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"I once said that I fancy Melanie Sykes. The next day I was meant to do an interview with her and she pulled out. It was embarrassing." - Adam Rickitt on his love for the ex-Boddingtons babe.
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Cheshire born, Adam Rickitt, the son of Manchester financier and City fan, Peter Rickitt, first found fame by playing Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street. He settled well into the role and received massive publicity (probably more for his good looks rather than his fine acting).

Backed by his manager, Nigel Martin-Smith, the mastermind behind Take That!, Adam decided to quit "Corrie" to become a pop star. It was in June 1999, that Adam made the break from acting and released his debut single, "I Breathe Again", which went Top 5 in the UK charts.

His boyish good-looks often incorrectly earn him the 'gay' label, although he doesn't mind and has no intentions of making a big issue proving that he is not.

October '99 saw Adam's second hit single, "Everything My Heart Desires", also reached the Top 20, whilst his debut album, the appropiately titled, "Good Times", also received maximum publicity.

February 2000 saw the single, "Best Thing", slip into the UK charts at Number 25 before quietly disappearing out of the Top 40 a week later.

Adam Rickitt has so far received massive publicity without scoring the sales success his record company would have hoped; not that he's bothered - Adam is just simply enjoying his meteoritic rise from Soap Star to Super Star!

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