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1999 Manchester United Ruined My Life! (Colin Shindler)

Colin Shindler recalls the problems of growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family in central Manchester in the 1950s and 1960s - as a Manchester City fan, permanently under the shadow of Manchester United. Interesting reading for supporters of any club, particularly United and City. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY PRIDE OF MANCHESTER!

1999 Reds In The Hood (Terry Christian)
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Written with a Manchester United bias, this book by famous Mancunian, Terry Christian, will take you back to the Manchester streets of the sixties and seventies. Even though this book is about growing up in Manchester as a United fan it strikes a universal chord for all those ordinary kids with an extraordinary passion for life on the edge and football.at a time when United were Champions of Europe and City were Champions of England .HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY PRIDE OF MANCHESTER!

1998 Attitude Blue - Crowd Psychology at Manchester City FC (Christopher Murray with Francis Lee)

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"OVER THE BLUE MOON - The Rise and Rise Of Manchester City"
City's end of season video review

Colin Shindler's hilarious book written from a City fan's perspective during United's domination of European football.

"The 1981 FA Cup Final - City v Spurs"
Video of one of the greatest FA Cup finals of all time

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