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"When I was young I did not see the beauty of the Manchester streets. I used to go into the country painting landscapes and the like. Then one day I saw it... suddenly I saw the beauty of the streets and the crowds." - L.S. Lowry, 1972
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The Lowry Lexicon - An A-Z of L.S. Lowry (by Shelley Rohde) [buy the book]
The Lowry Lexicon

In this entertaining and beautifully presented gift-book, Lowry is presented in a sequence of amusing and revealing anecdotes. Using unexpected details from his work, as well as reproductions of his paintings, the book presents episodes arranged around each of the letters of the alphabet. For L S Lowry lovers of all ages. (Oct 2000) [ISBN: 190297011X]

Lowry's Places (by Merlin James)
[buy the book]
Lowry 's Places

LS Lowry's pictures of the urban landscape are often seen as literal interpretations. This book to accompany The Lowry's exhibition, comprising some of his most successful industrial Manchester landscapes, shows how Lowry often manipulated and reinvented what he saw. (Oct 2000) [ISBN: 190297008X]

Lowry's People (by Merlin James)
[buy the book]
Lowry 's People

The book to accompany the first exhibition of L S Lowry's work at The Lowry takes as its theme the figures in his paintings and drawings. It brings together pictures from across his career, ranging from art school studies to the strange, half-human shapes in drawings made before his death in 1976. (July 2000) [ISBN: 1902970071]

Lowry's City (by Michael Leber & Judith Sandling)
[buy the book]
Lowry's City

This superb book looks at L.S. Lowry's fascination with the scenes and landscape around Manchester. Pre-sketches, photos and the finished paintings are placed together with stories of the artist himself. Peel Park, Swinton, Crime Lake, Daisy Nook, Stockport railway viaduct, Piccadilly Gardens, and Mottram in Longdendale are all featured. (July 2000) [ISBN: 1902970055]

L.S. Lowry - A Biography (by Shelley Rohde)
[buy the book]
L.S. Lowry - A Biography

This book is the definitive study of the life of L.S. Lowry. Packed with the most detailed information any art lover could ever want on Britain's most famous artist, it is more a biography than an art book. Essential reading. (Originally released in 1979, improved and updated June 2000) [ISBN: 1902970012]

Lowry - A Visionary Artist (by Michael Howard)
[buy the book]
L.S. Lowry - A Visionary Artist

This full-scale monograph is fully illustrated with more than 200 colour reproductions. It delivers a fresh look into Lowry's work. A true classic amongst art books. (March 2000) [ISBN: 1902970004]

L.S. Lowry (by Michael Leber & Judith Sandling)
[buy the book]
L.S. Lowry

For the true Lowry lover. If you've ever wanted a comprehensive and detailed list of Lowry paintings, then this is the book for you. It has an acurate biography and over 400 works are listed, with detailed descriptions and photos. An essential resource for any one wanting to research Lowry (1994) [ISBN: 0714832448]

Mr Lowry (by Tony Ross)
[buy the book]

The first book to introduce LS Lowry to children, illustrated with colour pictures of his paintings and his drawings. (1987) [ISBN: 1902970020]

Lowry Himself (by Crispin Eurich)
[buy the book]
Lowry Himself

An amazing portrayal of Lowry as seen through the lens of photographer Crispin Eurich. 24 pages of wonderful black and white photographs of Lowry out and about in the streets and in his Manchester home. A wonderful purchase for a very low price! (1987) [ISBN: 0951294709]

L.S. Lowry (by David McLean)
[buy the book]
L.S. Lowry

This book is for someone who wants an introduction to Lowry without going into too much detail. Considering its low price, it surprisingly has a lot of information and pictures. A great little book. (1978) [ISBN: 0855030445]

Lowry's City
The book that looks at L.S. Lowry's fascination with Manchester



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