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June 2000 - Proud (HEATHER SMALL) (#12)
(1. Proud 2. Holding On 3. Wherever The Road Goes 4. Don't Look For Love 5. Ease Your Troubled Mind 6. Change Your World 7. Garden of Eden 8. Don't Change a Thing 9. I've Been There 10. I Know Who I Am 11. Afraid 12. What Do I Have)

May 1999 - Testify
(-1-Testify, -2-Dreaming, -3-Angel St, -4-Search For The Hero,-5-What A Fool Believes, -6-Fantasy Island, -7-Sight For Sore Eyes (m people master mix), -8-Just For You, -9-Smile, -10-Colour My Life (joey negro's agoura mix), -11-Red Flower Sunset, -12-Moving On Up (mark picchiotti's millenium vocal remix), -13-How Can I Love You More? (jimmy gomez 6am mix))
Nov 1998 - The Best Of M People
(-1-Testify -2-Search For The Hero -3-Moving On Up -4-Angel St -5-One Night In Heaven -6-Sight For Sore Eyes -7-Just For You -8-Colour My Life -9-How Can I Love You More? -10-Dreaming -11-Open Your Heart -12-Don't Look Any Further -13-Someday -14-Renaissance -15-Fantasy Island -16-What A Fool Believes)
Oct 1997 - Fresco
(-1-Just For You -2-Fantasy Island -3-Never Mind Love -4-Last Night 10,000 -5-Smile -6-Red Flower Sunset -7-Angel St -8-Lonely -9-Rhythm And Blues -10-Believe It -11-Bohemia -12-Avalon -+13-Just For You (rae & christian remix) -+14-Fantasy Island (d influence dimensional mix))

Nov 1995 - Bizarre Fruit II (Double CD)
(-1-Sight For Sore Eyes -2-Search For The Hero -3-Open Your Heart -4-Love Rendezvous -5-Itchycoo Park -6-Precious Pearl -7-Sugar Town -8-Walk Away -9-Drive Time -10-Padlock -11-And Finally... -12-Walk Away (live mix) -13-Search For The Hero (live mix) -14-Colour My Life (live mix) -15-Someday (live mix) -16-Moving On Up (live mix) -17-Itchycoo Park (morales classic club mix) -18-Search For The Hero (us remix) -19-Open Your Heart (brothers in rhythm soundtrack) -20-Love Rendezvous (k-klass klub mix) -21-Padlock (junior vasquez sound factory mix))
Nov 1994 - Bizarre Fruit
(-1-Sight For Sore Eyes -2-Search For The Hero -3-Open Your Heart -4-Love Rendezvous -5-Itchycoo Park -6-Precious Pearl -7-Sugar Town -8-Walk Away -9-Drive Time -10-Padlock -11-And Finally... -12-Renaissance (I'm Coming Home) -13-Moving On Up (mk movin' mix) -14-Open Your Heart (check yer head mix) -15-Search For The Hero (m people live mix))
Oct 1993 - Elegant Slumming
(-1-One Night In Heaven -2-Moving On Up -3-Renaissance -4-You Just Have To Be There -5-Love Is In My Soul -6-Don't Look Any Further -7-Natural Thing -8-Little Packet -9-La Vida Loca -10-Melody Of Life)
1993 - Northern Soul (Re-Issue)
(-1-Excited (m people master mix) -2-How Can I Love You More? -3-Colour My Life (part one) -4-Inner City Cruise -5-It's Your World -6-Someday (sasha's full master) -7-Sexual Freedom -8-Landscape Of Love -9-Tumbling Down -10-Kiss Is Better -11-Colour My Life (part two) -12-Excited (judge jules remix))
Nov 1992 - Northern Soul
(-1-Colour My Life -2-How Can I Love You More? -3-Inner City Cruise -4-It's Your World -5-Someday -6-Sexual Freedom -7-Kiss Is Better -8-Tumbling Down -9-Landscape Of Love -10-Life -11-Platini -12-Inner City Dub -13-Colour My Life (original mix) -14-Kiss Is Better (guitar mix))

M People also appear on the following Soundtracks

1997 - The Full Monty O.S.T.
(Includes "Moving On Up")
1996 - The First Wives Club O.S.T.
(Includes "Moving On Up")
1994 - Ready To Wear (Pret-A-Porter O.S.T.)
(Includes "Natural Thing")

May 2000 - Proud (HEATHER SMALL) (#16)
Feb 1999 - Dreaming (#13)
Dec 1998 - The Best of M People Megamix
Oct 1998 - Testify (#12)
May 1998 - Angel Street (#8)
Nov 1997 - Fantasy Island ()
Sep 1997 - Just For You (#8)

1995 - Itchycoo Park (#11)
Oct 1995 - Love Rendevous (#32)
Jun 1995 - Search For The Hero (#9)

Jan 1995 - Open Up Your Heart (#9)
Nov 1994 - Sight For Sore Eyes (#6)

Feb 1994 - Renaissance (#5)
Nov 1993 - Don't Look Any Further (#9)
Sep 1993 - Moving On Up (#2)

Jun 1993 - One Night In Heaven (#6)

1993 - Someday (SASHA MEETS M PEOPLE) (12")
Jan 1993 - How Can I Love You More? (Re-Issue) (#8) 12"
Oct 1992 - Excited (#29)
Apr 1992 - Someday (M PEOPLE WITH HEATHER SMALL) (#38)
Mar 1992 - Colour My Life (Re-Issue) (#35)

Oct 1991 - How Can I Love You More? (#29)
1991 - Colour My Life ()

Rarities & Promo's etc.
Nov 1998 - The Best Of M People (Special Limited Edition)
(-1-Testify -2-Search For The Hero -3-Moving On Up -4-Angel St -5-One Night In Heaven -6-Itchycoo Park -7-Sight For Sore Eyes -8-Just For You -9-Colour My Life -10-How Can I Love You More? -11-Dreaming -12-Open Your Heart -13-Don't Look Any Further -14-Someday -15-Renaissance -16-Fantasy Island -17-What A Fool Believes [+ Bonus Disc recorded live on 'Later' with Jools Holland] -1-Search For The Hero -2-Moving On Up -3-One Night In Heaven -4-Sight For Sore Eyes -5-Just For You -6-Colour My Life -7-Open Your Heart -8-Someday)

Nov 1998 - The Best Of M People Remixed (12")
1997 Boddingtons Promo CD - By Personal Invitation Only
(-1-Just For You (c-swing mellow mix) -2-Moving On Up (mk movin' mix) -3-Excited (judge jules remix) -4-Search For The Hero (smith & mighty searchin mix) -5-Open Your Heart (brothers in rhythm mix))

Jun 1994 - Elegantly American (Limited Edition CD Single) (#31)

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June 2000:

Heather Small -
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(Heather Small's May 2000 single)

The Best Of M People
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(1999 US album)

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