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Rex Nightclub in Torshavn

Night Clubs in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

In the smallest capital in the world there are a few nightclubs where you can go dancing. The faroese people tend to go out fridays and saturdays and sometimes also on a thursday. Normal time to go to a nightclub in Torshavn is about 12am or even later - before then the nightclubs are almost empty, as people tend to go to a bar/pub or drinking at home with friends befor hitting the clubs.

As Torshavn is very small you can easily walk around to all the clubs

Most bars and clubs close at 4am and that's when all the partying people gather on the main street - some stand around talking wilst other go and buy pizza's or 'french hotdog's'

Eclipse Nightclub - Torshavn
in the town centre on next to the cinema
biggest & most populair night club with 2 bars on 2 floors - 18 year age limit
Rex Nightclub - Torshavn
above Eclipse (on the 4th floor) - in the same buildning as the cinema
night club by same owners as Eclipse also with live music - on saturdays 25 year age limit
Cippo Nightclub - Torshavn
in the centre - on Tórsgøta, downstairs from restaurant Rio Bravo
sports bar in the centre - on weekends it's a nightclub
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