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Tommy Docherty books
Tommy Docherty Books
Docherty took over as manager of United in 1972. He brought an exciting style of football to the club. His attacking formation won the fans over and Old Trafford was buzzing again. Sadly in 1974, he couldn't stop the team from the drop to the second division, but only a season later, the Reds were in the top flight again and The Doc led his team out in the 1976 FA Cup Final. Although there was heartache with a shock defeat to Southampton, the following year in 1977, United beat Liverpool in the FA Cup final. Only two months later, Docherty would be sacked as the boss of United for having an affair with the physio's wife.
Tommy Doc by David Tossell

Tommy Doc
By David Tossell Publishers Mainstream 2013
This book is subtitled "The Controversial and Colourful Life of One of Football's Most Dominant Personalities" and that suggests that the content will dig deep into the many faces of the Doc. We haven't yet seen a copy but it does get excellent reviews.
Docs Devils by Sean Egan

The Doc's Devils; Manchester United 1972-1977
By Sean Egan Publishers Cherry Red Books 2010
This is an excellent account of the exciting years of Tommy Docherty's reign as manager of Manchester United, A big book appropriate for a big character. The only manager since the War to see his team relegated but he bounced back with typical flair to create a chapter which United fans will long remember and cherish. An excellent, detailed book.
Dear Tommy bt Agnes Docherty

Dear Tommy
By Agnes Docherty with Tom Docherty Publishers John Blake Publishing 2009
The paperback, and re-named, version of Married to a Man of Two Halves.
Married to a Man of Two Halves by Agnes Docherty

Married to a Man of Two Halves
By Agnes Docherty with Tom Docherty Publishers John Blake Publishing 2008
This is definitely not the usual bitter rant by an ex-wife who has been let down by her husband. Tommy Dochrty ended his marriage and his spell as Manchester United's manager by walking out on his wife Agnes and this is her story, but toldmore than 5 years after her death. Her son Tom has used her notes and diaries to put together her poignant story.
The Doc - Hallowed Be Thy Game

The Doc - Hallowed Be Thy Game
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Headline 2006
The Doc' is one of the most colourful characters in football. Always outspoken and honest, headlines have followed him throughout his career. He achieved success on the pitch with Preston and Scotland but it is as a manager that he secured his place in football history. The remark that he has had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus cannot be disputed: fourteen teams in four different countries. He resigned from Chelsea; he was sacked by Manchester United within two weeks of winning the 1977 FA Cup and at Derby he became embroiled in a bitter legal dispute. Now, for the first time, the Doc tells all about his life in football and those he has shared it with - Shankly, Busby, Clough, Ramsey, Stein. This is a story like no other, from one of the biggest personalities of the game. Released in October 2006.

One Brief Shining Moment - The Docherty Years At Manchester United
Edited By John J Maguire Publishers John Maguire 2001
50 page pamphlet book looking at the Dochery years at Manchester United. Also contains a 16 page booklet 'Days of Camelot - A Complete Record 1973-1977'.

Manchester United: Champions 1967 - 1993
By Tommy Docherty & Martin Chilton Publishers Sidgwick & Jackson 1993
A look at United's title winning seasons between 1967-1993. 144 pages. Released in June 1993.

Docherty - Living Legend of Football
By Brian Clarke Publishers Mandarin 1992
Loved by a lot and loathed by a lot - the ex-Reds manager comes under scrutiny. This was original released in hardback in 1991 titled, "Tommy Docherty".
Docherty by Brian Clarke

By Brian Clarke Publishers Kingswood Press 1991
Loved by a lot and loathed by a lot - the ex-Reds manager comes under scrutiny. This was released in paperback in 1992, retitled, "Docherty - Living Legend of Football".
Manchester United - The Quest For Glory written by Tommy Docherty

Manchester United - The Quest for Glory 1966-1991
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Sidgwick & Jackson 1991
The Doc's (or could it be ghostwriter Martin Chilton's?) story of 25 years in United's history. Glossy, colourful.

Dinner With The Doc
By Tommy Docherty & Barry Roberts Publishers Mediaworld 1988
87 page book from 1988. ISBN: 0951405608.

Better Soccer For Boys
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Sportshelf & Soccer 1983
Reissue of the book in which The Doc teaches you how to play football. I wonder if he was still adopting the same instructions as manager of Sydney Olympic where he was managing by now.
Call The Doc

Call The Doc
By Tommy Docherty & Derek Henderson Publishers Hamlyn 1981
The controversial Manager's own story. Foreword by Lawrie McMenemy.
The ABC of Soccer Sense - Strategy and Tactics of Today by Tommy Docherty

The ABC of Soccer Sense - Strategy and Tactics Today
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Batsford 1978
Tommy Docherty teaches you the tactics used in football.

Better Soccer For Boys
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Kaye & Ward 1975
Reissue of the book in which The Doc teaches you how to play football.

Better Soccer For Boys
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Piccolo/MacMillan 1973
Yet another reprint of the book in which Tommy Docherty teaches youngsters football skills. A pity he couldn't lend it to his United players - they got relegated that year!

Better Soccer For Boys
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Kaye & Ward 1970
The second issue of The Doc teaches soccer book. By this time he was manager of Porto.
Tommy Docherty Speaks

Tommy Docherty Speaks
 By Tommy Docherty Publishers Pelham 1967
Rare 192 page book written by the Doc five years before he became United's manager. Covers his playing career and features on his current management at that time with Chelsea.
Better Soccer For Boys (1966) First Edition - Tommy Docherty

Better Soccer For Boys
By Tommy Docherty Publishers Nicholas Kaye 1966
The original release of the book in which Tommy Docherty teaches you how to play football. Collectible children's hardback with photographs and tips from the then Chelsea manager. With over 100 demonstration photographs of young players this book covers all aspects of every skill in the game. Useful coaching book for boys of it's time.
Soccer From The Shoulder - By Tommy Docherty, written in 1960

Soccer From The Shoulder
 By Tommy Docherty Publishers Stanley Paul 1960
Covers Docherty's early career with Celtic, Preston and Arsenal.

Tommy Docherty books
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