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Official Man Utd songs and other releases

You may call it an excuse to cash in from cd sales, or you might appreciate some of United's classic songs being released on an album. Whatever your opinion is, over the years, Manchester United have released singles and albums for the fans to purchase. Thanks largely to their massive fanbase and their record number of Wembley appearances, many of these often-shocking releases became chart hits. In 1994 'C'mon You Reds' spent two weeks at the top of the UK charts and also reached Number 1 in Ireland, Malta and some Scandanavian countries. Below you'll find every United single to have ever graced the airwaves, as well as a few compilation albums.
You Raise Me Up You Raise Me Up
Manchester United legend, George Best, sadly passed away and at his funeral, fellow Irishman, Brian Kennedy sang an emotional version of 'You Raise Me Up'. As George's funeral was screened on the BBC, millions of viewers would witness the final chapter of the 'Belfast Boy' with Kennedy's song being incredibly moving. He released it as a CD single and is available to buy. (February 2005)
Going To The Game
Going To The Game
An interesting concept cashing-in on United's name, mixing radio commentary and classic United tunes like 'Belfast Boy', 'Sing Up For The Champions' and 'United Calypso'98' with hits from the likes of Brighton fan, Fat Boy Slim, scousers Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and city fans, M People. Obviously compiled by someone who knows nothing about United, and probably calls us Man Yoo. (June 2003)
Manchester United songs - Manchester united Number One
Manchester United Number One (A Fans Anthem)
Seemingly, the last official Manchester United single - Richie Dew's ballard failed to chart. Not surprising with lyrics like "Beckham, Scholes, and Giggs and Cole, And Charlton and the rest, And we love you Uncle Georgie, You're the Best". With so many Manc musicians being die-hard reds, you'd think they'd offer to come up with something better wouldn't you!?! (Dec 2000)
Manchester United songs - Beyond The Promised Land OST
Manchester United - Beyond The Promised Land
The soundtrack from the Official Manchester United movie, Beyond The Promised Land. Featured many new tracks from Bias and Curve. A good selection from Manc reds too like The Stone Roses, New Order, The Happy Mondays, and The Buzzcocks. (Nov 2000)
Manchester United songs - United Sound Systems
United Sound Systems
This compilation album from Exotica records features 14 (obscure) red devil beats recorded especially for the album. (Sep 1999)
Manchester United songs - Outstanding
Andy Cole was obviously persuaded by his hangers-on to release this hip hop track. Not a bad effort despite the lyrics, "Tell the world my name (who's that?) Andy Cole." Did not chart, although would probably reach number 1 nowadays if released by 50 cents (or 31 pence as we prefer to call him). (Sep 1999)
Manchester United songs - Lift It High (All About Belief)
Lift It High (All About Belief)
The 1999 Manchester United squad's Oasis-sound-a-like track that is arguably one of the best singles ever released by United. The instrumental and dance tracks are superb and could have been recorded by many of the big Manc bands. Despite the treble victory, only reached Number 11 in the UK charts. (May 1999)
Manchester United songs - Come On You Reds - 20 Manchester United Classics
Come On You Reds - 20 Manchester United Classics
A must for any fan - this offical Manchester United compilation, features each FA Cup Final song and other official releases, as well as a few of the best classics like 'Belfast Boy', 'The Red & Whites', 'Ryan Giggs We Love You' and 1300 Drum's 'Ooh Aah Cantona'. if you're going to buy just one United CD - we reckon you should make this the one! (Sep 1998)
Manchester United songs - United Calypso '98
United Calypso '98
The Official 1998 Manchester United single from those cheesy guys at Reds United. The classic United Calypso track butchered completely yet somehow still charted - even if only as high as Number 33 in the UK. Truely appalling. (May 1998)
Manchester United songs - Georgie The Best Album
Georgie - The Best Album
Exotica album devoted entirely to the genius of George Best. 25 tracks including
commentary, dialogue, interviews and adverts. Features Don Fardon's 'Belfast Boy' and 'Echoes Of The Cheers'. (March 1997)
Manchester United songs - Sing Up For The Champions!
Sing Up For The Champions!
The Official 1997 Manchester United single released by Reds United which was basically loads of United terrace chants sang over a cheesy dance track with clean lyrics ("Roy Keane, He's a demon, He wear's a demon's hat!"). Some how reached Number 12 in the UK the charts (Dec 1997)
Manchester United songs - The Songs Of Manchester United
Move Move Move - The Songs Of Manchester United
Compilation album featuring Don Fardon's 'Fergie Don't Go', as well as 'Move Move Move', 1300 Drums 'Ooh Ah Cantona', 'Onward Sextons Soldiers', 'United United', and the 1979 squad's 'Come On You Reds' (Dec 1997)
Manchester United songs - Move Move Move
Move Move Move (The Red Tribe)
The Official 1996 Manchester United F.A. Cup Final single reached UK number 6 despite the fact it was so poor. With two United singles in the chart at the same time, the country's airwaves were painted red. (May 1996)
Manchester United songs - Ooh Aah Cantona
Ooh! Aah! Cantona
Interesting release from 1300 Drums featuring the Unjustified Ancients of M U. Dance track incorporating commentary and crowd chants. Reached Number 11 in the UK charts and the band even made it onto Top Of The Pops. (May 1996)
Manchester United songs - Manc Attitude 96
Manc Attitude 96
Cracking CD single from The K-Stand featuring Pete Boyle. The song 'We're All United' whilst wonderful, was never heard on the radio, nor the terraces for that matter. Also includes the superb 'Who You Lookin' At?' by Mike Sweeney's The Salford Jets and another drunken medley from Boyley and the boys. (May 1996)
Manchester United songs - Glory Glory Man United
Glory! Glory! Man. United - The Manchester United Songs Album
Another compilation album with a similar tracklisting. Includes the 12 tracks from the 1972 'Singalong With Manchester United' album, as well as 'We Will Stand Together', 'Belfast Boy', 'Ryan We Love You' and a few tracks from The Stretford End Boys. (Nov 1995)
Manchester United songs - Cantona The Album
Cantona - The Album
Superb compilation album from Exotica records featuring 13 Songs in praise of Eric plus dialogue from loads of his TV commercials. Highlight of the album, Raymond Bizarre's tribute to Eric sang in French which proclaims Eric's greatness over Mont Blanc, Gérard Depardieu, Francois Mitterand, Maurice Chevalier, Alain Prost, Monaco's Glenn Hoddle, and Marseille's Chris Waddle. A must-have album for any Eric fan, although very rare - it was withdrawn immediately after release, presumably for copyright violation. (Oct 1995)
Manchester United songs - We're Gonna Do It Again
We're Gonna Do It Again
The official release by the 1995 Manchester United Squad featuring Stryker. "Because we're up there, cream of the crop, You gotta get up early to keep us from the top!" Appaling rap that somehow reached Number 6 in the UK charts. (May 1995)
Manchester United songs - Eric The King
Eric The King
CD single release from The K-Stand featuring Pete Boyle. Contains tracks Ooh-Ah, Eric Cantona, Eric The King (sang to tune of Lily The Pink), and a drunken Man United Medley. Despite wide spread television promotion during Eric's court case for kicking Crystal Palace thug, Matthew Simmons, it did not chart. (April 1995)
Manchester United songs - Come On You Reds
Come On You Reds
Arguably the greatest football single ever - definitely the most successful. The Manchester United football squad of 1994 joined forces with Status Quo for this re-working of 'Burning Bridges'. Spent 2 weeks at Number 1 in the UK, as well as topping the charts in Ireland, Malta, and some Scandanavian countries. Also charted in many Asian countries. "So Old Trafford let us hear you loud, Cheer us on and we will do you proud..." (May 1994)
We're not too sure about this 1993 release. Do you know anything about it? (June 1993)
Manchester United songs - The Red Album
The Red Album - A Mancunian Fantasy
Superb compilation album from Exotica records featuring many essential United songs including 'Glory Glory Man United', 'The Manchester Football Double', 'Willie Morgan On The Wing', 'Georgie The Belfast Boy', 'The European Cup's All Yours', 'The Manchester United Calypso' and 'Rah Rah Rah For Man United'. (Nov 1993) This album was released in August 2006.
Manchester United songs - Football Classics
Football Classics - Manchester United
Superb compilation album from Richmond Records featuring many essential United songs including 'The Flowers Of Manchester', 'The Manchester Football Double', 'The Manchester United Calypso', 'Belfast Boy' and all the tracks from the Singalong With Manchester United album by the 1972 squad. (Nov 1993)
Why I Love You, I Don't Why But I Love You
Why I Love You, I Don't Know Why But I Love You
dodgy CD released by a group of Leeds fan called Oo La La, fetauring Eric Cantona's championship winning speech to Leeds fans dubbed over a dance track. Later re-edited for the Cantona Album following his move to United . (1992)
It's Manchester United - I'm So Excited
This reworking of the Pointer Sisters classic was released for the 1991 European Cup Winners Cup Final. "It's Man United, I'm so excited! The reds are gonna score a goal, And I think I like it!". B-side was the appalling Rocky Rap, which had previously been available in the club shop as a cassette single. (1991)
Manchester United songs - We Will Stand Together
We Will Stand Together
The 1990 Manchester United squad's FA Cup Final single may have not charted but it did spur Alex Ferguson's team on to victory, arguably keeping him in the job. B-side, 'We Will Stand Together Again'. (May 1990)
Manchester United songs - We All Follow Man United
We All Follow Man United
The 1985 Manchester United squad's FA Cup Final single. Another absolute classic. Reached UK number 10. B-side The Southbound's 'They're The Best', and a new version of 'Glory Glory, Man United'. Also released as a picture disc. (May 1985)
Manchester United songs - Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United
The 1983 Manchester United squad's FA Cup Final single. Absolute classic. Reached UK number 13. B-side The Wave Band's 'The Wembley Trail'. Also released as a picture disc. (May 1983)
Onward Sexton's Soldiers
The 1979 Manchester United FA Cup Final squad's official song was as boring as Sexton's United's team. Needless to say, it didn't chart, nor spur the team onto victory. The b-side, 'Come On You Reds' was slightly better but nowhere near as good as the 1994 release of the same name. Also released on red vinyl. (May 1979)
Manchester United songs - Manchester United
Manchester United
Pure cheese from the 1976 Manchester United FA Cup Final squad. Not the most memorable football song of all time, especially as it didn't chart. The b-side was better (and funnier) with Martin Buchan singing the self-penned 'Old Trafford Blues'. He was obviously a better footballer than singer/songwriter. (May 1976)
Singalong With Manchester United
Larry Page persuaded Martin Buchan, George Best, Lou Macari and the rest of the team to team up for this now legendary album. Superb stuff if somewhat cheesy. All the tracks were later reissued on the 'Manchester United Football Classics' cd. (1972)
Manchester United songs - Belfast Boy
Belfast Boy
Don Fardon, famous for the hit single, 'Indian Reservation', recorded this track for the documentary, 'The World Of George Best'. B-side 'Devils Well'. It reached no.32 in the UK charts and was later included on his album, 'I've Paid My Dues'. (April 1970)
The European Cup's All Yours
Very rare release by female group The Dollies celebrating United's 1968 European Cup Final triumph. Also includes the classics 'Rah Rah United' (1968)
United, United
Extremely rare release by Man U. on The Thistle label. Sounds more like a fisherman's sea-shanty. The brilliant b-side 'The Red and Whites' is still sang at Old Trafford today, so let's hear you sing it... "Who's that team they call United?..." (release date not known)
Manchester United songs
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