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Georgie Fame - Discography
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(Highest UK Chart Position In Brackets)

2000 - Shorty
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1999 - Name Droppin' & Walking Wounded (Double CD)
(-1-Jimmy McGroove -2-Cool Cat Blues -3-Tell Me How Do You Feel -4-Zulu -5-Was -6-Vinyl -7-Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/Vanlose Stairway -8-Blues Medley: Groove's Groove/Red Top...-9-Eros Hotel -10-If You Live -11-Yeh, Yeh -12-Moondance/Blue Moon -13-How Long Has This Been Going On -14-Cape Cuckoo -15-Abide with Me -16-Woodshed Intro -17-Woodshed -18-It Happened to Me/My Buddy -19-Zavolo)
1998 - Name Droppin'
(-1-Jimmy McGroove -2-Cool Cat Blues -3-Tell Me How Do You Feel -4-Zulu -5-Was -6-Vinyl -7-Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/Vanlose Stairway -8-Blues Medley: Groove's Groove/Red Top...)
1998 - Walking Wounded
(-1-Eros Hotel -2-If You Live -3-Yeh, Yeh -4-Moondance/Blue Moon -5-How Long Has This Been Going On -6-Cape Cuckoo -7-Abide with Me -8-Woodshed Intro -9-Woodshed -10-It Happened to Me/My Buddy -11-Zavolo)

1997 - Struttin' Our Stuff (Rhythm Kings)
(-1-Green river -2-Walking on my own -3-MELODY -4-Stuff (can't get enough) -5-Bad to be alone -6-I'm mad -7-Down in the bottom -8-MOTORVATIN' MAMA -9-Jitterbug boogie -10-Going crazy overnight -11-HOLE IN MY SOUL -12-Tobacco road)

1997 - Go Jazz All Stars (Ben Sidran & Georgie Fame)
(-1-Lip Service -2-Mood Swing -3-It Should Have Been Me -4-Yeah Yeah -5-Let's Make a Deal -6-Good Bye -7-Language of the Blues -8-Too Hot to Touch -9-Georgia -10-I Love the Life I Live)
1996 - Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, Ben Sidran & more - Songs Of Mose Allison: Tell Me Something
(-1-One of These Days -2-You Can Count on Me to Do My Part -3-If You Live -4-Was -5-Look Here -6-City Home -7-No Trouble Livin' -8-Benediction -9-Back on the Corner -10-Tell Me Something -11-I Don't Want Much -12-News Nightclub -13-Perfect Moment)
1995 - Van Morrison with Georgie Fame & friends - How Long Has This Been Going On?
(-1-I Will Be There -2-New Symphony Sid -3-Early in the Morning -4-Who Can I Turn to (When Nobody Needs Me)? -5-Sack O' Woe -6-Moondance -7-Centerpiece -8-Blues Backstage -9-How Long Has This Been Going On? -10-Your Mind Is on Vacation -11-All Saint's Day -12-Blues in the Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me) -13-Don't Worry About a Thing -14-That's Life -15-Heathrow Shuffle)
1996 - The Blues & Me
(-1-Blues and Me -2-I Want to Know -3-Maybe It's Because of Love -4-How Long Has This Been Going On? -5-Jumpin' with Symphony Sid -6-Roll with My Baby -7-Woodshed -8-Bluesology -9-Everybody Cryin' Mercy -10-Blues for Ann-Marie -11- I Almost Lost My Mind -12-Passed Me By -13-I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues)
1995 - Three Line Whip
(-1-It Happened To Me -2-Kan Tsukete -3-Vinyl -4-Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/Vanlose Stairway -5-Since I Fell For You -6-Zavolo -7-You Are There -8-Declaration Of Love -9-Will Carling -10-It Happened To Me)
1991 - Cool Cat Blues
(-1-Cool Cat Blues -2-Every Knock Is a Boost -3-Moondance -4-It Should Have Been Me -5-Yeah Yeah -6-I Love the Life I Live -7-Big Brother -8-Georgia -9-Cat's Eyes -10-You Came a Long Way from St. Louis -11-Survival -12-Little Pony -13-Rocking Chair)

1989 - The First 30 Years (Greatest Hits)
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1988 - Selection Of Standards
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1988 - No Worries
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1986 - Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames with Lena Ericson/Lasse Samuelson
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1985 - Together
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1982 - 20 Beat Classics
(-1- Yeh yeh -2-Getaway -3-Do re mi -4-My girl -5-Sweet things -6-Point of no return -7-Get on the right track baby -8-Baby -9-Ride your pony -10-Moody's mood for love -11-Funny how time slips away -12-Sunny sitting in the park -13-Green onions -14-In the meantime -15-Papa's got a brand new bag -16-Blue Monday -17-Pride and joy -18Pink champagne -19-Let the sunshine in -20-I love the life I live I live the life I love)
1981 - In Hoagland
(-1-Old Music Master -2-Hing Kong Blues -3-Georgia on My Mind -4-One Morning in May -5-My Resistance Is Low -6-I Get Alone Without You Very Well -7-Rockin' Chair -8-Drip Drop -9-Stardust -10-Up a Lazy River -11-Small Fry -12-Two Sleepy People -13-Hoagy's Help -14-Hoagland)

1980 - Closing The Gap
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1979 - That's What Friends Are For
(Tracklisting Not Known)

1979 - Right Now
(-1-Different Dream -2-Funny How Time Slips Away -3-Little Samba -4-I'm in Love with Ya Baby -5-Ollie's Party -6-Eros Hotel -7-Across a Lazy Afternoon -8-Country Girl -9-Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing -10-Too Shy to Say -11-Zulu -12-Last Song)

1977 - Daylight
(Track listing not known)

1974 - Georgie Fame
(-1-Everlovin' Woman -2-Don't "B" Movie Me -3-Donut Man -4-Ozone -5-Leaving the City Behind -6-Country Morning -7-Johnny Too Bad -8-That Ol' Rock and Roll -9-Survival)

1973 - The Ballard Of Bonnie And Clyde
(-1-Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde -2-Peaceful -3-I'm a Drifter -4-It Could Happen to You -5-Somebody Stole My Thunder -6-Going Home -7-Stormy -8-Someone to Watch over Me -9-Tequila -10-When I'm Sixty-Four -11-You're Driving Me Crazy -12-Seventh Son)

1972 - Fame Again
(Track listing not known)

1972 - All Me Own Work
(Track listing not known)

1972 - Fame & Price
(Track listing not known)

1971 - Going Home
(-1-I Believe in Love -2-It Won't Hurt to Try It -3-Going Home -4-Foolish Child -5-Sister Jane -6-Peaceful Happiness -7-Children of My Mind -8-Lay Me Down -9-Easy Lovin' -10-Pass It Around -11-Stormy)

1969 - Georgie Fame

1969 - Georgie Fame Does His Own Things With Strings
(-1-And I Love Her -2-Maybe in the Spring Again -3-In the Wee Small Hours -4-What's New? -5-Woe Is Me -6-House Is Not a Home -7-This Guy's in Love with You -8-Girl Talk -9-Who's Kissing You Blues -10-Everything Happens to Me -11-Guess Who I Saw Today -12-Need Your Love So Bad)

1969 - Seventh Son
(-1-Seventh Son -2-Blossom -3-Inside Story -4-Am I Wasting My Time -5-Is It Really the Same -6-Somebody Stole My Thunder -7-Ho Ho Ho -8-Bird in a World of People -9-Fully Booked -10-Tequila)

1968 - The Third Face Of Fame
(-1-Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde -2-When I'm Sixty-Four -3-Ask Me Nice -4-Exactly Like You -5-Someone to Watch over Me -6-Blue Prelude -7-Bullets Laverne -8-This Is Always -9-Side by Side -10-St. James Infirmary -11-Mellow Yellow)

1967 - Two Faces Of Fame (#22)
(-1-Green Back Dollar -2-Things Ain't What They Used to Be -3-River's Invitation -4-Bluesology -5-Don't Try -6-Keep Your Big Mouth Shut -7-You're Driving Me Crazy -8-C'Est la Vie -9-Pussy Cat -10-It Could Happen to You -11-Do It the Hard Way)

1967 - Hall Of Fame (#12)

1967 - Knock On Wood EP

1966 - Sound Venture (#9)
(-1-Many Happy Returns -2-Down for the Count -3-It's for Love the Petals Fall -4-I Am Missing You -5-Funny How Time Slips Away -6-Lil' Pony -7-Lovey Dovey -8-Lil' Darlin' -9-Three Blind Mice -10-Dawn Yawn -11-Feed Me -12-Papa's Got a Brand New Bag)

1966 - Sweet Thing (#6)
(-1- Sweet Thing -2-See Saw -3-Ride Your Pony -4-Funny How Time Slips Away -5-Sitting in the Park -6-Dr. Kitch -7-My Girl -8-Music Talk -9-In Crowd -10-World Is Round -11-Whole World's Shaking -12-Last Night)

1966 - Getaway EP

1965 - Move It On Over EP

1965 - Fats For Fame EP

1964 - Rhyhm & Bluesbeat EP

1964 - Fame At Last (#15)
(-1-Get on the Right Track, Baby -2-Let the Sunshine In -3-Monkey Time -4-All About My Girl -5-Point of No Return -6-Gimme That Wine -7-Pink Champagne -8-Monkeying Around -9-Pride and Joy -10-Green Onions -11-I Love the Life I Live, I Live the Life I Love -12-I'm in the Mood for Love)

1963 - Rhythm & Blues At The Flamingo


Others - Yeh Yeh

Others - The Very Best Of Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames
(-1- Yeh yeh -2-Green onions -3-Let the good times roll -4-Sitting in the park -5-Funny how time slips away -6-Shop around -7-Baby please don't go -8-Get away -9-Eso beso -10-In the meantime -11-Sunny -12-Ride your pony -13-Night train -14-I love the life I live I live the life I love)

Others - The Best Of 1967 - 1971
(-1 Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde 2 This guy's in love with you 3 Seventh son 4 Try my world 5 And I love her 6 Peaceful 7 Mellow yello 8 Because I love you 9 By the time I get to Phoenix 10 Rosetta 11 When I'm sixty four 12 Everything happens to me 13 Knock on wood 14 St James Infirmary 15 Ask me nice 16 Hideaway 17 Exactly like you 18 Yellow man 19 Blossom 20 Bird in a world of people)

Others - Blues, Ballards & Bop

Others - Gold

Others - Master Series

With Van Morrison - Enlightenment
(-1-Real Real Gone -2-Enlightenment -3-So Quiet in Here -4-Avalon of the Heart -5-See Me Through -6-Youth of 1,000 Summers -7-In the Days Before Rock 'n' Roll -8-Start All over Again -9-She's My Baby -10-Memories)

With Van Morrison - Hymns To The Silence
(-1-Professional Jealousy -2-I'm Not Feeling It Anymore -3-Ordinary Life -4-Some Peace of Mind -5-So Complicated -6-I Can't Stop Loving You -7-Why Must I Always Explain -8-Village Idiot -9-See Me Through, Pt. 2 -10-Take Me Back -11-By His Grace -12-All Saints Day -13-Hymns to the Silence -14-On Hyndford Street -15-Be Thou My Vision -16-Carrying a Torch -17-Green Mansions -18-Pagan Streams -19-Quality Street -20-It Must Be You -21-I Need You Kind of Loving)

With Van Morrison - Too Long In Exile
(-1-Too Long In Exile -2-Big Time Operations -3-Lonely Avenue -4-Ball & Chain -5-In the Forest -6-Till We Get the Healing Done -7-Gloria -8-Good Morning Little School Girl -9-Wasted Years -10-Lonesome Road -11-Moody's Mood for Love -12-Close Enough for Jazz -13-Before the World Was Made -14-I'll Take Care of You -15-Instrumental -16-Tell Me What You Want)

With Van Morrison - The Healing Game
(-1-Rough God Goes Riding -2-Fire in the Belly -3-This Weight -4-Waiting Game -5-Piper at the Gates of Dawn -6-Burning Ground -7-It Once Was My Life -8-Sometimes We Cry -9-If You Love Me -10-Healing Game)


1976 - Sweet Perfection
1976 - Yes Honestly
1974 - Ali Shuffle
1974 - Everlovin' Woman
1972 - Hey Baby I'm Getting Ready
1972 - Don't Hit Me When I'm Done
1971 - Follow Me
1971 - Rosetta (#11)
1970 - Fire And Rain
1970 - Somebody Stole My Thunder
1969 - Seventh Son (#25)
1969 - Peaceful (#16)
1968 - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
1967 - Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde (#1)
1967 - Try My World (#37)
1967 - Because I Love You (#15)
1966 - Sitting In The Park (#12)
1966 - Sunny (#13)
1966 - Get Away (#1)
1965 - Something (#23)
1965 - Like We Used To Be (#33)
1965 - In The Meantime (#22)
1964 - Yeh Yeh (#1)
1964 - Bend A Little
1964 - Do-Re-Mi
1964 - Do The Dog
1963 - Stop Right Here
1963 - J.A. Blues


Rarities & Promo's etc.

1998 - The In Crowd (Boxed Set)
(-1-Preach and teach -2-Parker's mood -3-Money -4-Eso beso -5-Get on the right track baby -6-Let the sunshine in -7-Point of no return -8-Monkeying around -9-I'm in the mood for love -10-Jelly jelly -11-Red number nine -12-This is always this is sometimes -13-Yeh yeh -14-In the meantime -15-Like we used to be -16-Blue Monday -17-Get away -18-El bandido -19-Last night -20-In crowd -21-Lil' darlin' -22-Papa's got a brand new bag -23-Dawn yawn -24-Daylight -25-Everlovin' woman -26-Ozone -27-Hall St jive -28-Don't B movie me -29-Give him a hand -30-Preacher and the bear -31-Ali shuffle -32-Do I love you -33-Johnny too bad -34-Thanking heaven -35-For Chrysler's sake -36-Yes honestly -37-Way you do the things you do -38-California girl -39-Three legged mule -40-Cool cat blues -41-Nicotine and tar -42-Yeh yeh (2) -43-Black head Chinaman -44-Hot stuff -45-Tan Tan's tune -46-I'm a gambler -47-What you're doing I can do -48-Boudon buck -49-Seven power -50-Super road -51-Get away (2) -52-It's not supposed to be that way -53-Humpty Dumpty -54-Barefootin' soul -55-Soul stomp -56-Bernie's tune -57-Ali shuffle (2) -58-Sweet perfection -59-Call up the devil -60-Sea of heartbreak -61-Madness -62-Something -63-Dr Kitch)

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8th May 2000:

Georgie Fame & The New Blue Flames -
"The Live Session"
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Name Droppin'
(June 1998 album)

Walking Wounded
(October 1998 album)

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