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Many of the most popular television programmes ever to have been appeared on British television have been made on location in Manchester. From the longest running and still the most popular soap opera of the lot in Coronation Street, to the biggest comedy drama ever in Cold Feet; from the popular Queer As Folk, Clocking Off and Cutting It series to the almost national events that became of each episode of Cracker and Prime Suspect - they were all filmed here. Comedies such as Phoenix Nights, The Royle Family and Early Doors couldn't have possibly been located anywhere other than Manchester. The amazing landscape and architecture, coupled with the warm Mancunian sense of humour makes TV programmes filmed in Manchester that little bit more special.

manchester movies & tv | tv programmes located in manchester
Coronation Street
The Cuckoo Waltz
Albion Market


1960 - Present
30th August 1985 - 24th August 1986
6th June 1991 - 18 July 1991
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comedy series filmed in chorlton created by geoffrey lancashire (father of sarah lancashire). featuring a young married couple with twins, an old house and a mother-in-law who disapproves
story of bent politics, filmed around Manchester town hall, moss side and hulme and also other areas of the north west but with
the nations favourite soap opera, set in the fictional manchester borough, weatherfield (the actual set can be found on many published maps as coronaion street)
albion market was supposed to be 'corrie' for the weekend set on a street market in manchester near the arches at granada tv
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7th April 1991 - 10th November 2003 27th September 1993 - 28th October 1996 1st January 1994 30th March 1997 - 16th March 2003
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award winning drama series starring helen mirren as detective superintendent Jane tennison collyhurst, several episodes were filmed around manchester and hathersage road baths also the derelict mayfield station
robbie coltrane starred as dr. eddie "fitz" fitzgerald
thompson house (now Printworks) was the police station in cracker

paul calf and his sister star in this video mockunmentary, filmed in manchester
the story of three couples who's lives were full of ups and downs, with the show based in manchester and filmed around the city

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1st September 1998 - 25th December 2000
19th October 1998 - 15th December 1999
23rd February 1999 - 22nd February 2000
5th September 1999 - 10th October 2001
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one of the most memorable situation comedies of the past years, about a family in manchester
set in and around manchester city centre, the show was a look at a farcical manchester police force
the lives of 3 young gay men, located in manchester is dramatised in this show which has been developed for a us audience
the stroy of twin sisters ellie and arden brookes who work chip shop counter in a dreary manchester backwater
Clocking Off
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Jan 2000 - Apr 2003
14th January 2001 - 17th December 2002
30th October 2001 - 17th December 2002
16th April 2002 - 1st June 2004
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 superb interconnected dramas with all star cast about the lives of a group of workers at a manchester textile factory. each episode focused on a different character
filmed in manchester, the story of a girl in her early 30s,looking for mr right. from the makers of clocking off.
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peter kay plays brian potter, the wheelchair-bound owner of the fire-blighted phoenix club filmed in and around manchester and the north west
story of two salon stylists set in manchester, about the lives of the employees at the henshall-ferraday hair salon, filmed in the northern quarter
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Burn It
Manchester Opera House - Slappers & Slapheads
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Feb 2003
2003 - 2004
2003 - 2004
Jan 2004
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superb drama from the makers of linda green and clocking off, about the lives of three mancs with no responsibilities to worry them. starring william ash, melanie brown, chris coghill, lisa faulkner, kieran o'brien and marsha thomason
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christopher eccleston brilliantly stars in russell t davies drama about a manchester man who proclaims himself as the son of god
set in a small pub in manchester where daily life is bound up in the issues of love, loneliness, and blocked urinals, with references to actual locations in manchester
the show depicting a shambolic family living on a manchester estate with eldest sister, fiona, has to look after her five younger siblings after their mother's disappearance and their father's alcoholic habbit
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