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With the British press quick to criticise Manchester United every time a new strip was released, the club became more open with the expected lifespan of each kit.
In fact, when Nike paid over £100 million to become the official manufacturer of the world's best selling football shirt, they even attached a tag alongside the washing instructions which detailed the 'launch date' and 'lifespan' of the shirt so fans knew exactly how long they'd be wearing the shirt before it was replaced.
Since the Glazer take over, many fans have boycotted buying new shirts, a move which would have saved them hundreds of pounds, as from 2007 United announced that a brand new shirt would be released every season (to help pay off the new debt).
The 2000 Manchester United home shirt
2000-2002 - Manchester United home shirt
The end of an era, as Sharp's shirt sponsorship deal expired. For the 2000-01 season, Umbro's new Sportswool kit was supposed to reduce body heat, although in reality it seemed to collect sweat rather easily. Highly criticised by fans for the huge Vodaphone logo (which was bigger than the United badge), the heavy material, and the fact it always got damaged in the wash. Everybody still went out and bought it in record numbers nonetheless. A sign of United's popularity rather than the kit design probably. Worn with white shorts and black socks for domestic games, white socks in Europe.
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The 2000 Manchester United away shirt
2000-2001 - Manchester United away shirt
The return to United's traditional change strip of white made this kit a popular choice on the terraces. The club crest was printed in black. Like the home kit, it was made from Umbro's new Sportswool fabric which didn't age well with wear. Worn with white or black shorts and socks.
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2000-2001 Manchester United third shirt
2000-2001 - Manchester United third shirt
The classy 2000-01 season dark blue and dark red third kit was originally a training kit. The club crest was printed in white, whilst the material was the same breathable mix of polyester and wool as the home kit. It was worn with white or blue shorts and red or blue socks at Southampton and PSV Eindhoven. A very rare kit that most fans probably didn't even realise existed!
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the reversable 2001 Man United centenary shirt
2001-2002 - Manchester United away & third kit
In 2001, much publicity was given to the fantastic reversible white or gold away kit to celebrate 100 years of playing under the name Manchester United. Two kits in one, United wore the white kit as first choice away kit and the gold as their second. Both were worn with black shorts and black socks. This was also to be the last United kit from Manchester sportswear firm, Umbro.
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The 2002-04 Manchester United home jersey
2002-2004 - Manchester United home shirt
Following their £100 million sponsorship deal, the first United kit to be made by US sports giant Nike didn't disappoint. Classic red, white and black, the material was lightweight and stretchy with an inner mesh lining which went on to cause trouble for Diego Forlan as he struggled to get it back on after scoring. Aware of the media frenzy that went with Manchester United kit changes, Nike added a Life Span Label to the inside of the jersey stating 'Launch Date 01/06/2002 life span: May 2004'.
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Manchester United away kit 2002-03
2002-2003 - Manchester United away shirt
The 2002 away kit from Nike was just as impressive as the home strip. A white jersey with black shorts and white socks, it will probably be best remembered for Ruud van Nistelrooy's amazing goal against FC Basle. Unfortunately it was also the kit in which United lost the Worthington Cup Final to the scousers (Launch date June 2002. Expired May 2003).
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Manchester United third kit 2002
2002-2003 - Manchester United third kit
The popular Nike Manchester United 2002-03 third kit featured the Vodaphone name in silver. Blue shirt, blue shorts, blue socks. Great stuff.  (Launch date June 2002. Expires May 2003).
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Manchester United third kit 2003
2003-2005 - Manchester United third kit
The new 2003-05 Manchester United third kit was released far sooner than Nike had planned. The cancelled launch of the black away kit (see below) meant that this unpopular white kit was rushed off the shelves earlier than expected, amid massive media controversy. A copy of Barcelona's away shirt, the thin horizontal black and red stripes seem to ruin what could have otherwise been a perfectly good plain white strip. Worn by United in their successful FA Cup Semi-Final triumph over Arsenal in May 2004 with white shorts and socks.  (Launch date earlier than expected in June 2003. Expired May 2005).
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Manchester United third kit 2002
2003-2005 - Manchester United away kit
The new 2003-05 Manchester United away kit saw a return to the classy all black colours after the players had voted the 1993 away kit as their favourite of all time. A 'watermarked' flower pattern adds a nice touch to the jersey. Worn with black shorts and socks. The launch of the strip was controversial, with thousands of kits being recalled by Nike on the last minute due to a design fault. The third kit was quickly released instead ahead of schedule (see above) with the black away kit following slightly later.  (Launch eventually in 2003. Expired May 2005).
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The new Manchester United home shirt
2004-2006 - Manchester United home shirt
In an era where the sponsor's logo dominates, the 2004-06 Manchester United home shirt, designed by Nike, wasn't a popular one with fans. Taking their uniform Ole 90 design, as worn by most nations at Euro 2004, Nike applied it to their best-selling top. As with all the Nike Euro 2004 jerseys, the club crest was centrally located below the neck. Unfortunately however, unlike the classic 1985 Man Utd home shirt, it doesn't look right and is dwarfed by the larger Vodaphone logo. Sales were also down on previous years with United's lack of success on the field and David Beckham moving to Real Madrid, who as a result overtook United in shirt sales. Nonetheless, it's still a classy kit and sold in large numbers. (Launch 15 July 2004. Expired July 2006).
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The new Manchester United away shirt?
2005-2006 - Manchester United away kit
The controversy that surrounded the launch of the 2005 Manchester United away shirt had little to do with the Nike designed kit itself but more to do with the massively opposed takeover of the club by American billionaire, Malcolm Glazer. Fans groups were angry that the US tycoon had used rather dodgy borrowing techniques to plunge the world's richest club into record levels of debt. Financial experts and some (later sacked) United directors questioned the Glazer's business plan and predicted it would be inevitable that Manchester United would fall into financial difficulties. It was for this reason that fans groups urged all United fans to boycott this shirt (and any other official Manchester United merchandise) in an attempt to oust the new owner early. (Launch 1 Aug 2005. Expired one year early in July 2006).
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Manchester United AIG shirt
2006 - Manchester United AIG shirt
Following the announcement that Vodaphone were terminating their United sponsorship 2 years early, the Glazers desperately went in search of a new shirt sponsor. Insurance giants, AIG (ironically the American International Group), were lined up and this adapted 2004-06 kit was produced for the press launch. The press were quick to highlight that many of the players - especially Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs - were not looking too happy to be photographed wearing it. (Launch date May 2006 - Never worn in a match).
The Manchester United shirt
2006-07 - Manchester United home shirt
The 2006 Manchester United home shirt was a limited edition, one year only design (obviously to help repay the Glazer debt) and was described by the club as being "1950’s retro style – a tribute to the success of the Busby Babes and their enduring influence". The name of new sponsor AIG is far smaller than its predecessor, the domineering Vodaphone logo, resulting in a classy looking kit. There's a gold seem running along the shoulders and down the sides whilst the club crest is placed onto a white background similar to the 1997-99 European shirt. Interestingly, the kit is almost an exact replica of the one worn the previous season by breakaway fans' team, FC United. (Launch date July 24th 2006. Expires July 2007).
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The Manchester United away shirt
2006-07 - Manchester United away kit
Like the home kit, the 2006 Manchester United away shirt was a limited edition, one year only design and saw a welcome return to United's traditional change colours of white and black. Gold touches to the sleeves and collars add to the classy look of this kit. (Launch date Sep 2006. Expires July 2007)
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The new Manchester United away shirt
2006-2007 - Manchester United third shirt
The 2006 Manchester United third choice shirt was simply the away jersey from the previous season, adjusted to blatantly include the new sponsor's logo. Fans groups called for a boycott in 2005 of the Vodaphone-sponsored version however this was widely ignored and thousands bought the kit. The AIG sponsored United shirt was never released to the public. Worn with blue shorts (Launch date August 2006. Expired July 2007).
The new Manchester United shirt
2007-09 - Manchester United home shirt
For 2007 Manchester United and Nike produced a basic red home shirt, which was worn in the Champions League Final in Moscow. Plain red and with a badge that looked like it has been stitched on at the very end, the only real distinguishable feature was a thin vertical white line at the top and bottom of the back. A sewn on patch reading, 'The Red Devils' also featured. (Launched August 2007. Expired July 2009).
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The new Manchester United away shirt
2007-08 - Manchester United away shirt
Released for just one season, Nike produced a basic black away shirt. It has more character than the home shirt as this black top has a trim running over the shoulders, the neck and the bottom of the sleeves. However, just like the red kit, the AIG sponsorship logo dominates the shirt. At the bottom side of the shirt, there's a sew on patch which reads, 'The Red Devils'. On the back of the shirt is a red line at the top and at the bottom. (Launched September 13th 2007. Expired September 2008).
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The 50th Anniversay of Munich kit
2008 - 50th Anniversary of Munich Air Disaster kit
On Sunday 10th February 2008, Manchester United played Manchester City in a premiership derby match at Old Trafford. It was the closest fixture to February 6th - 50 years since the Busby Babes Munich Air Disaster. To mark the occasion, United wore a replica kit similar to one the Busby Babes wore (a 1950's design). The AIG, Nike and United badge were all removed. Manchester City also wore a special sponsor free shirt, with both teams reverting back to the 1-11 numbering system. Whilst the kit looked classy on the likes of Ronaldo, sadly it didn't bring the Reds much luck as they went on to lose the game 2-1. In addition to the change of kit, a red and white scarf was given to every home supporter to wear on the day (and blue and white for City fans). (This kit was never available to buy and was a one-off to mark the 50th Anniversary).
The Manchester United away shirt
2008-10 - Manchester United away/third kit
Originally released for just one season, Nike produced a white away kit with white shorts and socks. It had a blue lining down the side and a blue and red V neck. Sadly, this was the kit United wore in the Champions League Final defeat to Barcelona. The kit received a further outing in the 2009-10 season when United were drawn against both AC Milan and Bayern Munich (Launched 2008. Expired July 2009).
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The Manchester United third shirt
2008-09 - Manchester United third kit
"Inspired by greatness!", the classy 1968 European Cup influenced third strip dons the all blue colours of that triumphant night at Wembley against Benfica. The club crest is surrounded by the words 'May 29th 1968 - 40th Anniversary'. Unlike the home and away kits, the back of the shirt is plain. (Launch date Sep 16th 2008. Expired July 2009).
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Manchester United 2009-10 home shirt
2009-10 - Manchester United home shirt
The one season only kit, in which United finished runners-up to Chelsea, supposedly "celebrates 100 years of Old Trafford" and pays tribute to the 1909 FA Cup Final winning jersey. The fact that Nike's 2009 'V for Victory' campaign featured similar designs and was worn by the likes of Rafa Nadal, Didier Drogba and Cesc Fabregas, may just have been coincidence. Worn with white shorts and black socks (white in Europe) the kit was less apparent on the terraces of Old Trafford as fans switched to the anti-Glazer Green & Gold campaign. (Launch date July 16th 2009. Expired July 2010).
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Manchester United 2009-10 away shirt
2009-10 - Manchester United away shirt
Black and blue was a new combination for United, and like the home shirt, the away shirt featured a special commemorative tag at the side to explain the large blue 'V' chevron across the chest, supposedly recreating the design of the shirts worn by United when the team won its first FA Cup in 1909. The black shorts had a blue stripe down the side and the black socks also had a blue 'V'. (Launched August 13th 2009. Expired July 2010)
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