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Gracie Fields
George Formby
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George Formby video box sets
10 Formby flicks make a perfect collection
(4 Nov 2002)

Two video boxed sets have just been released with 10 of George Formby's greatest films. Box one includes 'No Limit' (1935), 'Spare A Copper' (1940), 'It's In The Air' (1938), 'Trouble Brewing' (1939) and 'Keep Fit' (1937), whilst the second box features 'Keep Your Seats Please' (1936), 'Come On George' (1939), 'Let George Do It' (1940), 'Turned Out Nice Again' (1941) and 'I See Ice' (1938)'.[buy video box set 1] [buy video box set 2]

George Formby - Count Your Blessings
George Counts his Blessings
(4 Nov 2002)

'Count Your Blessings', the latest George Formby compliation features 26 of his greatest tracks including 'The Daring Man', 'Count Your Blessings and Smile', 'It's In The Air' and 'They can't fool Me'. [buy the CD]

Gracie Fields in 'Sing As We Go'
Gracie Sings As She Goes
(28 Oct 2002)

Two of Gracie Fields best films, 'Sing As We Go', from 1934, and 'Sally In Our Alley', from 1931, have been released on video. Rochdale's first lady is fantastic in both and there's plenty of songs to sing along to as well.[buy' Sally In Our Alley'] [buy 'Sing As We Go']

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Manchester Music news wanted
(March 2002)
Pride Of Manchester

Are you a fan of music from Manchester's golden era, or do you work for a record label? If so, can you help us compile the most up-to-date guide to Manc music on the internet. We're after biographies, demo's, promo disc's and updates of all the latest releases. If you can help, please contact us.

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