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Pride Of Manchester
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Puressence  - Don't Forget To Remember
Formed in Failsworth, Manchester, in 1991
The band met on a bus on the way to see The Stone Roses play Spike Island
Named after the letters 'P'-'U'-'R'-'E'-'S'-'S'-'E'-'N'-'C'-'E' that were notoriously plastered around Manchester city centre in the 90's
Originally signed to Manc' indie label 2 Damb Loud before being singed to giants Island Records a couple of years later
Left Island Records after being told "we need you to sound more like Savage Garden"
Currently signed to Manchester label Reaction
The band's relationship with Factory Records is featured in the film
Waking Dead used as Sky Sports background music in 2005 when reading the fottie results
The band are all Manchester City fans, except one who is a Manchester United fan
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The debut album from Puressence Puressence - Only Forever Puressence - Planet Helpless Puressence - Don't Forget To Remember Puressence - Siamese / Scapa Flow (Rare Single) Puressence - India Puressence - Walking Dead Puressence - Palisades Puressence - Drop Down To Earth
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Puressence "Manchester being one the best places on the planet, the most important places on the planet for music, all the heritage of music that comes from Manchester is second to none in the world"
- Kevin Matthews
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The band formed in Failsworth, the Borough of Oldham, Greater Manchester James Mudriczki (vocals), Neil McDonald (guitar), Kevin Matthews (bass guitar) and Tony Szuminski (drums/percussion). After meeting on the bus while on the way to watch The Stone Roses play at Spike Island.

Each member has little or no musical experience or training, except for Neil who had been playing since his early teens, but practice eventually saw them play a series of gigs at Manchester's In The City festival.

They were signed to Manchester Indie label 2 Damn Loud where they started releasing their first few singles.
Puressence - Siamese / Scapa Flow Siamese / Scapa Flow
Released their first single via Rough Trade Singles Club, featuring 'Siamese' and 'Scapa Flow. Did not chart.
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Puressence - Petrol Skin EP Petrol Skin EP
Later that year 2 Damn Loud Records released the Petrol Skin EP, featuring four new tracks which included 'Telekenesis', 'Suck the Knife', 'Polystyrene Snow' and 'Petrol Skin'. Did not chart.
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Puressence - Offshore EP Offshore EP
Another release and the last from 2 Damn Loud, Offshore featured three tracks 'Offshore', 'Non Handed (demo)' and 'Mist'. Did not chart.
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Tony Chalmers of Island Records see's potential in this record and offers them a major recording contract. Then a support slot with local favourites Marion introduces the band to new fans.
Puressence - I Suppose I Suppose
The first of the bands releases on Island Records. The I Suppose single featured the tracks 'I Suppose', 'Let It All Go' and 'Free Fall'. Reached 190 in the UK Singles chart. I Suppose was featured on the 'Puressence' album.
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Puressence - Fire Fire
Fire was released in CD and 7" single, the CD featured 3 tracks and the record just the first two, they were 'Fire', 'You're Only Trying To Twist My Arm' and 'All Star. This had slightly more success reaching 132 in the UK charts. Fire was featured on the 'Puressence' album.
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Puressence - Puressence Puressence
The first album released by the band is the self-titled 'Puressence', while getting rave reviews, being compared to early U2 and Radiohead, fails to chart. The album saw 5 of the 10 tracks released as singles that all failed to impact on the charts but helped build a steady following. Did not chart.
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Puressence - India India
Released in May 1996 on Island Records, the CD was released with three tracks and the 7" was released in two parts. It featured the tracks 'India', 'Gutter Girl' and 'Let Down'. The single charted at 109 in the UK.
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Puressence - Traffic Jam In Memory Lane Traffic Jam In Memory Lane
Released single in June 1996 just one month after India, Traffic Jam In Memory Lane was the 4th single taken from the debut album. The single included 'Traffic Jam in Memory Lane', 'A Different Sand' and 'Sick Of Waiting'. It managed to get to 105 in the UK singles chart.
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Puressence - Casting Lazy Shadows Casting Lazy Shadows
The 5th and final release from the debut self-titled 'Puressence' album comes in the form of Casting Lazy Shadows on August 1996. It featured the songs 'Casting Lazy Shadows', 'Half The Way You Were' and 'Fifteen Years'. The single peaked in the UK singles chart at 89.
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Puressence - This Feeling This Feeling
The first of the singles from the second album is a 2 CD release of this feeling in May 1998. The first CD included 'This Feeling', 'Think Of The Times' and Walk On By' and the second had 'This Feeling', 'Near Distance (demo)', 'Northern Framing Company (demo)' and 'London In The Rain'. 'This Feeling' put them at 33 in the UK chart, the highest so far.
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Puressence - It Doesn't Matter Any More It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Released in July 1998 was another single with 2 CD's available. The first carried the tracks 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore', 'Another Day Another Night' and 'Take a Ride', the second had 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore', 'The Drone' and 'Deathtrap'.This single reaches 47 in the UK chart.

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Puressence - Only Forever Only Forever
The second album by Puressence is released in August 1998, the album displays a clear shift in their playing style, more positive, lighter and chart friendly than before. The sucess of the album was given mostly to the fact that the 'This Feeling' single had lots of MTV and Radio 1 play. The album reaches 36 in the UK album chart.
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Puressence - All I Want All I Want
'Novermber 1998 see's the release of All I Want, again 2 CD were issued the first containing 'All I Want', 'All Along The Sure' and 'This Feeling (cd-rom video)' the second 'Never Be The Same Again', 'All I Want (acoustic)' and 'Casting Lazy Shadows (acoustic)'. All I Want reaches number 39 in the charts.
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Puressence - Walking Dead Walking Dead listen / buy cd's
The first single in nearly 5 years in the form of Walking Dead, another 2 CD's available the first with tracks 'Walking Dead', 'Moss Side Lonely' and 'Ironstone Isadora (echoboy remix)' the second CD has 'Walking Dead', 'Only Holy Maybe' and 'Emotion'. The single reaches number 40 and is also featured on Sky Sports in the background of playing the football results.
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Puressence - Planet Helpless Planet Helpless listen / buy cd's
The third and final album released by Puressence on Island records. It only containes the one single 'Walking Dead', the second is meant to be 'She's Gotten Over You' but the split from the record label prevents this from happening. The album manages to get to 81 in the UK album charts, but reaches number 4 in the Greek charts!
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After the release of Planet Helpless the band decides on a change from Island Records, quiting when reportedly told by bosses 'we need you to sound more like Savage Garden'.
In August, after more than 12 years with Puressence, guitarist and founding member Neil McDonald leaves the band. He is then replaced by Lowell Killen.
After spliting from Island Records the band team up with Reaction Records, a Manchester based label, and laid plans for a new album and single release.
Puressence - Palisades Palisades
Another few years break and we have the first single, Palisades is released in December 2006 and featured just the two tracks 'Palisades' and 'Moonbeam'. 'Moonbeam' was included when it was rejected as a single track. While it fails to get anywhere in the UK singles chart it did reach 5 in the UK indie singles chart.
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Puressence - Drop Down To Earth Drop Down To Earth
Released in September Drop Down to Earth comes out as a 2 CD release and 7", the tracks are 'Drop Down to Earth' and 'Eyes are Streaming' for the first and 'Drop Down to Earth', 'April In July', '3rd Degree' and the 7" 'Drop Down to Earth' and 'Where There's a Will There's no way'. The single fails to chart.
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Puressence - Don't Forget To Remember Don't Forget To Remember
September 2007 and the next Puressence album is released, receiving great press, as well as a session with Dermot O'Leary and being invited to play Kerrangs!RAW in November off the back of the album. XFM's Clint Boon describes it as 'album of the year!'. It's yet to chart, but watch this space.
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Lead singer James Mudrickzi is invited to sing along side Leonard Cohen and Rufus Wainwright in the spring Judy Collins tribute in the US.
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