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The history of Manchester
(Apr 2002)
Alan Kidd - Manchester [NB, Not actual sleeve copy of 3rd edition]

The third edition of Alan Kidd's brilliant 'Manchester' looks at the history of the first great industrial city, its factories, entrepreneurs, Peterloo and the working class. The development of middle-class Didsbury and Rusholme, cinemas and music halls, libraries and newspapers. It's updated to include the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the future of the city. [buy the book]

Explore The Changing Face of Manchester
(Sep 2001)
The Changing Face of Manchester

Local historian, Cliff Hayes, provides a fascinating insight into the dramatic changes that have taken place in Manchester. A graphic record of the generations who lived and worked here in the 20th century, and it recalls buildings, shops, factories and pubs which have vanished or been altered almost beyond recognition. [buy the book]

The History of the University of Manchester
(March 2001)
A History of manchester University

'A History of The University of Manchester, 1951-73' is told from different standpoints - the voices of the scholars, students and university administrators are all heard. The book is thoroughly and expertly researched and based on records, reports, the testimony of staff, student magazines and personal memories. [Buy the book]

The Making of Manchester
(Nov 1999)

This superb history of the city is told by the Manchester Evening News. Spanning almost 2,000 years from its founding by the Romans, and the Peterloo Massacre to the expansion of Manchester Airport and Manchester United's European Cup winning triumph. 115 huge colourful pages of pure Manchester history make this one of the best historys ever collated.[ISBN: 0953741508] [Buy the book]

The story of the pop cult city
(Sep 1999)
Manchester, England

The Hacienda, Shelagh Delaney, Frederich Engels, The Stone Roses, Peterloo, Moss Side, The Boardwalk, Ewan MacColl, New Order, George Formby - Dave Haslam brings them all together to tell the story of how Manchester shaped modern England, and beyond. [buy the book]

Page after page of pure Mancunian nostalgia
Memories of Manchester

'Memories of Manchester' is a collection of photographs form a time not-so-long-ago. It's a nostalgic look at life concentrating on that most eventful period in our recent past centred around the 1940s, 50s and 60s. [buy the book]





Manchester Through The Ages
Manchester Through The Ages video
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Manchester, England
Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam tells the story of the pop cult city


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