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Mike McGoldrick
michael mcgoldrick discography

[solo, toss the feathers, flook!, lunasa & cappercaillie albums]
[guest appearances and other projects]

michael mcgoldrick discography - albums

(Jun 2001) At First Light (Michael McGoldrick & John McSherry)
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michael McGoldrick 7 john McSherry - At First Light

1. farewell to Connaught / Liz Carroll's / Brendan's Reel / Limestone Rock -2- Palm Sunday / Willie Clancy's / rolling Waves -3- Doinna -4- Donald Blue / Ornette's trip to Belfast -5- John Nee's Reel / Lucy Campbell's -6- Lady Lane / Farewell to WhalleyRange / Michael Russell's -7- Trip to Ireland / Jutland -8- Jimmy Batty's / The Bloom of Youth -9- Lacey's Jig / Michael O'Dwyer's -10- The Braes of Busby / Phyllis's birthday / The Graf Spee -11- Road to Taynuilt

(Jun 2001) Fused
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Michael McGoldrick - Fused

1.Watermans -2-James Brown’s March / Noon Lassies -3- The Otters’ Set (The Ashplant / Hanley's Reel / The Otter's Holt) -4-.The fisherman In The Wardrobe / Goodbye Grant -5-.Sullys No.37 / Lucy's Reel -6- Lough Mountain / Paddy Finlay's / Dan Breen's Reel -7- Terry Teehan's / Her Long Black Hair -8- Windbroke / The Log -9- Buain a' Choirce -10-.Ridee / Paperbird -11-Reid’s Reels (Sean Reid's / An Bhean Tinceare / The bunny's Hat -12- Hip Agus Hop / The Roaring Bar Maid -13-.Donal Og

(Nov 1996) Morning Rory
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Michael McGoldrick - Morning Rory

1.Jenny Picking Cockles / The earl's Chair -2-The Glens Of Aherlow / Trip to Herve's -3- The Copperplate / The Green Mountain / The Controversial -4-.The History Man -5-.Knocknamoe jig / Custy's / Trip to Brittany -6- Peter Brown's / Mamma's Pet / Sailor On The Rock -7- My mind Will Never Be easy / Baby Rory's Slip Jig -8- Larkin's Beehive / Andy McGann's / The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Moriarty -9- Gan Ainm / Lavery's 1 / Lavery's 2 / September Reel -10-.The Maid of Monsico / The Galway Rambler -11-The Dub Reel

(Mar 1995) Champions Of The North (Dezi Donnelly & Michael McGoldrick)
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Dezi Donnelly & Michael McGoldrick - Champions of the North

1.1 Red bee set 2. Resting chair/Kitty town 3. Rat in the thatch set 4. Miller's maggot/Late night horror 5. Champions of the North set 6. If it wasn't for her 7. Teatotaler/St Anne's 8. Acid reel

michael mcgoldrick discography - cappercaillie albums

(Sep 2000) Nadurra
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michael McGoldrick & Capercaillie - Nadurra

1.Skye Wauling Song 2.Hope Springs Eternal 3.Michael’s Matches 4.Tighinn Air A’Mhuir Am Fear A Phosas Mi 5.Hoireann O 6.Truth Calling 7.Argyll Lassies/Inspector Hector/Failte Gu Whalley Range/Title/The Bass Rock 8.Mo Chailin Dileas Donn 9.Rapture 10.The Hollybush/Granny Hold the Candle While I Shave the Chickens Lip ll 11.Gaol Triomh Aimsirean 12.The Cockerel In the Creel: The Eurythmic/Bulgarian Red/Title

(Aug 2000) Dusk Till Dawn - The Best of Cappercaillie
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michael McGoldrick & Capercaillie - Dusk Till Dawn - The Best of

1. Coisich, a Ruin 2. Miracle of Being [Youth Remix] 3. The Tree 4. Ailein Duinn (Dark Alan) 5. Grace and Pride 6. The Whinney Hills Jigs 7. Claire in Heaven 8. Outlaws 9. Inexile 10. Seice Ruairidh (Roddy's Drum) 11. Kepplehall/25kts 12. Tobermory 13. Waiting for the Wheel to Turn 14. Nil Si I Ngra (She's Not in Love) 15. Four Stone Walls 16. Dr.MacPhail's Reel 17. Breisleach [live]

(1997) Beautiful Wasteland
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michael McGoldrick & Capercaillie - Beautiful Wasteland

1.M’Ionam 2.Inexile 3.The Tree 4.Am Mur Gorm 5.Beautiful Wasteland 6.Co Ni Mire Rium 7.Shelter 8.Hebridean Hale-Bopp 9.Kepplehall - 25Kts 10.Thiocfadh Leat Fanacht 11.Finlay’s 12.Sardinia

michael mcgoldrick discography - lunasa albums

(Oct 1999) Otherworld
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michael McGoldrick & Lunasa - Otherworld

1. Goodbye Miss Goodavich/Rosie's Rel 2. The Floating Crowbar/McGlinchey's/The Almost Reel 3. The Butlers of Glen Avenue/Sliabh Russell/Cathal McConnell's - Luasa 4. January Snows/Laura Lynn Cunningham 5. The Miller of Drohan 6. Dr. Gilbert/Devils of Dublin/Black Pat's 7. Autumn Child/Heaton Chapel 8. Stolen Apples 9. Taylor Bar, 4a.M. /Ceol Na Mara 10. Lafferty's/Crock of Gold/Lady Birr/Abbey Reel 11. O'Carolan's Welcome/Rolling in the Barrel

(1998 / re-issued Sep 2001) Lunasa
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michael McGoldrick & Lunasa - Lunasa

1. March, Gavotte & Reel: Lord Mayo/Gavotte/Maid of Mt.Cisco 2.Air: Snow On the Island/Brenda Stubbert’s/Thunderhead 3.Jig & Reels: The Noonday Feast/Waterbed/Sully’s No.6 4.The Last Pint 5.Reel & Jigs: Hogties/Promenade/Gan Anim 6.Reels: Fleur de Mandragore/Ash Plant/Siobhan O’Donnell’s 7.Klezmer: Frailock 8.Reel: Colonel Frazer 9.Fling & Reel: Terry ‘Cuz’ Tehan’s/Alice’s Reel 10.Air, Jig & Reel: Jizaique/Baby Rory’s 11.Jigs: Kerfuntan/Eddie Kelly’s/Give Us A Drink of Water

michael mcgoldrick discography - flook! albums

(Oct 1999) Flook! Live
michael McGoldrick & Flook! - Live

1 Branohm/Trip to Herve's 2 Knocknamoe jig/Custy's/Trip to Brittany 3 Jizique 4 Brian's reel/Peter's epic journey 5 In another life 6 Blackberry blossom/The independence 7 History man 8 Dub reel

michael mcgoldrick discography - toss the feathers albums

(1995) The Next Round
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michael McGoldrick & Toss The feathers - The Next Round

Found Out - Waiting - New Day - Man of Arran - Kepple's Hole - Watching Over You - Southern Wind - Hop Two Three - Skibereen - New Day - Greenhouse

(1994) TTF'94 Live
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track listing not known

(1991) Awakening
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michael McGoldrick & Toss The feathers - Awakening

1 Fever 2 Sunset 3 Awakening 4 Lonely man 5 Heritage 6 Requiem for the innocent 7 Thorn and nail 8 Drifting apart 9 Seven 10 Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde 11 Sail away 12 Long forgotten line

(1989) Columbus Eclipse
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michael McGoldrick & Toss The feathers - Columbus Eclipse

1. Highwayman, 2.Columbus Eclipse 3. Ride on 4. Intoxicated Leprechaun 5.Requiem For the Innocent 6.Rally Round 7.Grogans Hornpipe/Toss The Feathers Reel 8. The Crack Was Ninety... 9.Cheese, Ham and Mushroom 10.Dusty Roads

(1988) Live at the 32 Club
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track listing not known

[solo, toss the feathers, flook!, lunasa & cappercaillie albums]
[guest appearances and other projects]


 Michael McGoldrick

latest releases
Michael McGoldrick & John McSherry - At First Light
The fantastic new album recorded with pipe player John McSherry. (July 2001)

Karan casey - Winds Begin To Sing
Michael appears on Karan Casey's latest album, playing flute throughout. (Apr 2001

Michael McGoldrick - Fused
The award winning album from Michael featuring Dezi Donnelly, Ed boyd, John Jo Kelly, Karen Matheson, Karan Casey and Talvin Singh (Jan 2000)

Michael McGoldrick - Morning Rory
Michael's amazing debut solo album (Nov 1996)

Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick - Champions Of The North
The superb album from Manchester's finest traditional musicians (Mar 1995)

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