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"Working class northerners have an economy with the way they express themselves and a drollness and a kind of dryness to the comedy that is very eloquent and often more eloquent and expressive than so-called intellectuals." - Steve Coogan
steve coogan - filmography

(2002) 24 Hour Party People
Steve Coogan as Anthony H. Wilson

Steve stars as Factory records boss, Anthony H. Wilson, in this movie about Manchester's music scene. Directed by Lancashire lad, Michael Winterbottom (Jude and Welcome to Sarajevo), it also stars Peter Kay, Ralf Little and John Thompson.


(Aug 2001) The Parole Officer
Steve Coogan as Simon Garden in The Parole Officer

Steve stars as Simon Garden, the non-too-successful Blackpool parole officer who has only managed to rehabilitate three criminals in his whole career. Dispatched to the Manchester office, he gets framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The only way to prove his innocence is to rob a bank to retrieve a crucial piece of evidence. But he can’t do this alone, so turns to those who he believes know best – his former clients – persuading them to return to their lives of crime for one last job. This is Steve's first full length feature film and also stars Om Puri (East is East) and Steven Dillane (Welcome To Sarajevo). Directed by John Duigan.


(Oct 2001) Alice Through The Looking Glass
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Steve Coogan in Alice Through The looking Glass

Steve stars as Gnat in this modern version of the classic children's tale. Also stars Kate Beckinsale, directed by John Henderson.


(Dec 1999) Robbie The Reindeer In Hooves Of Fire
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Steve Coogan in Robbie The Reindeer In Hooves Of Fire

Steve provides the voice of Blitzen in this hilarious animated comedy. Also starring the voices of Ardal O'Hanlon, Jane Horrocks, Caroline Quentin, Harry Enfield, Ricky Tomlinson, Rhys Ifans, Paul Whitehouse, Jean Alexander and Robbie Williams.


(Nov 1998) Steve Coogan Live - The Man Who Thinks He's It
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Steve Coogan Live

The best of Steve Coogan's Hit Show, The Man Who Thinks He's It. filmed at the Palace Theatre, Manchester during his 200 date sellout national tour - all your favourite characters live, including Alan Partridge, Paul and Pauline Calf, Tony Ferrino, and Duncan Thickett.


(Nov 1998) Bob & Margaret
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Steve Coogan in Bob & Margaret

Steve provides the voices in this Oscar winning cartoon series. Bob's a dentist (feeling “down in the mouth” about his age) and Margaret's a chiropodist with horizontal hair.


(Jun 1998) The Revengers' Comedies (a.k.a.Sweet Revenge)
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Steve Coogan in Sweet Revenge

Karen (Helena Bonham Carter) and Henry (Sam Neill) meet one night on a bridge where they both went to commit suicide. They decide that revenge is better than suicide and agree to even scores for each other. Whilst Henry targets Karen's enemy, Imogen (Kristen Scott Thomas), Karen becomes a secretary to Henry's old boss, Bruce Tick, (played by Steve) and proceeds to make his life a living hell, convincing his wife he is having an affair. Directed by Malcolm Mowbray.


(Nov 1997) I'm Alan Partridge
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Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge is the C-list celebrity from hell: a sacked chat-show host determined to claw his way back from the overnight shift at Radio Norwich to the heady heights of the B-list by any means necessary. Steve Coogan’s characterisation of the monstrous Partridge is a masterful composition of misplaced ambition, frustrated sexuality, brutal insensitivity and pathos. Steve is at his best in the episodes: “A Room with Alan”, “Alan Attraction”, “Watership Alan”, “Basic Alan”, “To Kill a Mocking Alan”, and “Towering Alan”.


(Oct 1997) The Tony Ferrino Phenomenom
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Steve Coogan as Tony Ferrino

Tony Ferino, the Portuguese singing sensation, with a lifestyle to match, delights us with an hour of non-stop entertainment. Also stars Mick Hucknall as a special guest. The video includes the spoof TV documentary, "Introducing Tony Ferrino: Who and Why? A Quest".


(Oct 1997) The Fix

Steve stars as muck raking journalist Mike Gabbart, who joins forces with football reporter to uncover the truth behind allegations of match fixing in English football, a TV period drama based on a true 1963 story. Also stars Michael Elphick, Ricky Tomlinson and Colin Welland. Directed by Paul Greengrass.


(Oct 1996) Wind In The Willows (a.k.a. Mr Toad's Wild Ride)
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Steve Coogan in Wind In The Willows

Steve plays Mole in Terry Jones's beautifully adapted version of Kenneth Grahame's classic children's story. Also stars Bernard Hill, Victoria Wood, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Michael Palin, and Julia Sawalha.


(Dec 1995) Knowing Me, Knowing Yule
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Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge

Steve at his best in Alan Partridge's Christmas special including the guests, Fanny Thomas the TV chef with a naughty difference, Simply Red's Mick Hucknall and Gordon Heron, the only golfer ever to be struck by lightening while nearly winning the Colegate League. Not only this, but the Biggest Christmas Cracker in the World (about the height of a large cow and the length of a small Chinese restaurant) will be pulled by thirteen Royal Plymouth Sea Cadets.


(Dec 1995) The Indian in the Cupboard
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Steve Coogan in Indian In The Cupboard

Steve stars as Tommy Atkins, a British Medic, in the touching tale of nine-year-old Omri who magically brings his three-inch toy Indian Little Bear to life. Terrific family entertainment from Melissa Mathison, screenwriter of ET The Extra Terrestrial and director Frank Oz. Based on the award-winning novel by Lynne Reid Banks. .


(Nov 1995) Coogan's Run
Buy the double video / Buy Coogans First Lap / Buy Coogans Final Hurdle
Steve Coogan in Coogan's Run

The hilarious BBC series written and starring Steve Coogan. Each episode has him as a different character including Gareth Cheeseman, the obnoxious salesman, trivia master half brothers Stuart and Guy Crump, Mancunian misfit Paul Calf, and museum curator Tim Fleck.


(Dec 1994) Paul And Pauline Calf's Video Diaries
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Steve Coogan las Paul and Pualine Calf

The two award winning Paul and Pauline Calf programmes starring Steve Coogan: 'Paul Calf's Video Diary' and 'Three Fights, Two Weddings And A Funeral' plus an interview with Paul and Pauline. Filmed in Manchester and also starring John Thompson as Fat Bob.


(Nov 1994) Live'N'Lewd
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Steve Coogan live'n'lewd

Steve Coogan's hilarious characters live and on tour. Meet Paul Calf - notorious Mancunian student-basher and lager lout - the man who put the Shite in bag. Meet Pauline Calf - Manchester's very own size ten maneater. She's quite literally a babe with balls. Plus meet the worst comedian in the world, Duncan Thickett and legendary Chief Assistant to the Fire, Health and Safety Executive for the North West region, Ernest Moss. And your show's host for the evening, John Thomson as politically correct Bernard Righton.


(Sep 1994) Knowing Me, Knowing You
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Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge

The series that made Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge a household name. Alan interviews the b-list celebs that are Keith Hunt, the new presenter of This Is Your Life, magician-hypnotist Tony Le Mesmer, and Hot Pants, the sexiest dance act in Northern Europe.


(Jan 1994) The Day Today
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Steve Coogan in The Day Today

The Day Today was hailed as a landmark in British television which made it impossible to watch the news without laughing like mad. Steve Coogan appeared alongside Chris Morris, introducing the character Alan Partridge (as a sports reporter) for the first time.


(1991) Spitting Image
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Steve Coogan in Spitting Image

Steve first made his name as an impressionist on the infamous British puppet show, Spitting Image. He most famously provided the voice of Margaret Thatcher.


(1989) Resurrected

Steve appears as the man at the bonfire in this Paul Greengrass film based on the true story of Kevin Deakin, a soldier who went missing at the height of the Falklands War and was reported as missing, presumed dead. Forty-nine days later he returned apparantly suffering from amnesia. Stars David Thewlis and was filmed on location in Oldham, Manchester.


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latest releases
Steve Coogan - Alan Partridge DVD
180 minutes of I'm Alan Partridge on one DVD. (Oct 2001)

Steve Coogan DVD
Two favourite Steve Coogan live shows on one DVD. (Nov 2000)

Steve Coogan - Alice Through The looking Glass
Steve plays Gnat in this modern version of the classic children's tale. (Oct 2000)

Steve Coogan - Robbie The Reindeer
Steve provides the voice of Blitzen in this hilarious video and DVD, which also features Caroline Quentin, Jane Horrocks, Ricky Tomlinson, Jean Alexander and Robbie Williams (Oct 2000)

Steve Coogan - Rude For A Reason
Steve stars in this Comic Relief live show at the Brixton Academy. (Nov 1999)

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