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The best movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime
The Top 20 movies added to the streaming services this week.
15th - 21st May 2021

Self Isolation Cinema Club
The best movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime The best movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime The best movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime The best movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime The best movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

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The Top 20 movies added to or extended on the streaming services this week:
1) JAWS  5 Star Review
One of the most gripping films out of Hollywood. ~ The Irish Times 5 Star Review
Peter Benchley's pulp bestseller is here turned into the scariest sea saga ever filmed, with Steven Spielberg creating maximum suspense in the first dark moments and then maintaining the momentum with his brilliant sleight-of-hand direction. ~ Radio Times 5 Star Review
Don't listen to the cynics, this is a masterpiece; a suspense classic that leaves teeth-marks. ~ The Guardian 5 Star Review
An astonishingly effective thriller built on a very primal level: fear. ~ Empire 5 Star Review
A film that sealed Steven Spielberg's talent as a master entertainer. ~ BBC 5 Star Review
It's a sensationally effective action picture, a scary thriller that works all the better because it's populated with characters that have been developed into human beings we get to know and care about. ~ Roger Ebert 5 Star Review
Compelling, well-crafted storytelling and a judicious sense of terror ensure Steven Spielberg's Jaws has remained a benchmark in the art of delivering modern blockbuster thrills. ~ Rotten Tomatoes 5 Star Review
A perfect blend of set-pieces and story, its formula so hard to capture, it's now near-mythical - filmmakers have been chasing it like Ahab chasing Moby Dick ever since. ~ Total Film 5 Star Review
 It’s no wonder a generation of holidaymakers still thinks twice before stepping into the water. ~ Time Out 5 Star Review
   text NETFLIX
   text SKY CINEMA
   text AMAZON (£2.49)

2) PARIS, TEXAS  4.5 Star Review
Thusly fabled for its hypnotic beauty and poise, a haunting European gaze across the lonely highways of Texas, Win Wenders enigmatic and fascinating masterpiece is a road-movie of rare integrity, a film of landscapes both interior and to the limitless horizon. ~ Empire 5 Star Review
It may be the finest of his "road movies," a deliberately paced but deeply moving story of a man at the end of his emotional rope who is given an unexpected chance to heal both his scars and those he has inflicted on others. Robby Müller's photography and Ry Cooder's score add immeasurably to the impact of this superlative mood piece.  ~ AllMovie 4.5 Star Review
Cooder's haunting guitar score gives the film an immediacy that makes it seems as though it's being ad-libbed - a heart-rending confrontation between restless drifter Harry Dean Stanton and his estranged wife Nastassja Kinski does, indeed, sound as though it's being made up on the spot - while Wenders brings a refreshing outsider's eye to bear on this metaphor about rootless America. ~ Radio Times 5 Star Review
The movie's story is simply told. It lacks any of the gimmicks used to pump up emotion and add story interest, because it doesn't need them: It is fascinated by the sadness of its own truth. ~ Roger Ebert 5 Star Review
A quiet yet deeply moving kind of Western, Paris, Texas captures a place and people like never before (or after). ~ Rotten Tomatoes 5 Star Review
   text ALL 4 (until 19th June 2021)
   text BFI PLAYER (Free Trial)
   text AMAZON (£2.49)

3) THE FLORIDA PROJECT  4.5 Star Review
One of the best films about childhood made anywhere in recent years. ~ Independent 5 Star Review
A hysterically rude, visually stunning cinematic theme park. ~ The Telegraph 5 Star Review
A child’s sense of wonder is at the heart of Sean Baker’s thrillingly vibrant joyful story of people living on the impoverished fringes of Florida’s tourist traps. ~ Observer 5 Star Review
His irresistible tale of low-rent dreams is funny, acerbic, and warmly sprawling. ~ Financial Times 5 Star Review
Very much its own pink plastic beast, it is destined to be remembered as one of the great films about childhood. ~ The Irish Times 5 Star Review
A young cast give brilliantly naturalistic performances in this glorious story about a bunch of deprived kids living near Walt Disney World; a wondrous child's-eye view of life on the margins. ~ The Guardian 5 Star Review
As for Willem Dafoe, he delivers one of the best performances of his career. ~ The i 5 Star Review
Poverty and poetry, delinquency and deluxe wonder... this child's-eye view of lives on a knife-edge is terrific. Sounds like a tough watch? It’s not. Or rather it is, when it should be, but it also plays like a roughed-up Amblin movie. ~ Total Film 5 Star Review
Vibrant and brimming with vitality, this is empathic towards its subjects but fiercely critical of the system that victimises them. ~ Empire 5 Star Review
A colourfully empathetic look at an underrepresented part of the population that proves absorbing even as it raises sobering questions about modern America. ~ Rotten Tomatoes 5 Star Review
A film of small notes that combine to form something major, the kind of movie that sneaks up on you and sticks with you. ~ Roger Ebert 5 Star Review
Don’t believe the hype, as this is probably even better than the hype suggests. Spellbinding. There’s magic in every single frame. ~ Little White Lies 5 Star Review
   text ALL 4 (until 16th June 2021)
   text AMAZON (£3.49)

4) MANCHESTER BY THE SEA  4.5 Star Review
An emotionally devastating study of grief and loss, anchored by a career-best performance from Casey Affleck. ~ The i 5 Star Review
A minor-key masterpiece; Affleck is mesmerising as a Boston janitor who has to care for his dead brother’s son, in Kenneth Lonergan’s weighty study of grief and family ties. ~ The Guardian 5 Star Review
Affleck joins the ranks of giants as he burns the screen, building up a portrait of a solitary existence: this is a man who is long past giving a shit about anything. ~ Time Out 5 Star Review
It is perhaps the most emotionally intelligent film you will see this year. ~ The Times 5 Star Review
This film by the playwright turned filmmaker contains multitudes of emotions, people and ideas, in such abundance that if you ask somebody to describe it, you should probably take a seat first. ~ Roger Ebert 5 Star Review
Masterfully told and beautifully acted, it's a shattering yet graceful elegy of loss and grief. ~ Empire 5 Star Review
It delivers affecting drama populated by full-bodied characters, marking another strong step forward for writer-director Lonergan. ~ Rotten Tomatoes 5 Star Review
A drama of rage and grief that stands on the brink of the inexpressible. ~ Financial Times 5 Star Review
   text ALL 4 (until 16th June 2021)
   text AMAZON (£3.49)

5) IDA  4.5 Star Review
A novice nun journeys through her family’s secret past in Paweł Pawlikowski’s outstanding eerily beautiful black-and-white road movie. It is a compelling film that achieves a great deal in a short time. The performances are superb and the sense of location and period miraculous. ~ The Guardian 5 Star Review
His eerily perfect Oscar-winning film is a miraculous masterwork. ~ The Telegraph 5 Star Review
Empathetically written, splendidly acted, and beautifully photographed, Ida finds the director revisiting his roots to powerful effect. ~ Rotten Tomatoes 5 Star Review
Somewhat ironically, Pawlikowski can’t be considered a Polish filmmaker in any strict sense. Though born in Poland, he grew up in Great Britain and has done most of his work there. "Ida" represents a return home for the filmmaker, one that he has said draws on the memories, sights and sounds of his childhood. ~ Roger Ebert 5 Star Review
It is a film to be cherished, a stunning drama by the Polish-born, British-based director. There is not a frame in this austere spiritual journey that isn’t a thing of heartfelt beauty. The composition continually tips us off balance — characters are relegated to the periphery of the frame, dwarfed and inconsequential next to the spaces around them; the eye is drawn to the bottom and corners as often as it is to the centre. ~ The Times 5 Star Review
This frugal, static film in black and white is wondrous with life and drama. First-time actress Agata Trzebuchowska has a face you could watch forever. ~ Financial Times 5 Star Review
This is pure cinematic storytelling at its best. ~ The Irish Times 5 Star Review
   text ALL 4 (until 17th June 2021)
   text AMAZON (£2.99)

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6) ZERO DARK THIRTY  4.5 Star Review
Kathryn Bigelow’s rapid response to the death of Osama Bin Laden is a taut and morally ambiguous procedural for the ages. It haunts and lingers long after the lights go up. ~ Little White Lies 5 Star Review
Gripping throughout, with an impressive central performance from Jessica Chastain, this is like a Dogme 95 redo of a Chuck Norris film — by heroic effort, the good guys find and kill a bad guy. How you feel about that is something Bigelow leaves you to decide. ~ Empire 5 Star Review
The endgame – a raid on a suburban house in Pakistan – is a white-knuckle watch. You don’t doubt for a second this is what it was like: dogs barking, freaked-out locals raising a mob outside. This is an instant classic. ~ Time Out 5 Star Review
   text NETFLIX
   text SKY CINEMA

7) THE LAST DAYS  4.5 Star Review
In this remarkable documentary, executive produced by Steven Spielberg with the Shoah Foundation, five elderly survivors of the Holocaust return to the concentration camps to compare then with now. ~ Radio Times 4 Star Review
Here is a film that offers further proof of the madness of the Final Solution.  ~ AllMovie 4 Star Review
It focuses on the last year of the war, when Adolf Hitler, already defeated and with his resources running out, revealed the depth of his racial hatred by diverting men and supplies to the task of exterminating Hungary's Jews. There is a final passage of joy that affected me with the same kind of emotional uplift as did the closing scenes in "Schindler's List.'' ~ Roger Ebert 4.5 Star Review
   text NETFLIX

8) ZODIAC  4 Star Review
In real life the Zodiac Killer terrorised San Francisco in the late 1960s and early 70s, his murders supported by a publicity hungry correspondence with the city's newspapers. He was the inspiration for Dirty Harry's Scorpio Killer, yet in Se7en director David Fincher's intricate drama his crimes are given a less sensational spin. ~ Radio Times 4 Star Review
A quiet, dialogue-driven thriller that delivers with scene after scene of gut-wrenching anxiety. Fincher also spends more time illustrating nuances of his characters and recreating the mood of the 70s than he does on gory details of murder. ~ Rotten Tomatoes 4..5 Star Review
It is impossible not to enjoy it: if enjoy is the word for a picture so often scary and stomach-turning. And it certainly isn't boring, despite a mammoth two-and-a-half hour running time. Fincher's feel for detail is terrific: the chewed pencils, typewriters and clunky tele-fax machines are very real, and there are some bizarre moments so absurd that they could only have come from real life. ~ The Guardian 4 Star Review
It offers everything people have come to expect from the director: stylish cinematography, a blast of brutal violence, nightmarish neo-noir sensibilities, a grab-you-by-the-throat-and-never-let-go aesthetic, and editing just unconventional enough to keep the viewer simultaneously disturbed and riveted.  ~ AllMovie 4 Star Review
He orchestrates the proceedings with obsessive compulsiveness, concentrating on the nitty-gritty of investigative procedure and delivering serial killer cinema's answer to All The President's Men. ~ BBC 4 Star Review
The film is a police procedural crossed with a newspaper movie, but free of most of the cliches of either. Its most impressive accomplishment is to gather a bewildering labyrinth of facts and suspicions over a period of years, and make the journey through this maze frightening and suspenseful. ~ Roger Ebert 5 Star Review
Zodiac isn’t a puzzle film; instead its subject is the compulsion to solve puzzles, and its coup is the creeping recognition, quite contrary to the flow of crime cinema, of how fruitless that compulsion can be.. ~ Time Out 4 Star Review
You’ll need patience with the film’s approach, which follows its main characters by poring over details, and be prepared to put up with a couple of rote family arguments and weary cop conversations, but this gripping character study becomes more agonisingly suspenseful as it gets closer to an answer that can’t be confirmed. ~ Empire 4 Star Review
Lucid and forceful, Zodiac is sensational in the right way. ~ Total Film 4 Star Review
Fincher's most mature work to date will earn respect over time. ~ The Times 4 Star Review
   text NETFLIX

9) BRIDESMAIDS  4 Star Review
A heady, hilarious romp through western female tribal-bridal culture with an incredible ensemble comedy cast. ~ Radio Times 5 Star Review
A marriage of genuine characters, gross out gags, and pathos, it is a female-driven comedy that refuses to be boxed in as Kristen Wiig emerges as a real start. ~ Rotten Tomatoes 4..5 Star Review
It seems to be a more or less deliberate attempt to cross the Chick Flick with the Raunch Comedy. It definitively proves that women are the equal of men in vulgarity, sexual frankness, lust, vulnerability, overdrinking and insecurity. And it moves into areas not available to men. ~ Roger Ebert 4.5 Star Review
Witty, painful and gleefully crude, it is a very funny film. ~ The Telegraph 5 Star Review
   text NETFLIX
   text SKY CINEMA

10) GLADIATOR  4 Star Review
Ridley Scott and the boys from DreamWorks produced the first genuine Roman epic since 1964's The Fall of the Roman Empire with this virtual remake that deals with the transition of power from the sage-like Marcus Aurelius to his monstrous son, Commodus. For those old enough to remember the 70mm epics of yesteryear, this is a nostalgic synthesis of all of them. For those who haven't seen those earlier movies, Scott will open their eyes to a "brand-new" old world. ~ Radio Times 5 Star Review
It marks a return to epic film-making worthy of Ben Hur and Spartacus with breathtaking technical advances. ~ Total Film 5 Star Review
It is monumental movie-making: visually thrilling, technically astonishing, and emotionally engaging. ~ The Telegraph 5 Star Review
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   text AMAZON (from £0.01)

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