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Books and guides to Manchester's buildings

There's a few books detailing the history of Manchester's buildings, some offering a fantastic insight into buildings that are sadly no longer with us. Below we've listed as many books as we are aware of, many available to buy online, however please let us know if there's any others we've excluded.

Manchester - The Warehouse Legacy
Manchester - The Warehouse Legacy
Great new illustrated book from English Heritage looking at how Manchester has retained its warehouses and their impact on the streetscape. Writers contribute to describe the full range of Manchester's warehouses and their significance. [2002]
Manchester - The Pevsner Architectural Guide
Manchester - Pevsner Architectural Guide
Recognised as being the Bible of architectural guides - this edition by Claire Hartwell looks at Manchester's buildings in 2002. [2001, reissued in 2002]
The Mancunian Way
Manchester - The Mancunian Way
Great book from three Mancunian photographers, with lots of photographs of the city's buildings and people. [2002]
A History of the University of manchester
A History of the University of Manchester 1951-1973
history of The University of Manchester up to 1973. Includes details of the ambitious building program in the 1960's. [2001]
Greater Manchester
Francis Frith's Photographic Memories - Greater Manchester
100 historic photographs of buildings around Greater Manchester from the Francis Frith Photographic Collection. [2000]
Around Manchester
Francis Frith's Photographic Memories - Around Manchester
100 historic photographs of buildings in Edwardian and Victorian Manchester from the Francis Frith Photographic Collection. [2000]
Britain In Old Photographs - Manchester (A Third Selection)
Chris Makepeace's photographic collection of historic Manchester. [2000]
Manchester - A Guide to Recent Architecture
Manchester - A Guide To Recent Architecture
A superb book by David Hands & Sarah Parker detailing the more recent buildings in Manchester. [2000]
Making The Lowry
Jeremy Myerson describes the process of the creation of The Lowry. The book is fully illustrated with archival material, designs and drawings, and photography of Len Grant. [2000]
Streets & Spaces
Streets & Spaces - Urban Photography
During the late 1960's Shirley Baker created a photographic record of Salford streets, capturing the people and the buildings they lived in. In 2000 she returned to take contrasting photographs of the same places now. An excellent photo account of Salford then and now. [2000]
Manchester - An Architectural History
Manchester - An Architectural History
Great book detailing the history of the architecture in the city centre. Great photographs and in-depth narrative, detailing the politics involved behind many of the buildings. [2000]
Greater Manchester
Francis Frith's Photographic Memories - Greater Manchester
100 historic photographs of buildings around Greater Manchester from the Francis Frith Photographic Collection. [2000]
Manchester Architecture Papers
Manchester Architecture Papers 2000
a stimulating collection of papers by staff and students at the Manchester School of Architecture covering a broad range of subjects from textiles to tessellations, all having their roots in architecture. [2000]
Dare To Be Wise
Dare to Be Wise - A History of the Manchester Grammar School
The history of Manchester Grammar School from 1515 to 1990. It shows you every part of the building from the Main Building to the latest English Block, explaining how everything was built, and how it survived during the Second World War. [1999]
Manchester - A Pictoral History
The Francis Frith Collection - Manchester - A Pictoral History
Historic photographs of buildings in Manchester from the Francis Frith Photographic Collection. [1999]
Manchester Architecture Guide
Manchester Architecture Guide
a superb practical street guide to the city's significant buildings from The Manchester School of Architecture. Descriptions of 69 buildings are organised into 6 walks which also cater for your need for refreshments with 12 pubs. [1998]
Britain In Old Photographs - Manchester (A Second Selection)
Chris Makepeace's photographic collection of historic Manchester. [1998]
Picture Palaces Of Greater Manchester
Chris Clegg's superb book is dedicated to the history and architecture of Manchester's cinema and picture houses. [1998]
The Chapel of the Manchester Regiment and the King's Regiment - Manchester Cathedral
The Chapel of the Manchester Regiment and the King's Regiment - Manchester Cathedral
Great book by Robert A Bonner about the history and architecture of Manchester Cathedral. This work describes the establishment of the chapel of the Manchester Regiment, its destruction during World War II and its reconstruction [1998]
People, Politics, Policies & Plans
People, Politics, Policies and Plans - The City Planning Process in Contemporary Britain
Very interesting book considering the current controversy about some of Manchester's most recent developments. Written by Manchester planning practitioner, Ted Kitchen, about what the planning process is actually like in Manchester. [1997]
Stott and Sons
Stott and Sons - Architects of the Lancashire Cotton Mill
In the second half of the nineteenth century Oldham became the major cotton spinning town in Britain and architects from Oldham came to dominate the business of designing cotton spinning mills in Lancashire. Roger Holden's book traces the history of Stott and Sons, who were one of the oldest and most prominent firms in the business. [1997]
Manchester - 50 Years of Change
This work from Manchester city council aims to maintain a planning archive to ensure that the history of planning can be better told in the future. The work is illustrated with photographs and illustrations from the past 50 years. [1995]
The Culture Industry - The Arts in Urban Regeneration
Derek Wynne's review of the arts and cultural industries' policy and development within the UK. The book includes an empirical case study of Manchester. [1992]
Walk Around Manchester Statues
Derek Brumhead's excellent architectural walk around the city, looking at the many statues and their history. [1990]
Victorian Manchester & Salford - The Living Past
excellent book with many monochrome photographs of buildings and architecture. [1988]
Guide Across Manchester - A Tour of the City Centre Including the Principal Streets and Their Buildings
Philip Atkins and Paul Daniels walking guide for the North West Civic Society. [1987]
Art and Architecture in Victorian Manchester - Ten Illustrations of Patronage and Practice
John H G Archer's work for the Manchester University Press. [1985]
Working Class Housing in Nineteenth Century Manchester
Jacqueline Robert's 1983 study. [1983]
Manchester's Warehouses - Their History and Architecture
Very small book from Stephen Wilkinson. [1982]
Continuing Conurbation - Change and Development in Greater Manchester
Liverpool Road Station, Manchester - Historical and Architectural Survey
An architectural and historical survey published in association with the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments. Liverpool Road is the oldest surviving purpose-built passenger railway station in Britain, having been built c.1830 as the eastern terminus of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. [1980]
Views of the Ancient Buildings in Manchester
Highly collectable book, originally published in 1823. Contains buildings drawn from nature by John Ralston and on stone by A.Aglio, D.Dighton, J.D.Harding, GHarley & J. Ralston. [1975]
Building Stones Guide to Central Manchester
IM Simpson and FM Broadhurst's study for Univisty of Manchester's Department of Extra-mural Studys. [1975]
Abraham Moss Centre, Manchester
Part of the HMSO Building Bulletin Series. [1973]
South Lancashire
The Buildings of England - South Lancashire
What was later to become the architectural Bible, the South Lancashire edition of the 1969 Nickolaus Pevsner architecture series looked at Manchester's buildings ranging from the medieval cathedral and the great Gothic Town Hall, to imposing factories and civic monuments. Towns such as Bury and Rochdale, are also featured heavily. [1969]
Manchester Buildings
The first comprehensive guide to the architecture of Manchester, compiled by members of the Manchester Society of Architects. 60 pages with many black and white illustrations and pull-out map at fronts. Highly collectable. [1966]







The Lowry, Salford Quays
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