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"If you'd given me the choice of beating four men and smashing in a goal from 30 yards against Liverpool, or going to bed with Miss World, it would have to be a difficult choice. Luckily I had both. It's just that you do only one of those things in front of 50,000 people." - George Best
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Released on Sky 1999 - UK Cinema Release May 2000

Starring: JOHN LYNCH as George Best - IAN BANNEN as Sir Matt Busby - IAN HART as Nobby Stiles - PATSY KENSIT as Anna - JEROME FLYNN as Bobby Charlton - ROGER DALTRY as Rodney Marsh + STEPHEN FRY, SOPHIE DAHL, CLIVE ANDERSON

"Best" is a controversial drama about one of the greatest football players the World has ever known; Manchester United and Northern Ireland star, George Best.

The film, which had its UK cinema release in May 2000, opens with Georgie (played by Sliding Doors star John Lynch) reflecting on his life in the 1990's following the death of his mentor and manager, Sir Matt Busby (played by the late Ian Bannen). The story then rewinds 35 years to a Belfast housing estate, where a teenage George Best is spotted by a Manchester United scout.

Under the watchful eye of Sir Matt, United slowly return to their former glory after the Munich Air Crash, and within a few short years Georgie becomes one of the team's most popular and skilled players.

Following his dizzying rise to fame, George acquires a host of merchandising deals and fashion promotions, not to mention crowds of screaming female fans, and the George Best phenomenon enters the realms of pop stardom earning him the nickname of 'El Beatle'.

The flip side to his success, however, is an increasing dependence on alcohol, gambling and a descent into excessive womanising. He fails to turn up for training, is arrested for drink-driving, imprissoned for failing to attend his court hearing and also becomes violent.

Anna (played by Liam Gallagher's wife, Patsy Kensit) is the beautiful woman with whom George falls in love - but their relationship is doomed as a result of the footballer's womanising ways and violent temper.

The film-makers (Sky Pictures) use some ingenious camera trickery to re-create key moments in George's on-field life, mixing original footage with recreated acting.

"Best" is a dramatic biopic recreation of the life of the legend - that is George Best!

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Released 21st August 2000 -

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