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Recent Releases: The smash 1999 "Happy Hour" album featuring "Tears In the Rain", "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy", "Paradise City", "D.I.S.C.O.", "The Mind Of The Machine" and "Broken Dreams".
"People get the wrong picture of us - we weren't yobbos, and I'd never nicked a car radio in my life." - LEON MEYA on comments made about Heald Green life.

Current Line up: Dale Longworth (keyboards/guitar/programming), Kevin O'Toole (keyboards/piano/programming), Kelly Llorenna (vocals), Jerome Stokes (vocals), Ricardo Da Force (rapper), Kenny Martin (rapper), Lee Limer (dance)

N-Trance were formed in 1990 by Manchester students, Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth. Before introducing a vocalist their work was mainly instrumental trance as neither could sing, hence the name N-Trance. They signed to Pete Waterman's Manchester label, 380/Eastern Bloc Records, and recorded "Set You Free" in 1992 which featured fellow Manchester student Kelly Llorenna. The track was only ever released as a white-label demo.

By 1993, N-Trance had changed labels to All Around the World (AATW) and released "Set You Free" as a single. Initially, it failed to make any impression (it only got as high as UK No.81) however the band persisted and on it's re-release in 1994 it finally made it into the Top 40 (UK no.39). The follow up, a real Euro-pop single, "Turn Up The Power" (featuring Loveland's Rachel McFarlane and rapper T-1k) saw the band reach Number 23 in the UK chart. Still unfazed by the previous lack of success, N-Trance re-released "Turn Up the Power" once again in 1995. Their persistence paid off and the track reached UK No.2, selling over 600,000 copies and went on to become the best selling dance single of the year.

In September 1995, N-Trance showed absolute cheek in releasing a cover of the Bee-Gees' classic disco anthem, "Stayin Alive" (the track had also previously been just as cheekily covered by Happy Mondays). It featured vocals from Viveen Wray and rapping by Ricardo Da Force (ex-KLF). The success was phenomenal (and possibly predictable). "Stayin' Alive" reached UK No.2 and sold over 2.5 million copies World-wide, topping the charts in Australia, Canada, and South Africa! (The original Bee Gees version actually reached Number 1 in the UK twenty years previous).

N-Trance's 1995 debut album, "Electronic Pleasure", followed. The album mixed rap, techno, gospel and good old Euro-Pop whilst featuring 7 different guest vocalists as well as a gospel choir. It reached a respectable Number 11 in the UK album charts, an impressive result for a dance act.

Ricardo also appeared alongside Gillian Wisdom, on the 1996 single "Electronic Pleasure". The title-track off the album reached Number 11 in the UK singles chart with the help of its stunning video, filmed in the disused Prestwich Mental Hospital.

N-Trance entered 1997 with the Number 11 single, "D.I.S.C.O.", a cover of Ottawan's classic disco anthem. It featured Ricardo and Viveen alongside vocalist Jerome Stokes whilst the video was shot in a Manchester discotheque.

The next single "The Mind Of The Machine", featuring the voice of Steven Berkoff and the vocals of Kelly, reached UK Number 15 in the August of 1997. True to form, N-Trance released yet another cover version of a disco anthem. Rod Stewart's vocal was actually sampled and credited in the 1997 version of "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and scored World-wide success, including a UK Number 7.

N-Trance, by now the undisputed sample Kings, released a dance version of Guns'n'Roses' "Paradise City" (it was actually only Slash's guitar riff that was sampled). Needless to say, Axel and the boys were none too pleased at the 1998 Number 15 UK hit!

N-Trance returned to their serious "Set You Free"-days with the release of "Tears In the Rain" in 1999 with Kelly again providing vocals. "Tears In the Rain" was included on their 'almost Greatest Hits' album, the smash, "Happy Hour", which also included "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy", "Paradise City", "D.I.S.C.O.", "The Mind Of The Machine" and the German single release, "Broken Dreams" (a rip-off of Mr.Mister's "Broken Wings").

N-Trance, mainly through their cheeky sampling, have so far sold over 5 million records World-wide and topped the charts in 8 different countries. Alongside Vimto and Boddingtons, they are surprisingly one of Manchester's biggest exports!


Happy Hour
1Do ya think I'm sexy 2 Paradise city 3 Tears in the rain 4 Broken dreams 5 Feel good 6 DISCO 7 Andare con me 8 If 9 Superstition 10 Amadeus 11 Mind of the machine )
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Tears In the Rain
CD Single)
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Paradise City
CD Single)
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Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
CD Single featuring Rod Stewart vocals)

CD Single)
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Electronic Pleasure
Japanese Import 5 remixes CD Single)
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Electronic Pleasure
1 What Is Your Pleasure? 2. Electronic Pleasure 3. Stayin' Alive 4. I Will Take You There 5. (Just) Let It Go 6. Set You Free 7. Softly (Dragging Me Down) 8. Do You Wann Rock? 9. Gimme 1 2 3 4 5 10. Turn up the Power 11. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love...Again 12. Thats All I Need)
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Stayin' Alive
Japanese Import CD Single)
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Turn Up The Power
CD Single)
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