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Stockholm Monsters

Entire Stockholm Monster's Factory Records back catalogue re-issued
(April 2002)

LTM records have reissued on CD the entire Factory Records back catalogue by The Stockholm Monsters.

Almost all the Monster's rough-edged pop recordings were produced by New Order bassist Peter Hook, while their intensive gigging schedule between 1984 and 1986 made them the busiest live band on Factory. Sometimes written up (and off) as surly 'scallies', the band are now generally recognised as the label's pre-Mondays Happy Mondays. The CD trio now released is as follows:

ALMA MATTER PLUS - digital remaster of the classic, punchy 1984 studio album, plus seven extra tracks.

ALL AT ONCE (SINGLES 1981-87) - comprehensive A's and B's singles collection including 'Fairy Tales', 'Happy Ever After', 'Miss Moonlight', 'All At Once', 'Partyline', and the infamous 'How Corrupt Is Rough Trade?'

THE LAST ONE BACK (ARCHIVE 1980-87) - from the band's own archive, twenty mainly unheard songs in demo and live form, including the last studio demo from 1987, as well as a bruising television encounter with Richard Madeley.

As well as sensitive re-mastering and detailed sleevenotes, Alma Mater and All At Once come housed in the original, exquisite Trevor Johnson sleeve designs.

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(April 2002)

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the Stockholm Monsters - All At Once (Singles 1981-1987) CD
the Stockholm Monsters - Alma mater plus CD
Alma Mater Plus CD
The Stockholm Monsters - The Last One Back (Archive 1980-1987) CD
The Last One Back (Archive 1980-87) CD
Palatine = The Factory Story 1979-1990
24 Hour Party People - Tony Wilson's autobiography
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