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george formby music 1997-2001

(Aug 2000) Formby Favourites
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Formby Favourites

1. When I''m Cleaning Windows (from "Keep Your Seats Please") 2. Fanlight Fanny 3. Chinese Laundry Blues 4. My Ukelele (from "Off The Dole") 5. I Do Do Things I Do 6. Fiddler Kept On Fiddling, The 7. Auntie Maggie''s Remedy (from "Turned Out Nice Again") 8. I Went All Hot And Cold 9. Levi''s Monkey Mike 10. In A Little Wigan Garden (from "No Limit") 11. You Can''t Keep A Growing Lad Down 12. Do De O Do 13. Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink (from "Boots Boots") 14. Leaning On A Lamp Post (from "Feather Your Nest") 15. There''s Nothing Proud About Me 16. I Told My Baby With The Ukelele 17. Wedding Of Mr. Wu, The 18. She''s Never Been Seen Since Then 19. If You Don''t Want The Goods, Don''t Maul ''Em (from "Off The Dole") 20. John Willie''s Jazz Band 21. As The Hours, And The Days, And The Weeks, And The Months, And The Years Roll By 22. Why Don''t Women Like Me? 23. Come Hither With Your Zither 24. Best Of Schemes, The 25. Swimmin'' With The Wimmin 26. Madam Moscovitch.

(Jul 2000) The George Formby Collection
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The George Formby Collection

1. When I'm Cleaning Windows 2. Leaning On A Lamp-post 3. With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock 4. I'm The Ukelele Man 5. Auntie Maggie's Remedy 6. You Don't Need A Licence For That 7. It Serves You Right 8. Mr Wu's A Window Cleaner Now 9. Mother What'll I Do Now 10. Home Guard Blues 11. I Don't Like 12. Bless 'Em All 13. Spotting On The Top Of Blackpool Tower 14. Cook House Serenade 15. Our Sergeant Major 16. In My Little Snapshot Album 17. Grandad's Flannelette Nightshirt 18. It's Turned Out Nice Again 19. Mr Wu's In The Airforce 20. I Wonder Who's Under Her Balcony Now? 21. I'm Saving Up For Sally 22. Window Cleaner No2.

(Nov 1999) The Very Best Of George Formby
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1. Leaning on a lamp post 2. With my little stick of Blackpool rock 3. Chinese laundry blues 4. When I'm cleaning windows (The window cleaner) 5. Swimmin' with the wimmin' 6. With my little ukelele in my hand 7. Why don't women like me 8. You can't keep a growing lad down 9. Mother what'll I do now 10. There's nothing proud about me 11. In my little snapshot album 12. Old kitchen kettle 13. Isle of Man 14. Lancashire toreador 15. Our sargeant major 16. Believe it or not 17. Madame moscovitch 18. As the hours and the days and the months and the years roll 19. Sitting on the ice in the ice rink 20. I told my baby with the ukelele 21. In my little snapshot album 22. Home Guard blues.

(Jan 1999) When I'm Cleaning Windows
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Track listing not known.

(Nov 1997) The Great Stars Entertain The Forces: RAF Takes To The Air / Max With The Forces (George Formby & Max Miller)
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The Great Stars Entertain The Forces

1 RAF takes the air 2 Jingle jangle jingle 3.Don't go in the lion's cage tonight 4 Oh how I hate to get up in the morning 5 You walk by 6 Thirty thirsty sailors 7 Out in the Middle East 8 Mr Wu's an air raid warden now 9 It's in the air 10 New kind of old fashioned girl 11 Cheeky chappie picks from the white book and the blue book 12 Is there no end to his cleverness 13 What Ju Ju wants Ju Ju must have 14 Stringing along with you 15 Sitting in the old armchair 16 Max gives Jean some chocolates 17 Hiking song 18 All good things come to an end .[Tracks 1-9 GEORGE FORMBY, Tracks 10-18 Max Miller]

(Nov 1997) The Very Best Of George Formby
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1 Leaning on a lamp post 2 Riding in the TT races 3 Auntie Maggie's remedy 4 When I'm cleaning windows 5 With my little stick of Blackpool rock 6 Window cleaner 7 I'm the ukelele man 8 Lancashire toreador 9 Sitting on the top of Blackpool tower 10 I don't like 11 Bless 'em all 12 Mother what'll I do now 13 Frigid air Fanny 14 It's turned out nice again 15 Grandad's flannelette nightshirt 16 Hi tiddly hi ti island 17 Mr Wu's a window cleaner now 18 Window cleaner no 2 19 Oh don't the wind blow cold 20 Emperor of Lancashire 21 In my little snapshot album 22 Home Guard blues.

(Nov 1997) Emperor Of Lancashire
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1.It could be 2. We've been a long time gone 3. Mad march hare 4. You don't need a license for that 5. Our Fanny's gone all yankee 6. Swim little fish 7. It's in the air 8. Keep fit 9. Said the little 10. If I had a girl like you 11. Up in the air and down in the dumps 12. She's got two of everything 13. Leaning on a lampost 14. Auntie Maggie's remedy 15. Window cleaner 16. Emperor of Lancashire 17. Bell bottom George 18. Mr Wu's a window cleaner now 19. Chinese laundry blues 20. Why don't women like me.

(Oct 1997) The Ultimate Collection
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The Ultimate Collection

1. Leaning on a lampost 2. Hi tiddly hi ti island 3. Happy go lucky me 4. Banjo boy 5. It's no use looking at me 6. Little stick of Blackpool rock 7. Our Fanny's gone all yankee 8. Bell bottom George 9. On the beat 10. I wish I was back on the farm 11. I blew a little blast on my whistle 12. Andy the handy man 13. Ghost 14. Lancashire toreador 15. Oh dear mother 16. Mr Wu's a window cleaner now 17. Delivering the morning milk 18. Oh don't the wind blow cold on the left hand side of Egypt 19. Chinese laundry blues 20. When I'm cleaning windows 21. Pleasure cruise 22. Levi's monkey mine 23. You're everything to me 24. Isle of Man 25. Riding in the TT races 26. I'm making headway now 27. I could not let the stable down 28. I wonder who's under her balcony now 29. Fanlight Fanny 30. Hindoo man 31. Springtime here again 32. Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink 33. Grand and healthy life 34. Noughts and crosses 35. Share and share alike 36. Grandad's flannelette nightshirt 37. Baby we've been a long time gone 38. It's turned out nice again.

(Jul 1997) A Window Cleaner
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Track listing not known

(May 1997) When I'm Cleaning Windows
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Track listing not known.

(Feb 1997) The Ukelele Man: 24 Family Favourites
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George Formby The Ukelele Man - 24 Family Favourites

Track listing not known.

[music 1993-1996]
[music 1997-2001]





 george formby

latest releases

GEORGE FORMBY (A Troubled Genius)
This biography explores the lives of George and Beryl Formby, and their contribution to the war effort. listing all the songs and movies. (April 2001)

This video goes back to the days of Second World War Britain and, through variousl artist performance, movie and newsreel footage, brings to life the songs that lifted the spirit of a nation. (May 2001)

I See Ice
George's 1938 classic movie, reissued on video. (Feb 2001)

Keep Your Seats Please
The video release of George's hilarious 1936 film. (Feb 2001)

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