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David Gray discography | all the singles and albums from David Gray
Elbow discography

Elbow discography

David Gray discography | David Gray albums
David Gray - Life In Slow Motion Life In Slow Motion
released: 12/09/05 reached: UK No.?
Alibi - The One I Love - Lately - Nos Da Cariad - Slow Motion - From Here You Can Almost See The Sea - Ain't No Love - Hospital Food - Now And Always - Disappearing World
David Gray - A New Day At Midnight A New Day At Midnight

released: 28/10/02 reached: UK No.1

Dead In The Water - Caroline - Long Distance Call - Freedom - Real Love - Kangaroo - Last Boat - Knowhere - December - Be Mine - Easy Way To Cry - The Other Side
David Gray - Lost Songs Lost Songs
released: 12/02/01 reached: UK No.7
Flame Turns Blue - Twilight - Hold on - As I'm Leaving - If Your Love Is Real - Tidal Wave - Falling Down The Mountainside - January Rain - Red Moon - A Clear Pair Of Eyes - Wurlitzer
David Gray - White Ladder White Ladder
released: 01/05/00 reached: UK No.1
Please Forgive Me - Babylon - My Oh My - We're Not Right - Nightblindness - Silver Lining - White Ladder - This Year's Love - Sail Away - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
David Gray - Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell
released: 19/08/96 reached: UK No.14
Faster Sooner Now - Late Night Radio - Sell Sell Sell - Hold On To Nothing - Every Time - Magdalena - Smile - Only The Lonely - What Am I Doing Wrong - Gutters Full Of Rain - Forever Is Tomorrow Today - Folk Song
David Gray - Flesh Flesh
released: 20/09/94 reached: UK No.4
What Are You - Light - Coming Down - Falling Free - Made Up My Mind - Mystery Of Love - Lullaby - New Horizons - Love's Old Song - Flesh
David Gray - A Century Ends A Century Ends
released: 02/07/01 reached: UK No.4
Shine - A Century Ends - Debauchery - Let The Truth Sting - Gathering Dust - Wisdom - Lead Me Upstairs - Living Room - Birds Without Wings - It's All Over
David Gray discography | David Gray singles
David Gray - The One I Love The One I Love
released: 17/1/05 reached: UK No.8

CD1¦ The One I Love - Going In Blind (Piano & Strings Version)

CD2 ¦ The One I Love (Acoustic Version) - With Open Arms - Everybody's Leaving Town

David Gray - Be Mine Be Mine
released: 20/9/04 reached: UK No.23
Be Mine -
David Gray - The Other Side The Other Side
released: 11/2/02 reached: UK No.35
The Other Side
David Gray - Say Hello And Wave Goodbye Say Hello And Wave Goodbye
released: 17/9/01 reached: UK No.26
Say Hello And Wave Goodbye
David Gray - Sail Away Sail Away
released: 05/6/00 reached: UK No. 26

Sail Away

Ian Brown - Dolphins Were Monekys This Years Love
released: 07/2/00 reached: UK No.20

This Years Love

David Gray - Please Forgive Me Please Forgive Me
released: 25/10/99 reached: UK No.18

Please Forgive Me (Radio Edit)

David Gray - Babylon Babylon
released: 08/07/98 reached: UK No.5

Babylon - Lead Me Upstairs - New Horizons

David Grays - Late Night Radio Late Night Radio
released: 1996 reached: UK No.?

Late Night Radio

David Gray - Faster Sooner Now Faster Sooner Now
released: 1996 reached: UK No.?

Faster Sooner Now

David Gray - Wisdom Wisdom
released: 04/07/93 reached: UK No.?

Wisdom - Lovers - 4am

David Gray - Shine Shine
released: 02/05/93 reached: UK No.?

Shine - Brick Walls - The Rice

David Gray - Birds Without Wings Birds Without Wings
released: Late 1992 reached: UK No.?

Birds Without Wings - L's Song - The Light

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