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Manchester Through The Ages
(May 2001)
Manchester Through The Ages

The history of Manchester caught on video. Highly recommended. [buy the video]

A Chronicle Of Rochdale's Century
(Feb 2001)
rochdale - A Chronicle of the Century

"Rochdale - A Chronicle Of The Century" tells the history of Rochdale from its transformation in the 19th Century from a wool producer to a textile manufacturer through to the 20th Century. [buy the video]

The story of Salford
(Nov 2000)
The Salford Story

"The Salford Story" tells the history of Salford from the development of the region through to the present day. [buy the video]

Emmeline Pankhurst And The Suffragettes
(March 2000)
Emmeline Pankhurst and The Suffragettes

A video profile on Mancunian women's rights campaigner Emmeline Pankhurst. [buy the video]

The Millennium Video
(Aug 1999)
The Manchester Millennium Video

"A History of Manchester - The Millennium Video" tells the fascinating history of the city from a tiny Iron Age camp to the capital of the cotton trade and beyond. [buy the video]

A History of Stockport
(Aug 1999)
The Stockport Millennium Video

"A History of Stockport - The Millennium Video" traces Stockport's history with modern footage of the region, also contains old cine film and pictures from the archives of Stockport Library. [buy the video]

The Manchester Time Capsule
(June 1999)
manchester Time Capsule

"The Manchester Time Capsule" takes you through the international, national and regional events that shaped the lives of Mancunians, as reported by Granada TV. [buy the video]

Fred Dibnah's Industrial Revolution
(March 1999)
Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age

The complete BBC series of "Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age" includes 'Wind Water And Steam', 'Mill And Factories', 'Iron And Steel', 'Mining', 'Railways' and 'Ships And Shipbuilding'. [buy the video]

Curiosities of Old Cheshire
(March 1999)
Curiosities of Old Cheshire

An intriguing tour of Cheshire in search of the unusual, the strange, the rare, the ancient and the bizarre. [buy the video]

Curiosities of Old Lancashire
(March 1998)
Curiosities of Old Lancashire

An intriguing look into folklore, myths and legends of the old county of Lancashire, which included Greater Manchester. [buy the video]

A Voyage Along The Manchester Ship Canal
A Voyage Along Manchester Ship Canal

This video takes a sail along the full length of the Manchester Ship Canal from Liverpool Pierhead to Salford Quays. [Buy the video]

The Manchester Blitz
The Manchester Blitz

The people of Manchester knew that the city would be a prime target for the Luftwaffe, but few predicted the ferocity of the attacks on the 22nd and 23rd of December 1940 which reduced the city centre to smoking ruins. This video tells the story using rare footage. [buy the video]

Images of The Manchester Ship Canal
Manchester Ship Canal

Between 1955 and 1964 Mike Lord travelled on his bicycle from Bolton to see the Manchester Ship Canal and took his cine-camera and tape recorder with him. These two videos show how busy the canal was. [Buy volume 1: Liverpool - Warrrington] [Buy volume 2: Warrington - Salford]



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Manchester Through The Ages
Manchester Through The Ages video
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