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Manchester United Fans Books

Some of the best Manchester United books ever released have been written by die-hard fans. Many of the books have been published independently at great expense to the enthusiastic writers and we wish them all well with their efforts.

Many of the books are also history books, as they are detailed accounts of full seasons or particular aspects of the club. These books may also be listed elsewhere in our catalogue.

If you're working on your own book, let us know and we'll do our best to help you with much needed publicity.

Below you'll find the definitive list of the books written by United fans listed in published date order with the most recent first.

United Nations? Around the Manchester United World in 80 games
By Tim Webber Publishers Know the Score Books 2009
Tim Webber, a diehard Red, travels the World and tells the story of his encounters with fellow United fans in places as far flung as India, Vietnam, South Africa and Las Vegas. A cracking story, entertaining and very different to most 'fan's journals'

Devil Worship: A Fan's Voyage with the 2008/2009 Manchester United Red Devils
By Kevin Leyland Publishers World Audience Inc 2009
This is an excellent first book by a young, American follower of Manchester United and gives a great insight into the difficulties of following football in a country where 'football' means something completely different to the rest of the World.
The book tells the story of the 2008/9 Premiership winning season on a match by match basis, but from the perspective of a man who finds nearly every game a serious logistical challenge. Kevin has to be ultra resourceful to watch his team from the other side of the 'Pond' and uses every method available to the modern man to keep abreast of the Reds' progress. His humorous, informative and passionate account is a joy to read and should be compulsory reading for all those away fans who rubbish non-Manc Reds and gleefully chant "We support our local team"!

United We Stand - Red Recollections
By Graham McColl Publishers Manchester United 2002
Red Recollections is a unique look at the development of Manchester United through the eyes of players, supporters, ground staff, and journalists who have witnessed either first hand or via the media the significant moments for both them and the club throughout Manchester United's life. It will reveal their thoughts on the great teams, managers, players and events in the club's history and capture some of the flavour and atmosphere of life behind the scenes, on the field, in the dressing room and on the terraces at Old Trafford during a variety of eras. Includes interviews with Sir Alex Ferguson, Lou Macari, Les Kershaw, Peter Kenyon, and many players and fans, famous and not so famous.

Sir Alex, United and Me
By Andy Pacino Publishers Empire 2002
Manchester United fans have a fickle reputation. Players are often singled out for criticism while others can get away with murder. This was never truer than in the late 1980s when Ferguson, following a stuttering start to his Old Trafford career, was scapegoated by supporters. Here the author, one of the few to have actively supported United's manager during this bleak period, details his remarkable relationship with United's legendary manager.

My Big Lily
By Keith Norris Publishers Big Lily Productions 2002
A fan's story of his travels with the huge banner known as Big Lily. Foreword by Paddy Crerand who quotes, "Supporters are the lifeblood of Manchester United. Keith Norris is an ardent supporter and I wish him every success with this truly outstanding book."

Three In A Row - A Fan's Eye View of United's Championship Hat-trick
By Paul Windridge & Linda Harvey Publishers Empire 2001
A season of triumph for United or one of frustrated ambition? The jury is still out on season 2000-01, if only because another championship was followed by a hasty Champions League exit and trouble between Alex Ferguson and the board. When Sir Alex Ferguson became the first manager to win three championships in a row, it set the seal on another successful season at Old Trafford. From August to the start of the New Year, United were as irresistible as usual. But by Spring, despite an imminent championship, there were rumours that United's most successful manager of all time had fallen out with the board. Following United's exit from the Champions League, the grumbling at boardroom and terrace level grew to fever pitch. So much so that by the final fixture of the season rumour and theory had replaced sanity on the terraces, with most fans convinced 'the Wizard' was on his way out. As ever there's rarely a dull moment at Old Trafford. From the debate over standing to the creeping (and not so creeping) commercialism within the club, to the threats made by Trafford Borough Council and the arrival of a new chairman, United supporters had more to worry about than mere football. Linda Harvey and Paul Windridge write passionately about the events that mattered to United fans last season. From the ecstasy of a 6-1 romp against championship rivals Arsenal to the agony of defeat in Munich via a brief return for hated rivals Manchester City. Experience the highs and lows of Sir Alex Ferguson's penultimate season in charge.

A Seat In The Crowd - The Story of the 1999-2000 Season
By Paul Windridge & Linda Harvey Publishers Trafford 2000
A Seat in the Crowd is about travelling the length and breadth of England and Europe to watch Manchester United. It is about the lifelong journey of two supporters (with the help of one or two friends along the way) who have been following their club for over 40 years each.

If You Can Dream - Manchester United Through the Words of Kipling
By John J Maguire Publishers John Maguire 2000
40 page pamphlet taking each line of Kipling's poem "If" as the basis for essays on 'Red' situations and personalities.

United in 2000 - The Reds Fans' Review of the Season
By Richard Kurt and Steve Black Publishers Mainstream 2000
This unofficial review of Manchester United Football Club, includes all the stats, full match reports, and every single game home and away, friendly or crunch clash, is reported from where it counts - in the thick of the fans, roaring on the team.

Reds In The Hood
By Terry Christian Publishers Andre Deutsch 2000
Terry Christian's second book, Reds in the Hood, reflects his earlier years and devotion to Manchester United. He recreates a city with a raw glamour, a club with a temperamental brilliance and an Irish Catholic upbringing with some rough edges.'

If The Kids Are United
By Tony Hill Publishers Phoenix Press 2000
"If the Kids are United" is the memoir of a pre-glory days Manchester United fan growing up a considerable way from Old Trafford. It gives an account of growing up in a once thriving mining community in the wilderness years of Thatcher's Britain.

Not For Sale: United For United: Murdoch and the defeat of BskyB
By Adam Brown and Andy Walsh Publishers Mainstream 1999
Describing in detail how the audacious attempt by Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB television company to buy Manchester United was halted, this book draws on a variety of sources to track the events following the announcement of the bid. It examines the reaction of both the media and the football world to the astonishing outcome. After seven months of hard campaigning and a coalition of forces centred around the independent Manchester United Supporters Association, the British Government was forced to block the bid and save the club from becoming another of Murdoch's many conquests.

European Glory 1968-1999: United's European Triumphs
Edited By Barney Chilton Publishers Juma 1999
Eyewitness accounts of United's 1968 and 1999 European Triumphs capturing the emotions, the tales, and the remarkable exploits as more than thirty United fans recount their memories from that greatest of footballing nights.

United! Despatches From Old Trafford
By Richard Kurt Publishers Mainstream 1999
A collection of pieces written for Manchester United supporters throughout the glorious 1990s by Richard Kurt, stalwart of the top fanzine "Red Issue" and author of seven books on the club. Read as a whole, the book seeks to carry the reader along the journey from United's first Premiership title to the edge of the new millennium, an alternative fan's-eye history of a sensational footballing era at Old Trafford. The pieces sum of the United experience from every angle: in-depth studies of major personalities and events; comic romps at the expense of rivals or unloved club personnel; snapshots of life both on and off the Old Trafford park; and, as a constant theme, the story of the progressive disenfranchisement of the traditional United fan which culminated in the club being put up for sale.

Keep The Red Flag Flying High - The Unofficial Story of United in Europe
By Richard Kurt & Chris Nickeas Publishers Mainstream 1999
Richard Kurt's superb story of United's 1996-97 season, dominated by another challenge for the European Champions Cup. The book follows the team's travels around Europe, and places their current battles in the context of the club's history. This book seems incredibly hard to track down.

Red Voices
By Stephen F Kelly Publishers Headline 1999
In this text, Stephen Kelly has spoken to those for whom Manchester United means so much; the employees - from chairman Martin Edwards to the programme sellers; the players and managers; and the fans, from those who remember the club in the inter-war years to contemporary celebrity supporters. The hardcover (pictured left) was released in March 1999. A paperback version was released in March 2000.

Manchester United Ruined My Life
By Colin Shindler Publishers Headline 1998
Colin Shindler recalls the problems of growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family in central Manchester in the 1950s and 1960s - as a Manchester City fan, permanently under the shadow of Manchester United.
A paperback version was released in 1999.

The Red Army Songbook: The History of United in Song
By Peter Boyle Publishers Sigma 1998
Pete Boyle's 1998 collection of United songs and chants.

If The Reds Should Rome or Mandalay: Travelling Across Europe With United
By Peter Boyle Publishers Juma 1997
Taking every major United Euro-away from 1976 - 1997 as each chapter, a series of authors (from hooligans to little old ladies and ex-players) tell their hilarious tales.
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