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Jimmy McGovern, the man behind Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds - Television - Channel 4 (1995)
In this, another Jimmy McGovern (pictured) television drama, Chris plays the role of Drew. Also stars Paul Fox. The trials and tribulations of an idealistic young teacher at a tough comprehensive school in Liverpool. There were four 65 minute episodes.
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Christopher Eccleston in Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave (1994)
In the debut film from Manchester director, Danny Boyle, Christopher plays the role of David Stephens, a psychotic accountant with homicidal tendencies. Along with his two roomates (Ewan McGregor and Kerry Fox), he finds their new lodger dead with a suitcase of money and this leads them into a world of drugs, greed and madness.
Christopher Eccleston in Cracker

Cracker - Television - Granada TV (1993)
In this Granada TV series filmed in Manchester, Christopher Eccleston plays Robbie Coltraine's sidekick, D.C.I. Billborough. His character was murdered at the start of the second series by Albie Kinsella (Robert Carlyle), a Liverpudlian factory worker and football supporter who is overcome by anger after the death of his father.
Christopher Eccleston in Anchoress

Anchoress (1993)
Chris plays the priest, alongside Warrington actor Pete Postlethwaite, in this film about a 14th Century girl who is having visions of the Virgin Mary, which lead to a crisis in the town. Also stars Natalie Morse and Toyah Wilcox. Directed by Chris Newby.
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Poirot - One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, starring Christopher Eccleston

Poirot - One, Two, Buckle My Shoe - ITV Television (1992)
Christopher plays Frank Carter in the TV episode of Poirot: "One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe. When Poirot's dentist is found dead in his surgery a chain of events is set off which culminates in another death with Poirot assembling the evidence.
Christopher Eccleston in Business With Friends

Business With Friends - Television - BBC (1992)
Business With Friends was screened on BBC2 as part of Continental Drift, a series of three films made jointly by the BBC and the British Film Institute Production Board. It is a provocative, intelligent film held together by the searing performance of Christopher Eccleston in the role of neo-Nazi "Angel" Morris.
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Christopher Eccleston in Death and The Compass

Death and The Compass (1992)
Released in Mexico as "La Muerte y la Brujula". A blend of fantasy and crime thriller in which Chris plays Zunz, co-starring with Peter Boyle and a host of Mexican actors. The film is an adaptation of a Jorge Luis Borges short story by Director Alex Cox.
Marc Evans, the director of Friday On My Mind

Friday On My Mind - Televison - BBC (1992)
Christopher starred alongside David Calder and Maggie O'Neill in the BBC drama. Friday On My Mind is about the wife of a British pilot who dies in the Gulf War. The officer in charge of dealing with grieving widows, married with children himself, has an affair with her. There were three 50 minute episodes. Director - Marc Evans
Kate Beckinsale who stars in the 30 minute Rachel's Dreams

Rachel's Dream - Television - Channel 4 (1992)
Shown as part of Channel 4's Video Fantasies series. Rachel (Kate Beckinsale) is the younger sister of an up-and-coming marketing executive who has just secured a contract with a wealthy but repulsive millionaire who is into toxic waste, which he stores in secret for large sums of money. Chris plays the man in her dream.
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Christopher Eccleston starred in one episode of Chancer in the second series

Chancer - Television - ITV (1991)
In series 2, episode 1 titled "Jo", Christopher Eccleston played the character 'Radio'. In the episode, Stephen, now called Derek (or Dex) Love - which is his real name - is out of prison, after serving six months of a sentence for insider trading. He has no money and no job, but winning Jo back has become his goal.
Christopher Eccleston in Let Him Have It

Let Him Have It (1991)
In his film debut, Chris plays the main role of Derek Bentley in the drama based on a true story where a London policeman was shot dead by two young boys. His parents are played by Tom Courtenay & Eileen Atkins. Directed by Peter Medak who replaced Alex Cox who insisted on shooting the film in black & white.
Christopher Eccleston starred in one episode of Boon in series six

Boon - Television - ITV (1991)
Chris plays the character of Mark in series 6, episode 4 named 'Cover Up' of the TV series, Boon. Mark (Eccleston) and John (Lee Whitlock) steal a car and drive around, terrifying the locals. The car hits a man and woman on a bridge, but Mark drives on, dumping the car in a quarry and swearing John to silence.
Christopher Eccleston starred in Inspector Morse - Second Time Around, series 5, episode 1

Inspector Morse - Television - ITV (1991)
Chris makes his television debut by playing Terence Mitchell in series 5, episode 1 titled, 'Second Time Around' of Inspector Morse. The murder of a retired Deputy Police Commissioner is investigated. The only clue, a stolen chapter from the victim's memoirs.
Mike Phillips, the author of Blood Rights

Blood Rights (1990) - Television - BBC
Three-part TV drama about Sam Dean, a black freelance reporter and investigator, who is asked to find a young white woman, the daughter of an MP, who has gone missing. He discovers that she has been seen in the company of a black man and that she is involved with drugs. Eccleston plays the character of Dick.
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Christopher Eccleston is an episode of Casualty called a "Reasonable Man". Chris played the role of Stephen Hills

Casualty - Television - BBC (1990)
In series 5, episode 13 of Casualty titled 'A Reasonable Man', Christopher Eccleston played the character of Stephen Hills. His character is treated as he is HIV positive. Even in this earlier appearance, it was clear to see Christopher Eccleston would go on to greater things.
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