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mark owen - discography
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mark owen - albums
  Mark Owen - Green Man  

Green Man
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1-Green man -2-Clementine -3-Child -4-Are you with me -5-Naturally -6-Ask him to -7-Backpocket and me -8-Move on -9-Secondhand wonderland -10-My love -11-I am what I am -12-Is that what it's all about [Dec 1996 - reached UK no.33]



mark owen - singles
Mark Owen - I Am What I Am  

I Am What I Am
[bid for the single]

[1997 - reached UK no.29]

Mark Owen -Clementine    

[1997 - reached UK no.3]

Mark Owen - Child    

[Nov 1996 - reached UK no.3]



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Manchester Music news wanted
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