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(Highest UK Chart Position In Brackets)

1982 - Zip Style Method
(1-Midnight Shift 2-The New Assassin 3-The Face behind the Scream 4- I Travel in Biscuits 5-The Day the World Stood Still 6-A Heart Disease Called Love 7-The Ghost of Al Capone 8-Ninety Degrees in My Shades 9-The Day My Pad Went Mad 10-I Wanna be Yours 11-Drive She Said 12-Night People)
1981 - Me And My Big Mouth
(1.(I Married a Monster) From Outer Space 2.I Don't Want To Be Nice 3.Valley of the Lost Women 4.36 Hours 5.The It Man 6.Kung Fu International 7.Twat 8.Majorca 9.Bronze Adonis 10.Gimmix 11.Beasley Street)
1980 - Snap, Crackle & Bop
(1.Evidently Chickentown 2.Conditional Discharge 3.Sleepwalk 4.23rd 5.Beasley Street 6.36 Hours 7.Belladonna 8.The It Man 9.Limbo (Baby Limbo) 10.A Distant Relation)

1979 - Walking Back To Happiness
(1.Gaberdine Angus 2.Majorca 3.Bronze Adonis 4.Spilt Beans 5.Twat 6.The Pest 7.Nothing 8.Limbo 9.Who Stole The Marble Index 10.Gimmix)
1978 - Disguise in Love
(1. I Don't Want to Be Nice 2. Psycle Sluts, Pt. 1 - 2 3. Tracksuit 4. Teenage Werewolf Readers Wives 5. Post War Glamour Girl 6. Monster from Outer Space 7. Salome Malone 8. Health Fanatic 9. Strange Bedfellows 10. Valley of the Lost Women)
1978 - Ou est le Maison de Fromage?
(1.Serial, Pt. 1 2.Letter to Fiesta 3.Film Extra's Extra 4.Majorca 5.Action Man 6.Kung Fu International 7 Sperm Test 8.Missing Persons 9.Split Beans 10.Dumb Row Laughs 11.Bunch of Twigs 12.Trains 13.Cycle Accident 14.Gimmix 15.Readers Wives 16.Ten Years in an Open Neck Shirt, Pt. 1 17.Nothing 18.(I Married A) Monster from Outer Space 19.Ten Years in an Open Neck Shirt, Pt. 2 20.Daily Express (You Never See a Nipple In) 21.Ten Years in an Open Neck Shirt, Pt. 3 22.Salome Malone 23.Psycle Sluts, Pt. 1 - 2 )


1982 - The Day My Pad Went Mad ()
1982 - Night People ()
1980 - It Man ()
1979 - Splat / Twat ()
1979 - Gimmix ()
1978 - Post War Glamour Girl ()
1977 - Innocents EP ()

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Snap, Crackle & Bop
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Disguise In Love
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Ou est la Maison de Fromage?
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