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Poems from the Manchester Professor
(29 November 2001)
Brian Cox - Emeritus
"Emeritus" is a collection of poems produced by Brian Cox since his retirement as a Manchester Professor, including some dedicated to writers and artists he admires: Saul Bellow, Chekhov, Van Gogh and Walter Benjamin. [buy the book]

The Story of Poetry
(8 March 2001)
Michael Schmidt - The Story of Poetry Volume 1
In "The Story of Poetry Volume 1", Manchester poet and author, Michael Schmidt, looks at the history of English poetry from its beginnings to 1500. [buy the book]

A Man's Morning in Manchester
(May 2000)
Holden Caulfield - Mens Morning

Holden Caulfield is a librarian and works with teenagers in Manchester promoting poetry and fiction. 'Men's Morning' is his first book and is being made into a film by the Black Arts Development Project. [buy the book]

Manchester's first gay socialist transvestite
(May 2000)
Chloe Poems

Chloe Poems is, without any doubt, the most shocking and disgusting poet on the Manchester scene. The gay transvestite is capable of making jaws drop with the collection "Universal Rentboy" even in these unshockable times. [buy the book]

As Good a Reason as Any to read Jim Burns
Jim Burns - As Good A Reason As Any

Manchester University lecturer and well-known poet, Jim Burns, won widespread acclaim for this collection of poems reflecting his own social outlook. [buy the book]

Lord Byron - Rochdale's most famous poet
Lord George Gordon Byron

Lord Byron, born in London in 1788 became the 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale in 1808. While residing at Hopwood Hall, Middleton he worked on his most famous poem "Childe Harolde". [buy Lord Byron books]







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Jim Burns
Holden Caulfield
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Chloe Poems
Michael Schmidt
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