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David Beckham books
David Beckham Books
Ask anyone to name a famous person in the world and David Beckham's name will probably come up within five answers. No player is bigger than United, but Becks could probably argue the case. Why did he leave United? Was it because he fell out with Fergie? Maybe his wife had a say in it or purely for football reasons - a new challenge on his behalf and a good business move for Manchester United (although many would argue he left for peanuts to Real Madrid). He is now no longer in the England set-up either, meaning David is back in the headlines. Becks is always in the media and many books have been written about him. We bring to you the full listing...

White Angels: Beckham, The Real Madrid and the New Football
By John Carlin Publishers Bloomsbury 2004
The book looks at how David Beckham's transfer took place, the machinations and intrigue behind the landmark deal. It exhaustively details Beckham's first year at Real and how he fared alongside such legendary stars as Figo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raul, and Ronaldo.

The Fashion of Football - From Best to Beckham
By Paolo Hewitt & Mark Baxter Publishers Mainstream 2004
From Best to Beckham, from Mod to Label Lover.The Fashion of Football is a groundbreaking work that examines for the first time the link between football and fashion. Featuring a selection of rare photographs which enliven the text, the book divides itself into a work of two halves - the first depicting how fashion has influenced the players and the second showing how it has been represented in the stands.

Playing Away - The A to Z of Soccer Sex Scandals
By Matthew Clark Publishers Mainstream 2004
Playing Away chronicles the off-field antics of football's numerous bad boys, whose behaviour has succeeded in moving football from the back page to the front. From Best to Sven, from Allison to Sir Alex, it is the definitive guide for fans, agents, managers and even unsuspecting partners. Oh dear, what has the world come to? How did this get published?

David Beckham - Both Feet On The Ground - An Autobiography
By David Beckham & Tom Watt Publishers Perennial 2004
This is the paperback and updated version of his 'My Side' book originally released in 2003. It was sold in America with a different title. This version includes his first season as a player for Real Madrid.

David Beckham - My Side
By David Beckham & Tom Watt Publishers Harper Collins 2004
This is the paperback and updated version of his 'My Side' book originally released in 2003. This version includes his first season as a player for Real Madrid.

David Beckham - My Side
By David Beckham & Tom Watt Publishers Harper Collins 2003
This is the original hardback version released in 2003.

David Beckham - Both Feet On The Ground - An Autobiography
By David Beckham & Tom Watt Publishers Harper Collins 2003
This is the original hardback version of his 'My Side' book released in 2003. It was sold in America with a different title.

When Beckham Went To Spain: Power, Stardom & Real Madrid
By Jimmy Burns Publishers Michael Joseph 2004
In the summer of 2003, David Beckham made transfer history by moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid. For Beckham, the boy from Chingford who had devoted his professional life to Manchester United and become a global celebrity, the move to Spain represented the biggest challenge of his career.

El Becks - A Season In The Sun
By Alex Leith Publishers Vision Sports 2004
The 'real' story of how David Beckham conquered Spain. Alex Leith travels the length and breadth of this vast country in the England captain's footsteps, watching all his matches and mingling with everyone from the Real Madrid ultras to the English press pack.

Beckham Annual
  Publishers Zincseven Ltd 2004
Another annual on the World's most famous footballer.

An Englishman Abroad - Beckham's Spanish Adventure
 By Phil Ball Publishers Ebury Press 2004
This is the story of David Beckham's first season with Real Madrid told in full through Spanish eyes - the players, agents, pundits and ordinary fans - by a man who was there as it happened.

Beckham (Second Edition)
 By Ellis Cashmore Publishers Polity Press 2004
The Beckham enigma continues. Since the publication of Cashmore's challenging social biography in 2003, the working-class kid from the East London has left Manchester and conquered the world. Undisputedly one of the world's most famous men, Beckham has transcended sport to become an all-purpose cultural icon for the twenty-first century.

 By Ellis Cashmore Publishers Polity Press 2003
Serious analysis of Beckham and the culture of which he is part, examining the reasons why he has become the celebrity athlete par excellence. The hardback was released in 2002 and the paperback came out in 2003.

The Real David Beckham
By Gaynor Morgan Publishers Metro Publishing 2004
As a close personal friend of David Beckham, Gaynor Morgan has earned the confidence of the legendary player and his wife. In this work, discover how a boy from Essex became one of the most recognisable faces in the world, read the truth about his marriage to Victoria, and see a side of David only his closest friends ever see.

Brand It Like Beckham - Story of How Brand Beckham Was Built
By Andy Milligan Publishers Cyan Books 2004
A fascinating look at David Beckham, a truly iconic brand of our times. David Beckham is the most talked about, featured sportsman in the world today. Book published to coincide with start of Euro 2004 football tournament - huge interest and coverage in Beckham and England team. This is the first book to analyse the Beckham brand, and will provide a new perspective on this celebrity.

Beckham - Unauthorised and Unofficial
  Publishers Parragon Publishing 2004
Three years after his petulant sending-off against Argentina in the World Cup in St Etienne 1998, an incident that many people blamed for England's exit from the tournament, David Beckham stood with the ball at his feet moments from the end of England's last 2002 World Cup qualification match against Greece at Old Trafford. He was 30 yards from goal..

David Beckham: Made In Manchester
By Eamonn Clarke & James Clarke Publishers Dewi Lewis Media 2004
This extraordinary book charts David Beckham’s rise to celebrity during his years in Manchester.

Becks Talking
By Jo Stevenson & Guy Lloyd Publishers Omnibus Press 2003
Here, in Beckham's own words are his opinions on his time at Manchester United, playing for England, life with Victoria and their two sons Brooklyn and Romeo, being mobbed in Japan and his status as a fashion icon. Also the spectacular bust-ups with Sir Alex Ferguson, including the notorious boot slinging incident and the full details of his transfer to Spanish champions Real Madrid.

Posh & Becks "Talking" - New & Updated
By Jo Stevenson Publishers Omnibus Press 2004
An updated edition to include quotes on David Beckham's broken foot, his performance in the World Cup and the birth of Romeo. Quotes include: 'I believe we can win the World Cup. We have a great team - better than some people think.' DAVID 'I tried an oxygen tank to help mend my foot, but I couldn't sleep in it. Eight hours sleep? More like eight minutes.

Posh & Becks Talking - In Their Own Words
By Jo Stevenson Publishers Omnibus Press 2002
Fully illustrated throughout with black and white photos, this book collects quotes from the Beckham's and makes lots of money for somebody else. Re-released two years later.

Bend It Like Beckham
By Narinder Dhami Publishers Welcome Rain Pub. 2004
Although not strictly about Becks, we had to add it really! Teen novel based on script and film of the highly successful and popular Bend It Like Beckham film. Originally released in 2002 by Hodde & Stoughton Publishers.

David Beckham: Level 1 Beginner - Penguin Readers
By Bernard Smith Publishers Penguin 2004
This is an educational book for children, we are not suggesting David Beckham is at level one for reading (he's not quite reached that level yet!) Ideal for a child learning to read and who has a mad obsession for the England captain too.

The Little Book Of David Beckham - 150 Quotations
Edited By Rob Wightman Publishers Carlton Books 2003
A reissue of the poor pocket-sized book, obviously now cashing in on David's move to Real Madrid. Not our idea of class!

The Little Book Of Beckham
  Publishers Can of Worms 2001
The typical 'cash-in on somebody else's name' kind of stuff! How many people buy these type of books and how long will the publishers keep dishing them out to us? Good grief!

The David Beckham Story
By Ed Greene Publishers Carlton Books 2003
Having tracked the career of Manchester United's most famous ex-player since his days at Old Trafford, Ed Greene provides an entertaining account of Beckham's life based upon interviews and testimonies from friends, family, team-mates, opponents, managers and the man himself.

The David Beckham Joke Book
By A.C. Parfitt Publishers Blake Publishing 2003
From the author of 'The Secret Diary of Brooklyn Beckham', this 'cash in' on the Becks name collates Beckham gags, Posh gags, Brooklyn gags, Romeo gags and basically anything else that would help sell the book.

David Beckham: The Great Betrayal
By Virginia Blackburn Publishers Blake Publishing 2003
In June 2003, Manchester United shocked the footballing world by selling off their star to Spanish rivals Real Madrid. What led United to make such a seemingly rash move? How did Beckham react when the news was broken to him? Were there more sinister forces at work behind the scenes? The full truth of this sensational moment in footballing history is revealed for the first time in this explosive book that every soccer fan should want to read.

David Beckham - Brilliant Brits
By Richard Brassey Publishers Orion Children's 2003
A children's book full of Beckham cartoon's and speech bubbles. Other Brilliant Brits in the series include Shakespeare, Henry VIII, King Arthur, Queen Elizabeth I, Bodicca, and some scouse band. For the record, this is book 4 in the series.

Beckham and Ferguson - Divided They Stand
By Jason Tomas Publishers Sutton 2003
The story of how the relationship between David Beckham and his father-figure Fergie allegedly fell apart resulting in the United hero moving to Real Madrid.

David Beckham - Unofficial Annual 2004
  Publishers Zincseven Ltd 2003
Children's annual cashing in on the Beckham name.

Posh and Becks
By Andrew Morton Publishers Michael O'Mara 2003
An updated reissue of the best-selling biography from the controversial Andrew Morton. Released June 2003 before Becks left United.

Posh and Becks
By Andrew Morton Publishers Michael O'Mara 2000
The best-selling biography from Andrew Morton which the couple fought hard to ban. The paperback was released in 2001.

There's Only One David Beckham
By Stafford Hildred & Tim Ewbank Publishers Blake Publishing 2003
The updated paperback edition of Hildred & Ewbank's Beckham biography. Originally released in 2002 in hardback.

There's Only One David Beckham
By Stafford Hildred & Tim Ewbank Publishers Blake Publishing 2002
David Beckham's story as told by his friends and those who know him. The book was updated and re-released in 2003 in paperback.

So You Think You Know David Beckham?
By Clive Gifford Publishers Hodder Children's 2003
Children's quiz book with over 1,000 Beckham-related questions.

La Loupes Level 2 - David Beckham
By Gwen Berwick & Sydney Thorne Publishers Hodder Arnold H&S 2003
Children's biography written specifically for pupils, in order to motivate and inspire them to read French books.

Livewire - Real Lives : David Beckham
By Richard Williams & John Tennant Publishers Hodder Arnold 2003
The second edition of the pocket-sized biography which is part of the Livewire children's series. Previous titles include Manchester United, The Busby Babes, George Best, Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Victoria Beckham, as well as Mancs Emmeline Pankhurst and Lord Byron.

Livewire - Real Lives : David Beckham
By Richard Williams & John Tennant Publishers Hodder Arnold 2000
First edition of the pocket-sized biography, part of the Livewire children's book educational series.

Burchill On Beckham
By Julie Burchill Publishers Yellow Jersey Press 2002
An updated version of Burchill's snappy celebrity biography! Not a lot about football. Originally released in 2001 in hardback.

Burchill On Beckham
By Julie Burchill Publishers Jonathen Cape 2001
Burchill's style is acid and this is not exactly a fawning biography! A trivial book. Updated a year later in paperback.

England's Eastenders: From Bobby Moore to David Beckham
By Richard Lewis Publishers Mainstream 2002
As the title suggest, a look at different England players to have come from the East end of London. Not the best read for any Manchester born, anti-England, die hard United fan, but hey, we aim to bring you every Beckham book.

Brooklyn Beckham - Learning To Walk
By P.J. Smith Publishers Blake Publishers 2002
The third satirical diaries of David and Victoria's toddler.

Brooklyn Beckham - My World
By P.J. Smith Publishers Blake Publishers 2001
The second satirical diary of David and Victoria's toddler. Very funny.

Brooklyn Beckham - The Secret Diary
By P.J. Smith Publishers Blake Publishers 2000
The first satirical diary of David and Victoria's toddler. Amusing.

Unofficial David Beckham Annual 2003
  Publishers Zincseven Ltd 2002
Children's annual cashing in on the Beckham name.

Learning To Fly - Victoria Beckham
By Victoria Beckham Publishers Michael Joseph 2002
Interesting best-selling autobiography from David's Spice Girl wife, in which she talks about her relationship with David and Sir Alex Ferguson. Reissued in paperback in 2002.

Victoria's Secrets
By Virginia Blackburn Publishers Blake Publishing 2001
Just in case you haven't had enough of Posh, we bring you another book on her mega exciting life. This time she spreads the gossip about her past. As if she had a life before she met David.

David Beckham: Portrait of A Superstar
By Fergus Kelly Publishers Scholastic Ltd 2001
Unauthorised biography covering Beckham's life from a schoolboy at United to scoring against the Greeks.

By Richard Williams & John Tennant Publishers Weidenfeld Nicolson 2001
The first in-depth account of Beckham's development as a footballer.

David Beckham: My World
By David Beckham & Dean Freeman Publishers Hodder & Stoughton 2001
The paperback edition of the Beckham photo portrait and autobiography. Updated with unseen photographs and new material.

David Beckham: My World
By David Beckham & Dean Freeman Publishers Hodder & Stoughton 2000
Glossy photographic portrait of David Beckham, accompanied by his own autobiographical text. Loads of photos of Becks modelling and lounging with Posh. Not many of him playing football though. Also released as a superb signed 1500 limited edition.

The Totally 100% Unofficial Posh and Becks 2001
  Publishers Grandreams 2000
Children's annual 'cashing-in' on David and Victoria.

The Totally 100% Unofficial David Beckham Special
  Publishers Grandreams 1999
1999 Children's annual 'cashing-in' on David Beckham's name.

David and Victoria - An Invitation To The Wedding
 By James Maloney Publishers Weidenfeld Nicolson 1999
A photographic record of the most famous couple in the world - Spice Girl Victoria Adams and David Beckham of Manchester United. In addition to the exclusive wedding photographs, the book charts their early lives and their rise to fame and fortune.

David Beckham - Pocket Heroes
  Publishers Boxtree 1999
Small-format book dedicated to Beckham with photographs and facts.

David Beckham: My Story
 By David Beckham & Neil Harman Publishers Carlton Books 1999
Illustrated with numerous colour photographs and told in David's own words, this early David Beckham autobiography has been updated (originally released in 1998 in hardback) to include the World Cup 1998 saga and that 'petulant kick'. Foreword by Bryan Robson.

David Beckham: My Story
 By David Beckham & Neil Harman Publishers Carlton Books 1998
David Beckham's first autobiography - not bad for a 23 year old! Foreword by Bryan Robson. Re-released and updated in 1999 in paperback.

David Beckham
By Jon Sutherland Publishers Harper Collins 1998
One for the kids - illustrated profile.

New United Legend: Tribute To David Beckham
By Bobby Blake Publishers Mainstream 1997
Pictures, quotes and facts in this book aimed at teenagers.

David Beckham books
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