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We All Hate Leeds!
United songs aimed at Leeds

Leeds are probably the most ferocious of United's rivals. With their notorious history of crowd violence, racism and songs about the 'Munich' air crash, their relegation to the lower tiers of English football couldn't have come sooner for most United fans.

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Anti-Leeds songs sang by United fans
Sometimes nicknamed the 'War of the Roses', the rivalry between Manchester United and Leeds partly originates from the strong enmity between Lancashire and Yorkshire, however is also exasterbated by the huge number of reds living in Leeds and it's surrounding towns.
With the cities only lying 40 miles apart, the crowd violence that accompanies meetings between the two sides is possibly as bad as it gets in English football and can be traced back to the 1960's, when even the players exchanged punches in an FA Cup semi-final. With Best, Law and Charlton at the heart of United's free-flowing, attractive football, Don Revie's Leeds had a reputation for playing tough, often dirty tactics, with the likes of Jack Charlton, Billy Bremner, and Norman "Bite Yer Legs" Hunter. Leeds knocked United of the FA Cup semi-final in 1965 with Jack Charlton and Denis Law punching and wrestling each other to the ground. United got their revenge by pipping Leeds to the title.
Both clubs enjoyed similar success (and failure) throughout the late 60's and into the 1970's with the intense rivalry ignited further in 1978 when United signed two of Leeds' favourite players, Joe Jordan and Gordon McQueen. The players were booed on their return to Elland Road and fans threw objects at McQueen when he scored a header.
Both sets of fans continued chanting abuse at each other, even during the 9 years Leeds spent in the lower divisions (1981-1990), both referring to each other as 'Scum' - something that always puzzled United fans as Leeds were the team with the reputation of racist hooligans, inflatable aeroplanes and sick songs about the Munich Air Crash and 1985 Bradford Fire Disaster, which claimed 60 lives. On the same day, Leeds hooligans killed a Birmingham fan and they even went as far as setting a hot dog stall alight at Bradford's temporary home a year later. In an ironic twist, a plane carrying the Leeds United team caught fire in 1998. Everybody survived and the songs of Munich continued.
Leeds beat United to the title in 1992, a success largely credited to the goals from a certain Eric Cantona, who would later join United to the disdain of the Leeds faithful. Interestingly, many other former Leeds players who moved to Old Trafford (including Cantona, Rio Ferdinand and Alan Smith) have received vicious verbal abuse and even death threats, whilst players who have gone the other way (Johnny Giles, Brian Greenhoff, Gordon Strachan, Lee Sharpe and Brian Kidd) have still been welcomed back to Old Trafford as red legends.
Leeds fans refused to honour a minute silence following the death of Sir Matt Busby in 1994 and continued to taunt United fans with songs about the Munich Air Crash. United fans replied with equally sick chants in 1996, following the deaths of two Leeds fans, stabbed to death following fights with Galatasary hooligans in Istanbul. In 2005, Leeds fans also jeered during a minute's applause for George Best.
Whilst 'King Eric' and another former Leeds player, Denis Irwin, were key to United's dominance of English football in the 1990's, which has continued until today. Leeds meanwhile have gone into freefall, suffering financial difficulty and being relegated in 2004, eventually dropping as low as League One. Despite being two divisions apart, both sets of supporters continue to sing abuse at each other during every single game. An obsession that has surely gone mad!.
"These people are totally out of touch with the rest of football. We were numb. I couldn't believe it was so organised and orchestrated. When the players tried to stop it, they were told where to go." - Howard Wilkinson, after Leeds fans sing through the minute silence for Sir Matt Busby in 1994
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We All Hate LeedsWe All Hate Leeds Scum
We all hate Leeds,
We all hate Leeds,
We all hate Leeds,
We all hate Leeds,
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We All Hate LeedsWe All F*cking Hate Leeds
We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds,
Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds,
Leeds and Leeds and Leeds,
We all f*cking hate Leeds!
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Scousers Rob Your CarUnited! United! Rah! Rah! Rah!
United! United! rah! rah! rah!
City! City! Hah! Hah! Hah!
Leeds! Leeds! Baa! Baa! Baa!
Norwich! Norwich! Far! Far! Far!
Scousers! Scousers! Rob your car!
BrianBrian Kidd Is Still A Manc
(to the tune of 'London Bridge is Falling Down')
Oh Brian Kidd!
(Oh Brian Kidd!)
Is still a Manc
(Is still a Manc).
Oh Brian Kidd is still a Manc.
He f*cked up Leeds United,
Oh Brian Kidd is still a Manc.
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First sang in 2001, after former United legend Brian Kidd became the Head Coach of a struggling Leeds. Many Leeds fans blamed Kiddo for their demise, verbally abusing him at games, and he was eventually sacked in 2003. They were relegated a year later. The song, changed from 'f*cking up' to 'f*cked up' is still sang today.
Leeds Are Our Feeder ClubLeeds Are Our Feeder Club
(to the tune of 'La Donna E Mobile' from Verdi's 'Rigoletto')
Leeds are our feeder club,
Leeds are our feeder club,
Leeds are our feeder club,
Leeds are our feeder club.
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First sang after United signed Eric Cantona in 1992. Also sang after the signings of Rio Ferdinand (2002) and Alan Smith (2004).
There's Only One UnitedThere's Only One United!
There's only one United!
There's only one United!
There's only one United!
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Lets all laiugh at LeedsLet's All Laugh At Leeds scum
Let's all laugh at Leeds scum
Baa, baa, baa, baa!
Let's all laugh at Leeds scum
Baa, baa, baa, baa!
If You Follow LeedsIf You Follow Leeds United...
(to the tune of the Jacob's Club advert)
If you fol-low Leeds Uni-ted
Then you must be fuckin' scum!
Leeds are going down...Leeds Are Going Down
(to tune of 'Yello Submarine')
Leeds are goin' down and they're goin' f*ckin bust
Goin f*ckin bust,
Goin f*ckin bust.
Leeds are goin' down and they're goin' f*ckin bust
Goin f*ckin bust,
Goin f*ckin bust.
They're going bust, they're going bust...
They're going buh-a-hust, they're going bust...
First sang when Leeds hit financial difficulty and were battling relegation in 2004
Cheer Up Peter ReidCheer Up Peter Reid
(to the tune of 'Daydream Believer')
Cheer up Peter Reid
Oh, what can it mean,
To a...
Sad Scouse b*stard, and a...
Sh*te football team.
Sang to the Leeds United manager in 2003
You're ScumYou're Scum and You Know You Are
(to tune of 'Go West')
You're scum, and you know you are!
You're scum, and you know you are!
You're scum, and you know you are!
You're scum, and you know you are!
Shit on the Leeds scumSh*t On The Leeds Scum
Sh*t on the Leeds scum,
Sh*t on the Leeds scum tonight.
Sh*t on the Leeds scum,
Sh*t on the Leeds scum tonight.
Sheep ShaggersSheep Shaggers
Sheep Shaggers!
BaaBaa Baa
[random impressions of sheep]
Jonathan WoodgateBummed In The Showers
(to tune of 'O Solo Mio')
Bummed in the showers,
You're gonna get bummed in the showers!
Bummed in the show-ers,
You're gonna get bummed in the showers!
Sang in 2001 towards Lee Bowyer and Jonathan Woodgate following their vicious attack on an Asian student in Leeds.
Bowyer's going downBowyer's Going Down
(to tune of 'Football's Coming Home')
He's going down,
He's going down,
He's going,
Bowyer's going down!
Sang after Bowyer and Woodgate's attack on an Asian student. Bowyer was later cleared whilst Woodgate found guilty of affray.
You're Not Going HomeYou're Not Going Home
(to the tune of 'Knees Up Mother Brown')
You're not going home,
You're not going home,
You're not going,
You're not going,
You're not going home,
Sang in response to the Leeds chants of 'You're Going Home In A St.John's Ambulance' in 1991/92 when the teams played each other 3 times in 2 weeks.
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Please note, as we receive so many awful new songs that will never take off with the fans, we will only publish songs already heard at the games.
We will not publish any songs about Istanbul or others that are tasteless or racist.
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