
In May, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, who by this time had split up, release a 4 disc live album, reaching no.1 in the USA (UK no.5). It includes the Graham Nash tracks 'Teach Your Children', 'Chicago', 'Right Between the Eyes', and 'Pre Road Downs'. The CD released in later years also includes The Hollies hit 'King Midas in Reverse'
The Bee Gees The Bee Gees
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees enjoy their first number 1 hit in the USA. Like the album it is taken from, 'Trafalgar' (US no.34), it doesn't chart in the UK. It is later to be recorded by both Al Green and Michael Buble. [video]
In June, John Mayall reaches UK no.31 (USA no.52) with his 'Back To The Roots' LP listen to soundbites
In June, Davy Jones also reaches US no.52 with solo single 'Rainy Jane', his only chart success listen to soundbites
In the Autumn, frontman Allan Clarke leaves The Hollies to persue a solo career. He is replaced by Swedish vocalist Mikael Rickfors who tours and records the 'Romany' LP with the band (USA no.84)
Mike Harding Mike Harding
A Lancashire Lad
Crumpsall comedian & folk musician Mike Harding releases his debut LP, 'A Lancashire Lad'. It does not chart but includes many songs about Manchester including 'The Hattersley Lament', a new housing project at the time.
The Hollies The Hollies
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress listen to soundbites
The Hollies have their biggest US hit, reaching no.2 (UK no.32) in February, with the million selling single which had been recorded in 1971 prior to Allan Clarke's departure. [video]
Lancashire folk group, The Fivepenny Piece reach no.38 in the UK album charts wth their second LP, 'Making Tracks'
In May, Graham Nash teams up with David Crosby to release the LP, 'Graham Nash David Crosby' which peaks at no.5 in the USA (no.13 in UK), producing the single 'Immigration Man' (US no.36) listen to soundbites
10cc 10cc
Donna listen to soundbites
In September, Hotlegs reform as 10cc with songwriter Graham Gouldman joining Kevin Godley, Lol Creme and Eric Stewart as a musician. They reach number 2 with the hit 'Donna'. Their self-titled debut album later reaches no.36 and also includes the singles 'Rubber Bullets' (no.1), 'Johnny Don't Do It', 'The Dean and I' and 'Headline Hustler' (no.10) [video]
Peter Skellern Peter Skellern
You're A Lady listen to soundbites
Bury singer-songwriter, Peter Skellern reaches no.3 (USA no.50) with his debut single 'You're A Lady'. 3 years later scores the hit 'Hold On To Love' (UK no.14) [video]
The 9th Marquess of Londonderry divorces his wife Lady Londonderry (Nicolette Powell) after tests prove their third child, James (Viscount Castlereagh), is actually the bioligical son of Georgie Fame. The two later marry.
Not long after her performance in Peter Pan at the Palace Theatre, Lulu and Maurice Gibb divorce
10cc 10cc 
Rubber Bullets listen to soundbites
In May, 'Rubber Bullets', the second single from 10cc's debut LP, a tongue in cheek homage to 'Jailhouse Rock' spends a week at no.1 in the UK. [video]
Allan Clarke rejoins The Hollies after enjoying no solo success. He replaces vocalist Mikael Rickfors
At 2am in the morning on September 23rd, Wigan Casino nightclub opens inside the 2,000 capacity Wigan Empress Ballroom, continuing the famous Northern Soul all-nighters of The Twisted Wheel
In January, Graham Nash reaches no.34 in the USA with his solo LP 'Wild Tales' listen to soundbites
The Hollies The Hollies
The Air That I Breathe listen to soundbites
The Hollies reach UK no.2 (USA no.6) in Feb with a cover of Albert Hammond's 'The Air That I Breathe', selling over 250,000 copies. It's included on their USA no.28 (UK no.38) self-titled LP   [video]
Roy Harper reaches UK number 27 with his seventh album 'Valentine'. The Manchester-born folkster was raised in Blackpool following his mother's death, during his birth in Rusholme
10cc reach no.9 in June with their second album 'Sheet Music', which includes the hits 'Wall Street Shuffle' (no.10) and 'Silly Love' (no.24) listen to soundbites
Graham Nash Graham Nash
So Far listen to soundbites
In August, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young score their third USA no.1 in a row (UK no.25) with a greatest hits album. Consisting of 11 tracks compiled from only 22 recorded by the band, Graham Nash describes it as "absurd"'. It includes his tracks 'Teach Your Children' and 'Our House'.
In September, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young play a concert in front of 72,000 fans at Wembley
Sweet Sensation Sweet Sensation
Sad Sweet Dreamer listen to soundbites
After winning the New Faces TV talent show, Manchester soul group Sweet Sensation reach number 1 (no.14 in the US) with the single 'Sad Sweet Dreamer', selling over a million copies. Of their 5 follow up singles, only 'Purely by Coincidence' charts (UK no.11) and they soon disband [video]
Elkie Brooks goes solo after the split of Vinegar Joe, following a lack of chart success
In Dec, Barclay James Harvest reach the Uk top 40 with live LP 'Barclay James Harvest Live'   
Wigan's Chosen Few Wigan's Chosen Few
Footsee listen to soundbites
'Footsee' reaches UK no.9 in January. The instrumental single released by Wigan's Chosen Few was actually the b-side of an obscure Canadian surf record, remixed by a DJ at Wigan Casino and was hated by Northern Soul purists for popularising the genre with its Top Of The Pops appearance
Wigan's Ovation Wigan's Ovation
Skiing In The Snow listen to soundbites
Much to the annoyance of it's original fanbase, Northern Soul's now mainstream popularity sees Wigan Casino resident live act Wigan's Ovation enjoy a no.12 hit with a cover of The Invitations 'Skiing In The Snow' in March, followed by 'Per-So-Nal-Ly' (no.38) and Superlove (no.41) [video]
Wigan Casino stops accepting new members as the sudden mainstream recognition of Northern Soul sees it's numbers reach 100,000.
10cc 10cc 
I'm Not In Love listen to soundbites
In May 10cc enjoy their second UK no.1 (USA no.2) with the dreamy single from the no.4 album 'The Original Soundtrack', which also spawns 'Life Is A Minestrone' (no.7) [video]
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
Jive Talkin' listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees enjoy their second number 1 hit in the USA in May (UK no.5) with the disco track 'Jive Talkin', although, like their previous 7 albums, the 'Main Course' LP fails to chart in the UK (USA no.14). The album also features the singles 'Nights on Broadway' and 'Fanny (Be Tender)' which showcase Barry Gibb's new found falsetto voice (he had unsuccessfully tried falsetto on the 'Melody Fair' track in 1971). [video]
10cc reach no.9 with the rather early compilation 'Greatest Hits Of 10cc' in June
In August, comedy folk star Mike Harding reaches no.24 with his second album 'Mrs. 'Ardin's Kid'. It contains the tracks 'The Strangeways Hotel', 'Uncle Joe's Mint Balls' and the no.22 single 'Rochdale Cowboy', a name which he is later dubbed
In September, Crosby & Nash reach no.6 in the USA album charts with 'Wind on the Water' listen to soundbites
Barclay James Harvest reach no.32 in Oct with the 'Time Honoured Ghost' LP, which includes the 7" single, 'Titles' listen to soundbites
Hughie Flint disbands McGuiness Flint to later join The Blues Band
In January, 10cc reach no.5 with the album 'How Dare You?', which includes the hits 'Art For Art's Sake' (no.5) and 'I'm Mandy Fly Me' (no.6) [video]
In May, Thin Lizzy reach no.6 (USA no.12) with the hit single 'The Boys Are Back In Town', a track written by Phil Lynott about the band's visits to Manchester [video]
On the 4th June, an estimated 35 people attend a Sex Pistols concert at the Lesser Free Trade Hall. Those present are believed to include Tony Wilson, The Buzzcocks, Morrissey, Joy Division, Mark E Smith, Martin Hannett and Paul Morley. The gig is credited with igniting the Manchester punk music scene. A follow up concert a few weeks later is also attended by a young Mick Hucknall. [buy the book]
In June, Crosby & Nash reach no.26 in the USA album charts with 'Whistling Down the Wire' listen to soundbites 
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
You Should Be Dancing listen to soundbites
Sticking to their new disco sound, The Bee Gees score their third USA no.1 in June (UK no.5). 'Children of The World' (US no.8) is drenched in Barry's newfound falsetto, becomes their eighth album in a row to miss out on the UK Top 40 [video]
Fivepenny Piece incredibly reach no.9 in the UK album charts in July with their sixth LP, 'King Cotton', an album of Lancashire folk tunes with a comedic and brass band influence
Fellow folk act Mike Harding reaches no.19 with his fourth LP, 'One Man Show', in July. which mixes stand-up comedy with live folk songs. It includes the tracks 'Irwell Delta Blues', 'The Crumpsall Cream Cracker', 'King Cotton' and 'Napoleon's Retreat From Wigan' amongst other locally influenced songs
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
Love So Right listen to soundbites
In September, The Bee Gees have a no.3 single in the USA 'Love So Right', which is also included on the flop 'Children of The World' album (US no.8). [video]
In Sep, Kevin Godley & Lol Creme leave 10cc, after arguments about the band's musical direction
In October, Barclay James Harvest reach no.19 with the 'Octoberon' LP, which includes 'Rock 'N' Roll Star'  
The Buzzcocks Buzzcocks
Spiral Scratch EP listen to soundbites
Bolton Tech students, Pete Shelley and Howard De Voto form punk band, Buzzcocks after seeing The Sex Pistols. They release their debut EP which includes the track 'Boredom' on their own label, the first punk band to do so. It's also the first record produced by Martin Hannett (then known as Martin Zero). It sells 16,000 copies
Howard De Voto leaves The Buzzcocks to return to his studies
Sad Cafe Sad Cafe
Fanx Ta-Ra
The brilliantly pure Manc-titled 'Fanx Ta Ra' debut album from Sad Cafe, boasting Wythenshaw vocalist Paul Young (not the same Paul Young that scored the '80s hit 'Every Time You Go Away'), fails to chart but gives fans a taster of what's to come.
The Hollies reach UK no.4 in March with their 'Hollies Live Hits' LP recorded in New Zealand listen to soundbites
Elkie Brooks has her first taste of chart success with the number 8 single, 'Pearl's A Singer' in April. It's included on the album 'Two Days Away' (UK no.16), which also spawns the Top 10 single 'Sunshine After The Rain' [video]
In May, the revised 10cc line-up of Graham Gouldman & Eric Stewart with Mancunian drummer Paul Burgess, bounce back with the no.3 LP 'Deceptive Bends', which includes the hits 'The Things We Do For Love' (UK no.6 / US no.5), 'Good Morning Judge' (no.5) & 'People In Love' (US no.40) listen to soundbites
Godley & Creme Godley & Creme
Consequences listen to soundbites
Whilst 10cc enjoyed great success since their departure, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme produced the concept album 'Consequences', which heavily featured their new Gizmotron instrument, an electric guitar effect, together with characters voiced by comedian Peter Cook and singing by Sarah Vaughan. It fails to chart.
Andy Gibb, spends 4 weeks at the top of the US charts (UK no.26) in June with the single, 'I Just Want To Be Your Everything', written by his elder brother, Barry. The Gibb family emigrated from Manchester to Australia six months after Andy's birth although the 8 year age gap to his twin brothers, Robin and Maurice, prevented him from joining his siblings in The Bee Gees. His debut album 'Flowing Rivers' reaches no,19 in the USA
Graham Nash Graham Nash
CSN listen to soundbites
In June, Crosby, Stills & Nash re-unite, reaching USA no.2 (UK no.23), held off the top spot by Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours', and produces the Graham Nash single 'Just A Song Before I Go' (US #7) together with 'Fair Game' (USA #43). Other Nash compositions include 'Carried Away', 'Cathedral' and 'Cold Rain'
Mike Harding reaches no.31 with his fifth LP, 'Old Four Eyes Is Back', in June. Again mixing comedy stories with folk songs, it's to be his final chart success (although his recording career continues to this day) and he becomes a popular playwright, novelist, travel writer, journalist and BBC Radio DJ
In October, Barclay James Harvest reach no.30 with the 'Gone To Earth' LP. It includes the singles 'Friend Of Mine', 'Hymn' and it's wonderfully Mancunian titled b-side 'Our Kid's Kid'
Bee Gees - Saturday Night fever Bee Gees
Saturday Night Fever listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees new found disco sound shapes the soundtrack to the Saturday Night Fever movie. 'How Deep Is Your Love', 'Stayin Alive' and 'Night Fever' are joined by existing tracks 'Jive Talkin' and 'You Should Be Dancing'. The album tops the charts both sides of the Atlantic in November and later becomes the biggest selling soundtrack of all time, shifting over 40 million copies. They also write the tracks 'If I Can't Have You', performed by Yvonne Elliman (US no.1 / UK no.4) and 'More Than a Woman', performed by Tavares (UK no.7). By now, The Bee Gees sound is inescapable. They spend a record 25 of 32 consecutive weeks at the top of the US charts and Barry Gibb breaks all US chart records by writing 4 consecutive no.1 hits
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
How Deep is Your Love? listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees score their fourth USA no.1 in October (UK no.3) with the first track especially written for the soundtrack of 'Saturday Night Fever It stays in the US Top 10 for a record 17 weeks and is later covered by fellow Mancunians Take That. [video]
In November, Crosby & Nash reach no.52 in USA charts with the live LP, 'Crosby Nash Live' listen to soundbites
The 10cc live album 'Live and Let Live' reaches number 14 in December and features their new band members, including guitarist Rick Fenn
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
Stayin' Alive listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees score their fifth USA no.1 in Dec, where it stays for 4 weeks (UK no.4). It's later covered by both Manchester bands, N-Trance & Happy Mondays [video]
The Bee Gees are knocked off the top spot in the USA by their younger brother, Andy Gibb, with '(Love Is) Thicker Than Water', a track actually written by Barry Gibb. It's Andy's second US chart-topper where it stays for 2 weeks. [video]
Brian & Michael Brian & Michael
Matchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Dogs listen to soundbites
In Feb, duo Michael Coleman and Kevin Parrott spend 3 weeks at UK no.1 with their tribute to Salford artist LS Lowry, who died 2 years previously. They later release the single 'Evensong', and the LP 'The Matchstalk Men', followed by an album, 'I Can Count My Friends on One Hand'. The song is knocked off no.1 by The Bee Gees [video]
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
Night Fever listen to soundbites
Remarkably, The Bee Gees regain the number 1 spot in the USA in March, replacing brother Andy with the third track written for Saturday Night Fever. It spends 8 weeks at the top of the American charts and also gives the group their third number 1 hit back in the UK [video]
Also in March, The Buzzcocks reach UK no.15 with their debut LP, 'Another Magic In A Different Kitchen' which includes singles 'What Do I Get?' (no.37), 'I Don't Mind' (no.55) and 'Orgasm Addict' listen to soundbites
John Cooper Clarke John Cooper Clarke
Où Est la Maison de Fromage? listen to soundbites
The punk poet nicknamed the 'Salford bard' appears on the scene, supporting many local punk acts. His debut album, produced by Martin Hannett, doesn't chart. It features the track 'Gimmix' which is later re-worked and becomes his only ever Top 40 hit (no.39)
In May, The Bee Gees are finally knocked off the top spot in the USA, incredibly once again by a song written by themselves. This time the track 'If I Can't Have You' (also from Saturday Night Fever) is performed by Yvonne Elliman (UK no.4). The Bee Gees, later perform the song themselves on th b-side of the 'Stayin' Alive' single
Elkie Brooks reaches no.20 with the album 'Shooting Star' in May
The Bee Gees reach the top spot once more in the USA, this time with the track 'Shadow Dancing', performed by their younger brother, Andy Gibb. He becomes the first male artist to enjoy 3 consecutive chart toppers in the States, where the single stays for 7 weeks. included on the 'Shadow Dancing' album (US no.7 / UK no.10), which also boasts the hits 'An Everlasting Love' (US no.5 / UK no.10), '(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away' (US no.9 / UK no.32) [video]
Gracie Fields opens the Gracie Fields Theatre in Rochdale, next to Oulder Hill Community School
Joy Division Joy Division
An Ideal For Living listen to soundbites
Having changed their name from Warsaw, Manchester punk band Joy Division release their first record in June. The 'Ideal For Living' EP fails to chart but includes the tracks 'Warsaw', 'No Love Lost', 'Leaders Of Men' and 'Failures'. They sign to Tony Wilson's new Factory Records label and release their debut LP 'Unknown Pleasures', which also fails to chart
Magazine Magazine
Real Life listen to soundbites
ex-Buzzcocks member Howard De Voto forms the first post-punk band, Magazine, They reach a respectable UK no.29 with their debut album 'Real Life' in June, which includes the single 'Shot from Both Sides' (UK no.41)
Magazine are supported on tour by Mancunian punk act The Nosebleeds, who boast a new frontman called Stephen Patrick Morrissey (replacement for Ed 'Banger' Garrity) and a new lead guitarist called Billy Duffy (who in turn replaced Vini Reilly). When the group splts up shortly afterwards, both temporarily join Slaughter & The Dogs
Mike Harding & Fivepenny Piece are given their own TV series, 'MH & 5P,' by the BBC in June
The Hollies The Hollies
20 Great Golden Greats listen to soundbites
The Hollies spend 4 weeks at UK no.2 in July with their second greatest hits compilation, '20 Golden Greats', with it's brilliant subtitle, '20 Great Sounds That Grew Out of the North'. It includes all their Top 10 hits
In August, Frankie Valli reaches no.1 in the USA (UK no,3) with the The Bee Gees written theme from 'Grease'. The brothers Gibb boast 5 of their songs in the US Top 10 at the same time!
10cc 10cc 
Dreadlock Holiday listen to soundbites
10cc score a third UK no.1 (USA no.44), the first since the split with Godley & Creme, with pop reggae track, 'Dreadlock Holiday'. It also appears on their no.3 LP 'Bloody Tourists' in Sep, which includes the track 'From Rochdale To Ocho Rios' [video]
In the same month, Barclay James Harvest reach no.31 with the 'Barclay James Harvest XII' LP, their twelfth album in 12 years.. It includes the single 'Loving Is Easy' listen to soundbites
In Oct, 'Love Bites' the second album from the Buzzcocks takes them to the peak of their career. Reaching no.13 it includes hit single 'Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)' (no.12) listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
Too Much Heaven listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees enjoy their seventh USA no.1 (UK no.3) in November with all royalties donated to UNICEF. [video]
Following the release of their 'Outlandos d'Amour' LP, which included the hits 'Roxanne', 'Can't Stand Losing You' and 'So Lonely', The Police go on tour supporting Mancunian spoof punk band Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, who had previously been supported by Blondie and The Stranglers
Wigan Casino is named ahead of New York's Studio 54 as 'The Best Disco in the World' by American Billboard magazine
Having left Slaughter & The Dogs, Stephen Patrick Morrissey decides to concentrate on writing
Bee Gees Bee Gees
Spirits Having Flown listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees are now shaping pop music and, in January, their 13th studio album tops the chart in nearly every country in the world, selling over 21 million copies, and spawning the singles 'Too Much Heaven', 'Tragedy', 'Love You Inside Out' & 'Spirits (Having Flown)' (UK no.16) [video]
In February, Gracie Fields is made a Dame Commander of the British Empire
In February, Sad Cafe, reach no.71 in the USA with the single 'Run Home Girl' from their second album 'Misplaced Ideals', which fails to chart either side of the Atantic listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
Tragedy listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees enjoy their fourth UK no.1 hit single and their eighth in the USA, spending 2 weeks at the top of the charts in both countries. [video]
The Fall The Fall
Live At The Witch Trials listen to soundbites
In March, Prestwich punk band The Fall release their debut album 'Live at the Witch Trials', which despite its title, is not a live album. It does not chart but unleashes cynical frontman, Mark E Smith, onto the world. Bass player Mark Riley, later goes on to become a famous Radio 1 DJ
In April, Magazine reach no.38 with their second LP 'Secondhand Daylight'
The Bee Gees Bee Gees
Love You Inside Out listen to soundbites
The Bee Gees score their ninth chart topper in the USA and their sixth in a row. It spends a week at the top of the charts but only reaches no.13 in the UK. Incredibly, the bubble is to burst and it's to be their last major hit for more than 20 years [video]
Mike Harding is given his own TV series by the BBC in May, followed by Fivepenny Piece's own Friday night TV show.
In September, Sad Cafe, enjoy their biggest ever hit 'Everyday Hurts' (UK no.3) which is taken from their Strawberry Studios recorded album, 'Facades' (no.8). The hits 'Strange Little Girl' (no.32) and 'My Oh My' (no.14) are also on the LP listen to soundbites  [video]
On September 27th 1979, Gracie Fields dies, aged 81, at her home in Capri. She is buried at the non-Cathloic Cemetary there.
Eric Stewart suffers severe injuries following a car accident forcing 10cc to take a year out. A compilation album '10cc Greatest Hits 1972-1978' reaches no.5 in October
In the same month the Buzzcocks third album 'A Different Kind Of Tension' reaches no.26 listen to soundbites
Another local punk band, formed after the Sex Pistols visit to Manchester are the Frantic Elevators. Their debut single (and all other releases) fails to chart however it does introduce the world to lead singer, Mick Hucknall
Elkie Brooks reaches no.34 with the album 'Live and Learn' in October
Bee Gees Bee Gees
Bee Gees Greatest listen to soundbites
In November The Bee Gees enjoy their third US number 1 album in a row (UK no.6) with this 4 disc compilation album. Interestingly their ht 'Boogie Child' is omitted in favour of their own versions of 'Love Me', 'If I Can't Have You' and 'You Stepped Into My Life', which were all hits for other artists.
In December, Peter Skellern reaches no.39 with his cover album 'Astaire'
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