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Alfie discography | all the singles and albums from Alfie
Alfie discography

alfie discography

Alfie discography | Alfie albums
Alfie - Crying At Tea Time Crying At Tea Time
released: 15/08/05 reached: UK No.?
Your Own Religion - Look At You Now - Crying At Teatime - Till The End - All Too Heavy Now - Applecart - Colours - Wizzo - Where Did Our Loving Go? - Kitsune
Alfie - Do You Imagine Things Do You Imagine Things

released: 15/09/03 reached: UK No.?

People - Stuntman - Winding Roads - No Need - Mollusc - Protracted - Isobel - My Blood Smells of Thunderstorms - Indoor League - Chop Chop - Hey Mole
Alfie - A Word In Your Ear A Word In Your Ear
released: 25/03/02 reached: UK No.?
A Word In Your Ear - Cloudy Lemonade - Bends For 72 Miles - Halfway Home - Not Half - The Reverse Midas Touch - Summer Lanes - Me and Mine - Rain, Heaven, Hail - The Lighthouse Keeper
Alfie - If Your Happy With, You Need Do Nothing If Your Happy With, You Need Do Nothing
released: 26/03/01 reached: UK No.Didn't Chart
Bookends - It's Just About The Weather - James' Dream - 2 Up 2 Down - You Make No Bones - Umlaut - Sure And Simple Time - Check The Weight - Talking Song - Manor House Farm - Montevideo
Alfie discography | Alfie singles & ep's
Alfie - Your Own Religion Your Own Religion
released: 01/08/05 reached: UK No.?

Your Own Religion - Silence Fills The Sky - Forever Amber - Your Own Religion

Alfie - No Need No Need
released: 16/01/04 reached: UK No.?
No Need - Griselda's Third Husband - The Old Man and the Sea - No Need (video)
Alfie - Stuntman Stuntman
released: 09/03 reached: UK No.?

CD 1 ¦Pneumenon - Stuntman

CD 2 ¦Stuntman - Some Other Track

Alfie - People People
released: 09/06/03 reached: UK No.?
People - Masquerade - Baddie
Alfie - A Word In Your Ear A Word In Your Ear
released: 04/03/02 reached: UK No.?

A Word In Your Ear - A Word In Your Year (J-Walk Remix)

Alfie - you Make No Bones (Revisited0 You Make No Bones (Revisited)
released: 27/08/01 reached: UK No.?

You Make No Bones (Revisited) - The Reverse Midas Touch - Wormwood

Alfie - You Make No Bones (Revisited) Remix You Make No Bones (Revisited) Remix
released: 27/08/01 reached: UK No.?

You Make No Bones (Revisited) Remix - Ooze A Lullaby, Lost Children's Desk Remix

Alfie - Montevideo EP Montevideo EP
released: 06/11/00 reached: UK No.?

Montevideo - It's Just About The Weather - You Make No Bones - Montevideo (Reprise) - Manor House Farm

Alfie - Booends EP Bookends EP
released: 07/08/00 reached: UK No.?

James's Dream pt.1 - Bookends - Talking Song - James's Dream pt.2

Alfie - Alfie EP Alfie EP
released: 02/00 reached: UK No.05
Sure and Simple Time - Ooze a Lullaby - Check the Weight
Alfie discography | other Alfie releases
Bends For 166 Miles EP - Various Bends For 166 Miles EP
released: 24/04/00 reached: Didn't Chart
Dakota Oak - I Love Buses and Girls / Alfie - James' Dream / Dakota Oak Trio - Feet On The Monitors / Andy Votel - Pickpocket / Sirconical - Cottonopolis / Mum & Dad - Monster Truk / Badly Drawn Boy - Jewel Thief
Modern Music For Motorcycles - Various Modern Music for Motorcycles
released: 01/00 reached: Didn't Chart

Dakota Oak - Endless Skyway / Alfie - Bends For Seventy Two Miles / Sirconical & Andy Votel - Cock Diesel / Dakota Oak - Bike Ride / Mum & Dad - The Human Fly / Badly Drawn Boy - Skidding Out of Control

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