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the chameleons - home is where the heart is  
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the Chameleons
"I go down to Manchester when I'm rehearsing with the band and enjoy it a lot more than I would if I lived there. I miss the opportunity of going to Maine Road to watch Man City, Scottish club football is bad man! But neither I nor Sally could live comfortably in a city again. Having said this I'd either choose Manchester, or San Francisco" - Mark Burgess

Are you the World's biggest Chameleons fan?

Do you have all their records?

Are your walls plastered with posters of Mark and the boys?

Could you write a biography and/or discography of Middleton's finest?

If so, contact us. We're looking to fill these pages with the best online biography of The Chameleons and help spread the Manc word.


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The Chameleons - This Never Ending Now
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