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lisa stansfield - discography
lisa stansfield - albums
  Lisa Stansfield - Biography - The Greatest Hits    

1.Change - 2.Someday (I’m Coming Back) - 3.This is The Right Time - 4.The Real Thing - 5.People Hold On (Feat. Coldcut) - 6.In All The Right Places - 7 So Natural - 8.Time To Make You Mine - 9.Live Together - 10.Little Bit of Heaven - 11.Set Your loving Free - 12.Let’s Just Call It Love - 13.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up - 14.These are the Days of Our Lives (with Queen/George Michael) - 15.Down in the Depths - 16.All Woman - 17.All Around The World [Feb 2003 - reached UK no.3]
[Ltd edition release includes bonus CD: 1.Change (Knuckles Mix) - 2.Never Never Gonna Give You Up (Knuckles Mix) - 3.People Hold On (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Mix) - 4.The Line (Black Science Orchestra Mix) - 5.8-3-1 (David Morales Club Mix) - 6. Never Gonna Fall (Junior Vasquez Mix)

  Lisa Stansfield - Face Up    

1 I've Got Something Better - 2.Let's Just Call It Love - 3.You Can't Do That - 4.How Could You? - 5.Candy - 6.I'm Coming To Get You - 7.8-3-1
8.Wish On Me - 9.Boyfriend - 10.Don't Leave Now I'm In Love - 11.Didn't I - 12.Face Up - 13.When The Last Sun Goes Down [Jun 2001 - reached UK no.38] [cd also issued with extra track 'All Over Me']

  Lisa Stansfield appears in Swing  

Swing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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1.Ain't What You Do - 2.Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens - 3.Baby I Need Your Lovin' - 4.Gotta Get On This Train (Georgie Fame) - 5.Martin's Theme (Instrumental) - 6.Why Do We Call It Love - 7.Our Love Is Here To Stay - 8.Love Theme (Instrumental) - 9.I Thought That's What You Liked About Me (Georgie Fame) - 10.Watch The Birdie - 11.The Best Is Yet To Come - 12.Martin's Theme (Reprise) - 13.Blitzkrieg Baby - 14.Two Years Two Blue - 15.Mack The Knife. [1999 - did not chart]

  Lisa Stansfield - The Remix Album  

The Remix Album
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1.1 I'm Leavin' (Hex Hector Radio remix) - 2.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Frankie Knuckles remix) - 3) The Real Thing (Mark's Good Time Vocal) - 4.Never Gonna Fall (Junior Vasquez remix) - 5.People Hold On (The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remix) - 6.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Hani remix) - 7 I'm Leavin' (Hex Hector mix) - 8.Never Gonna Fall (Victor Calderone mix) - 9.The Real Thing (K-Klass mix) - 10.The Line (The Black Science Orchestra mix) [released Jun 1998] [US version excluded track 3]

  Lisa Stansfield - Lisa Stansfield  

Lisa Stansfield
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1.Never gonna fall - 2.Real thing - 3.I'm leavin' - 4.Suzanne - 5.Never never gonna give you up - 6.Don't cry for me - 7.Line - 8.Very thought of you - 9.You know how to love me - 10.I cried my last tear last night - 11.Honest - 12.Somewhere in time - 13.Got me missing you - 14.Footsteps - 15.Real thing (Touch mix) - 16. People hold on (Bootleg mix) [Apr 1997 - reached UK no.2]

  Lisa Stansfield - In Session    

1.The Only Way - 2.Bitter Sweet - 3.The Thought Police - 4.Walking On Thin Ice - 5.Listen To Your Heart - 6.Only Love (Can Break Your Heat) - 7.More Than Love - 8.Don't Stop Me For The Mailman - 9.A Boy You Have Known - 10.Red Lights - 11.Make Sure The Feeling's Right - 12.Spinning Top - 13.Take Care, Goodnight - 14.Alibi's [1996 - did not chart]

  Lisa Stansfield - So Natural  

So Natural
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    1.So Natural - 2.Never Set Me Free - 3.I Give You Everything - 4.Marvellous and Mine - 5.Goodbye - 6.Little Bit of Heaven - 7.Sweet Memories - 8.She's Always There - 9.Too Much Love Makin' - 10.Turn Me On - 11.Be Mine - 12.In All the Right Places - 13.Wish It Could Always Be This Way [Nov 1993 - reached UK no.6]
  Lisa Stansfield - Real Love  

Real Love
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    1.Change - 2.Real love - 3.Set your loving free - 4.I will be waiting - 5.All woman - 6.Soul deep - 7.Make love to ya - 8.Time to make you mine - 9.Symptoms of loneliness and heartache - 10.It's got to be real - 11.First joy - 12.Tenderly - 13.Little more love
[Nov 1991 - reached Uk no.3
  Lisa Stansfield - Affection  

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    1.This is the right time - 2.Mighty love - 3.Sincerity - 4.Love in me - 5.All around the world - 6.What did I do to you - 7.Live together - 8.You can't deny it - 9.Poison - 10.When are you coming back - 11.Affection - 12.Wake up baby - 13.Way you want it
[Dec 1989 - reached UK no.2
Blue Zone - Big Thing
    1.Jackie - 2.Thinking About His Baby - 3.Without A Word To Say - 4.Sugar Tree 5.Her Seedy Life - 6.Perfect Crime - 7.One Kiss - 8.Greedy Love - 9.On Fire - 10.We Will Cry - 11.Feel It From Inside 4:39 (CD bonus track)
[1988 - didn't chart

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